Just ask, willn’t it be a headache for me, right?

What does you hurt?I sá hurts.

There are always a headache for a few days a few days. It is really a headache. It is a bit of cracking, endless, awesome craniotomy … The younger sisters who bleed while bleeding are really dying.

They are all women, why is it so big?

Outpatient case:

Ms. Zhang, 33 years old, has a headache for a few days when she is greeted her aunt every month.In the past ten years, except for pregnancy and breastfeeding menstruation, it is almost painful.Staying up late will hurt, exhaustion will hurt, emotional fluctuations and mental stress will hurt.

The pain was upset, and it was difficult to settle.I usually work busy and have no standardized treatment. When the pain is tight, I have used painkillers. She has used all kinds of painkillers in various dosage types.

A year ago, she came to the TCM and Gynecology Clinic of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Northwest Women and Children’s Hospital. She wanted to consult if she could be artificially menstrual (??? Xiaobian was in a mess and was frightened).

I don’t understand, I have giving birth to a baby

Why do you have to come to this crime?

I don’t want my mind anymore

Make me menstruation!

After the syndrome of the Chinese medicine outpatient doctor, the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine takes+acupuncture therapy was prescribed.After the first 1 week of acupuncture, oral Chinese medicine during the period, continuous treatment for a three -month period.

After a treatment, the pain was tolerated, and the aunt was sent away without the help of pain.Ms. Zhang’s headache significantly improved in the second menstrual period, and the temporal sides faintly sullen, but no longer affecting sleep.After 3 times of treatment, it has been more than half a year. Recently, Ms. Zhang had a headache during menstruation and had no attack. I also joked that I still don’t want (ovarian) premature failure ~

What is menstrual headache?

The headaches that occur with menstrual or before and after menstruation are called "menstrual headaches". They have obvious periodicity and generally can be relieved after menstruation.

Is pain and pain different?

• Blood stasis type: The pain points are fixed, the pain is thorns, and it ends.The menstrual blood is darker and there are many blood clots.

• Blood deficiency type: faint pain, the pain is not strong, the pain is uncertain.With a small amount of menstruation, dizziness, fatigue, and fear of cold appear.

• Yin deficiency type: faint pain, prone to dry mouth and dryness, hands and feet and heart fever.

• Phlegm and dampness: faint pain, obese body, chest tightness and discomfort, more amount of amount of lower daily amounts, and light menstrual flow.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of menstrual headache


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the head is "the meeting of Zhuyang" and "the government of Qingyang". Based on the pain of pain and pain, doctors use acupuncture points and use flying acupuncture methods to achieve the effect of relieving pain and relieving pain, thereby reducing headaches.

(Tap: Acupuncture is not as exaggerated as film and television works. Sending disposable sterile acupuncture needles in clinical clinical clinical, fast inlet speed, painful pain can be tolerated.)


Scraping therapy is also a common therapy for menstrual headache."Zhang’s Medical Tong" has a record of "Headache".

By scraping, the meridians of the head can be used to unblock qi and blood, Tongluo Pain, and relieving pain, which can improve local blood circulation and reduce pain.

traditional Chinese medicine

According to different types of syndrome, the syndrome differentiation is treated, and Chuanxiong, Baiji, Bupleurum and other Chinese herbal medicines with qi and blood circulation and pain relieve pain, to regulate the whole body, reach the internal organs, and achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation and communication.

Omite pressure beans

Ear acupoint pressure beans can regulate the function of the cerebral cortex by stimulating the corresponding reflection zone corresponding to the human body systems, such as the gate, under the leather, and the sympathetic acupoint, thereby achieving the role of promoting blood circulation, removing evil, and relieving head pain.

Heart editor said:

"Pneum", "Is it so painful", "Drink more hot water" …

In some men’s eyes, the pain and uncomfortable experience of girls’ physiological periods are nothing more than coquettish and arrogant.

But clinically, many girls will be tortured by tortured tea.Even the three people in the office in the office were more fierce than one.

❤ Do not ask everyone to suffer, just ask for more tolerance and understanding.

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