Keep cough, sputum, throat and itchy, symptomatic medication, even flower cough tablets

Whenever the weather changes obviously, many people will have symptoms of cough, sputum, and throat. These symptoms often bring us physical discomfort and affect the quality of life.It is necessary to clear the reason first.So, what is the cause of the constant cough and sputum throat? How to relieve it?

If you keep coughing, sputum, your throat is itchy, in fact, the cause is often common in the following:

One: pharyngitis.If it is a patient with chronic pharyngitis, its symptoms are mainly inflammation, itching, and foreign body sensation in the throat. In the night and morning, cough and sputum are obvious, and it will feel difficult to cough out sputum and foreign body.

Two: Allergies.Some people also have symptoms of cough, sputum, and throat, under the action of allergens. Allergens are generally dust, pollen, catkins, etc.

Three: Cold.In the early stages of a cold, the body’s immunity will be reduced. Under the action of virus stimulation, the throat may also feel uncomfortable, symptoms of dry itching, cough, and sputum.Deficiency, muscle soreness and so on.

Four: Bad eating habits.When the symptoms of dry throat, cough and sputum, may also be caused by improper diet, such as eating a lot of food, and spicy and greasy foods, such as spicy hot pot, barbecue, beef and mutton.

In short, there are still many reasons for the constant cough, sputum, and throat, so it is necessary to relieve it through different methods during treatment.For example, pay attention to the light diet and drink plenty of water; and keep the indoor environment clean and the circulation of air; do the protection of the respiratory system.

However, when the symptoms are obvious, it is necessary to timely scientific medication to relieve symptoms such as cough and sputum, such as taking clinically commonly used Lianhua Cough tablets. Studies have shown that even flowers can inhibit respiratory inflammation, relieve qi spasm, and protect, protectPitoma mucosa to improve airway resistance; experiments have confirmed that it can also accelerate the normal regular movement of respiratory mucosal cilia, promote sputum excretion, reduce stimulation of throat mucosa, and accelerate cough, sputum, dry throat and discomfort.And even the cough tablets have worked fast. Generally, symptoms such as cough, sputum, etc. can be significantly relieved on the day of taking.

It is shared here about what is caused by constantly cough and sputum.Remind everyone that when these symptoms have the above symptoms, it is best to go to the hospital to diagnose the disease first, so as to have targeted treatment, the method is more effective, and the correct medication should be used under the guidance of a doctor to effectively relieve the symptoms.

Source: Xinhua Great Health

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