Knowing that you are pregnant, the man’s response directly exposes your true relationship, you can’t lie to people

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I remember when I knew that I was pregnant, I was very happy and excited. I was looking forward to it for so long.Only the husband was not happy, and a person was sitting in the house and didn’t know what he was thinking.At that time, I felt unhappy, thinking he was unhappy.As a result, my husband told me that he was very happy, but he felt that his responsibility was heavier. He thought that he would work harder to make money in the future and let me and my baby live a good life.I was moved at the time and felt that I was married to the right.

The response between men and women is sometimes different.Women are more emotional and performed directly.But men are more rational and think more.At this time, men’s performance often truly reflects his inner state. Whether he really cares about the family and whether he really loves his wife.Knowing that you are pregnant, the man’s response directly exposes your true relationship and cannot lie to people.

Ecstasy, excited to tears

Knowing that I want to be a father, my life can continue. There is one more baby in the family. Some men are in a mood, and they are even happy to cry.Especially for those who prepare for a long time, they have finally realized their wishes, and the joy in it can be imagined.My friend said that when she told her husband that she was pregnant, her husband cried directly and was excited to run away in the house. A person who was so stable was like a child, and it was better than before.The work at home would not let her do it, and she also wanted her to resign at home to raise her fetus, and she thought of her in advance.Men’s emotional expression is generally more restrained, and it can have this reaction that he really loves women and feels very happy.

The eyebrows are locked, and the face is serious

Some men are not the same. When they learn that they want to be a father, they not only have no joy, but even worry.It’s easy to make people unhappy.However, men with this kind of performance are generally more responsible. He thinks not only for the joy of his father, but more responsibility for his wife and children. He will worry about whether he can be a good dad and whether he can take care of the men often move more than language, think of everything for you, protect you behind him without having to fuck a little bit.Men have this reaction, indicating that he is really attentive to you.

Of course, there are some men who do n’t say about it. They do n’t care at all. They still do what they should do, and they do n’t care much about their wives.Such a man is undoubtedly a scumbag, and he may not have much feelings for his wife.Therefore, he will be indifferent to his wife’s pregnancy, and even show impatience, and the time to go home is getting late.Such a man may have been centrifugal with you.

When you know that you are pregnant, what reaction is your husband?


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