Knowledge of pregnancy: Why do pregnant mothers frequently do "fetal dreams" frequently?Understand the "secret" of the dream during pregnancy

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Pregnant mothers always love to have strange dreams. Sometimes they dream of big snakes, sometimes flowers and plants … Many elderly people say that dreaming can know the gender of the child. Of course, it is incorrect.The gender, so it cannot be changed.But as long as you understand the secrets of fetal dreams during pregnancy, you often spend the whole pregnancy.

What is a baby dream?

It is a dream when children are born of pregnancy. Generally, dreaming during pregnancy is affected by hormones. This is related to the changes in sleep quality during pregnancy. Especially in the late pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have deep sleep.The frequency of frequency will increase, and it is easy to be awakened, because worrying about the health of the fetal treasure will be rendered in the dream, which is a normal psychological situation.

Why do you have a baby dream?Understand the secrets of fetal dreams!

1. Psychological reasons

Part of the reason is that when pregnant mothers are pregnant, they will worry about all kinds of worries. For example, after taking cold medicines or taking things, they will suspect the child’s health, cause anxiety and psychological imagination, which will easily cause insomnia and dreams.

2. Sleeping posture

How to sleep after pregnancy can also affect the quality of sleep, which will cause frequent dreams. Especially after 7 months of pregnancy, use a supine sleeping position. The body and lower limbs can only be fixed and straightened. The whole body is not good.It is recommended that pregnant mothers better sleep on the left side position. It is the same if you are tired of sleeping.Of course, it is impossible for people to do this overnight. Sleeping a posture can better eliminate fatigue.

3. Calcium deficiency

Because they are two people after pregnancy, there will be more need for calcium, and fetal treasures also need during growth, so if calcium deficiency, it will affect normal metabolism.It is normal to have a dream.Generally, doctors will give calcium tablets during the checkup, and they must insist on eating every day.

4. Anemia

Many pregnant mothers will have symptoms of anemia in the middle of pregnancy, which will also lead to dreaming.Therefore, eat more iron -containing foods, animal liver, tofu, etc. all have good iron substances.You can also take blood supplementation under the guidance of the doctor.

If pregnant mothers have a long -term fetal dream, they must learn to relieve psychological symptoms

1. Relax

Being a good dream will definitely make people feel happy, but if it is a nightmare, it will make people negatively worry. Don’t pay too much attention to dreaming. Properly relax your mood, watch the fierce TV, what unhappy things can be with others.Talk, discuss solutions with your husband.Do not use drugs for hypnosis.

2. Pay attention to sleep

Many pregnant mothers will be tired when pregnant, back pain and back pain. If you do not get enough sleep at night, you will cause more dreams. You can usually rest more.The probability.Drinking a cup of hot milk or soaking hot water feet before going to bed can help sleep.Sleep less during the day. Even if you ca n’t sleep at night, you have to close your eyes. Do not consider too much, which will help the baby to grow.

3. More with friends

Don’t stay at home every day, jump out of your own circle, go out with friends, find the fun in life, breathe out of fresh air outdoors outdoors, so that you can eliminate some unnecessary concerns.Will relax.

4. Seek the help of a doctor

If you really have doubts or psychological burdens in your heart, for the health considerations of yourself and fetal treasure, in addition to adjusting your mentality, you can also seek the help of the doctor and actively face all changes during pregnancy.

Netizens’ experience in fetal dreams

@: 34 weeks+4 days, I always want to sleep, always dreaming. When lying down, it is a dream, either picking fruits or picking beans in the quagmire.The hen hatching the chick, dreaming of being bitten by a white cat, strange.

@一: A closing of my eyes is dreaming. I made 4 dreams a day, causing me to have a headache during the day, which seriously affected the quality of sleep.

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