Kun Ling said that the body allowed to continue to give birth, and was ridiculed by netizens as a coquettish wife.

Recently, in a public interview, Kun Ling said that if he permitted his body, he would continue to have 4 babies to cause controversy.Earlier, after Kun Ling was born for three babies, he said that he felt that he was not as big as before, and announced his belly.The different attitudes before and after have triggered a fierce discussion among netizens.

Some netizens said that Kun Ling was 18 years old and ran to love and get married. This is this. Life is "pregnancy, baby, and confinement". She laughed at her as a standard wife and can come again with "12".

Fans did not agree with the comments such as "Jiao Wife" and "Give a Children", saying that Kunling’s words were the scene of the host.At that time, the mother -to -child product activity was participated. Kun Ling was the spokesperson. The host laughed at "I can always endorse it." Kun Ling followed the trend. I was very embarrassing.And having children may just like children, not a coquettish wife.

In fact, Kun Ling was laughed at "Jiao Wife" largely without a masterpiece, and could not walk independently in the entertainment industry.When it comes to her, everyone subconsciously blurted out "Jay Chou’s wife", and the topic of the husband and child attending the event was also known to the topic of the interview.The positioning is the "fertility machine". The default Jay Chou chose her to be "young can give birth, filial piety and obedience", and only cares about this.The last time Kun Ling said that it was also the result of a postpartum interview.

In this regard, some netizens said that "her husband is her work, and having a child is her career." It is also right. With the big tree of Jay Chou, there is no shortage of topics.It ’s just that there are frequent children, and the harm to the mother’ s body is also very great, and it is irreversible. Do n’t I feel that Kun Ling ’s pregnancy and having children have no feeling. I admire her spirit and can do great things.

Of course, some netizens laughed at "Is there a child to send a car and send a car?" This question has proved that the news of "sending a house to a child" spread well, and at the same time, it was also clear about the weakness of Kun Ling in this marriage.

Judging from the recent photos of Kun Ling’s attending the event, her recovery status has slowed down as she is growing and the frequency of having children.In the latest activity, although the figure still looks slim, the facial swelling is very serious, the facial features are deformed, and it is incomparable with the state after the first child.

There is also the trick of Kun Ling’s interview every time to interview the family. In the interview, Kun Ling stated that Jay Chou would help to feed in the middle of the night and deal with the problem of flatulence and hiccups.When the reaction ", it was exposed to" not so familiar. "Kun Ling said that at the time, he grabbed a child and hugged, hiding next to the safe beam pillar, and forgotten the baby on the crib. This subconscious operation directly ignored the third child.

Kun Ling has indeed planned to have a few children, and she has repeatedly said that she needs three times. She also said that Jay Chou felt too hard after seeing her born, and it was still a good one.Talking and practical approach is still very different. Jay Chou felt hard and had always made his wife pregnant and gave birth to children. Kunling boasted that her husband was considerate. He had never stopped the footsteps of having a child.It’s a good match.

Regardless of whether Kun Ling is perfunctory, "having four babies" or true, it is not important.It is important that if she will continue her husband and children in the future, she can only endure the question of the outside world.

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