Lao Xu talks about tea 308: How to choose a good black tea, these six major elements are indispensable!

After the winter, the weather is colder every day, and there are more and more topics about black tea. People from all walks of life are talking about this topic.

Recently, I saw that Mr. Ma Weidu talked about black tea videos that black tea is the safest tea for guests to receive guests. Because some guests have cold stomach, they will be uncomfortable after drinking green tea, so it will not affect the guests with black tea to receive guests.Health.After watching the video, I was thinking that in addition to black tea and green tea, there were many other kinds of tea. Why did he exclude other types of tea?Maybe Mr. Ma Weidu often drink black tea and green tea.

When I first listened to this conclusion, I felt that there was a certain sense, but after a closer look, there were still questionable places.The famous cultural person like Mr. Ma should be accurate and there will not be much misunderstanding, but he is estimated to be a layman in the professional tea profession.Because there have been a lot of unreliable sayings before, such as a video of him before that he had drank green tea hidden in the cave in the cave in the 1930s (1933).Essence

Drinking black tea in winter is easy to get angry. Everyone should have experienced. I also belong to this category. As long as the black tea drinks more in winter, I will get angry. There are many friends around me.Especially after drinking the kind of high -temperature roasted black tea, the response will be faster. Usually, after drinking three or five cups, the oral cavity will have the possibility of foaming.If you drink low -temperature roasting black tea, the situation will be slightly better.However, most of the black tea on the market is roasted many times at high temperatures, because the aroma of black tea made in this way is very attractive, which is in line with many people’s first impression of good tea judgment.

The first action of most tea friends drinking tea is smelling fragrance. As long as the aroma is fragrant and strong, it is considered to be good tea. In the subconscious, it will be considered that this tea is definitely not cheap. I believe everyone may have experienced this.As everyone knows, the aroma of tea is the easiest to make with craftsmanship, especially the aroma of black tea and green tea.I just say that using the process. If it is replaced with a little technology, it is easier to get in. It is not a problem if you want a fragrance and the rich aroma, but this is a very small situation.I have told you in detail the method of identifying this type of tea in the 22nd question of "Lao Xu Q & A". You can take a look.Therefore, it is not necessarily the safest to receive guests with black tea. If this "the most" word is removed, this sentence is basically no problem.In addition to the aroma, what indicators can we use to judge its value?And look at the following 6 points.


The taste of tea must be full, and you must not have a sense of thinness.But to be honest, there are many so -called high -end black tea with high prices now, and the tea taste is thin.


The flavor of fire should not be too obvious, it can be brought a little, but not too obvious.You can use boiling water to determine whether it is the fragrance of the tea itself. If the tea fragrance can support more than four bubbles, it is obvious, which can be explained that it is basically the fragrance of the tea itself.If you can’t hold it, it must be the flavor of fire or technology.


Tea soup must be moist, and there should be no signs of thorn or hanging.The bitterness can be a little bit, and the astringency cannot be more obvious.


It is normal to have a more obvious acidity and sour taste, and it is normal to recover slightly in the post -feeling.Especially the new tea produced that year, this kind of acid recovery will be more obvious.


There must be obvious return to Gan, the stronger the return Gan, the better.The return of Hungan here is the sweetness that is revealed after the tea is swallowed.If the tea is very sweet, you need to be particularly careful, it is very likely that it contains technology products.


There must be a certain amount of foaming. Generally speaking, the ancient tree black tea picked by the single bud can be rushed to more than six foam; the ancient tree black tea picked by the buds and two leaves can be brewed at least eight bes of more than eight foam, even if it is our old teaDrinking it, you need to rush to eight bubbles. If you have a new tea friend, there is no problem with more than ten bubbles.

In addition to black tea, what kind of tea do we use it?Let’s talk about our own approach. In most cases, they use cooked tea with good quality. If guests do not adapt to cooked tea, use old tea (the one in 20 years).Then use some mild, irritating and not too long raw tea, this type of tea is not easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.At least so far, I have not encountered tea friends who have felt uncomfortable after drinking this kind of tea.This may not be comprehensive, but the probability is not high, for your reference only.

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