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2023 Zhangzhou Direct School Public Examination

Supplementation of new teachers in primary and secondary schools

According to the "Regulations on Personnel Management of Public Institutions" (State Council Order No. 652), and the four departments such as the Department of Education of Fujian Provincial Education Department, "Several Measures on Further Make Supplemental Work of Primary and Middle School Kindergarten teachers in the province" (Fujian Conservation Regulations [2022] No. 3)The "Notice of the Fujian Provincial Department of Education and the Social Security Department of the Human Resources and Social Security of the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security on the Public Recruitment of Primary and Middle School Kindergarten Teachers in the province in 2023 (Fujian Teacher [2023] No. 27) and other documents, etc.Continue to recruit 35 new teachers in primary and secondary schools for public examinations.The recruitment plan (hereinafter referred to as the plan) is announced as follows:

1. Qualification conditions

(1) Basic conditions

1. With the nationality of the People’s Republic of China, abide by the Constitution and Law of the People’s Republic of China, and have good political quality and morality;

2. Love education, and are interested in engaging in education and teaching;

3. Body conditions and psychological quality with normal performance duties;

4. Has the cultural level and work ability that meets the requirements of the post;

5. Age 18-35 years (that is, from July 1987 to July 2005);

6. Other conditions stipulated in laws and regulations.

(2) The situation of not being able to apply for or cancel the qualifications of examinations or employment

1. Criminal punishment for crime;

2. Those who were expelled from public office;

3. The party membership of the Communist Party of China was expelled;

4. If the party discipline, political discipline sanctions or disciplinary review have not yet been lifted;

5. If the suspected illegal crime is undergoing a judicial investigation, it has not yet been concluded;

6. In the recruitment of civil servants or public institutions at all levels, he was identified as severe violations of the discipline (employment) discipline such as fraud, which is still within the period of prohibiting the application period;

7. It is listed as a joint punishment target of the dishonesty in accordance with the law;

8. Active graduates of active service soldiers and ordinary colleges and universities in full -time (that is, the expiration of academic periods in 2024 and after the expiration of 2024 and after the expiration);

9. As of July 25, 2023, the teachers who are still edited (including the test period);

10. Civil servants during the probation period (including the personnel of public institutions managed by the Civil Service Law, hereinafter referred to as the participants), and the civil servants or public officers who have not reached the competent department of the local civil servant or the person who organize the personnel department of the personnel department;

11. After employment, it constitutes a avoidance relationship;

12. Law and policy regulations shall not be employed by the staff of public institutions.

Applicants who have participated in the work in non -governmental institutions such as private schools, enterprises, etc., submitted to the units where their units are located at the time of qualification review.A proof of approval during the medical examination can be provided, otherwise it will be deemed to be automatically abandon the qualification review.

2. Recruitment position

For details, please refer to the attachment "List of Job Conditions".

3. Registration method and time

1. This recruitment registration is carried out online.Candidates scan the original registration materials and send it to the mailbox of the recruitment unit with a compressed package. The theme of the mail is: the job code (unit code+job code)+name.Candidates must confirm whether they have received relevant materials with the recruitment unit by phone to ensure that the online registration is successful.

2. The registration time is from 8:00 am from July 25th to 5:30 pm on July 30th.When applying for registration, the candidates must carefully read the recruitment qualification conditions of each position, confirm that they can only register for the conditions of the personnel to be reported, and must be responsible for their registration qualifications and the authenticity of the materials provided.

3. During the registration period, the recruitment unit will have a preliminary examination of the candidates. The resume of the applicants must fill in the complete and true resume, otherwise the qualification review will not be approved.

Fourth, exam

This recruitment test method is written test, and the score of the written test plus points is the total test score.The written test is organized by our bureau and adopted a closed volume.

1. Written test time and place.The written test time is scheduled to be in early August 2023. For the specific time and place, please refer to the website announcement of the Zhangzhou Education Bureau.

2. Written test content and score.The content of the written test is the comprehensive knowledge of education and teaching. The length of the written test is 120 minutes, and the score of the roll surface is 100 points.

5. Qualification review and assessment

According to the proportion of the number of recruiters in the post, the Municipal Education Bureau determines the qualification review personnel according to the total score of the examination, and organizes the review of their qualifications. At the same time, Work and learning attitude, and whether to avoid the assessment, and review personal files.Candidates who have passed the qualification review and assessment can enter the next link.Candidates who enter the qualification review and assessment shall submit relevant materials within the prescribed time.

Candidates who have abandoned the qualification review and assessment due to personal reasons must submit a written statement in writing, and the abandonment statement should be written on the blank space of the candidate ID card copy and signature, otherwise it will be recorded in the candidate’s integrity file.

Due to the abandonment of the qualification review and assessment or the vacancies due to the failure of the qualification review and assessment, it will be supplemented in turn according to the total score of the exam.Qualification review and assessment work is responsible for the education administrative department and recruitment unit, and the Human Resources and Social Security Department is responsible for supervision.

Six, physical examination

Qualification reviewers will participate in the medical examination.The medical examination standards shall be implemented in accordance with the "Notice and Family Planning Commission of Fujian Provincial Department of Education and Family Planning and Family Planning Commission on Printing and Distributing the Physical Examination Standard and Measures of the Fujian Provincial Teachers’ Qualification Applicants (Revised in 2018)" (Fujian Teacher [2018] No. 20) document.The cost of medical examination is personal.

Seven, choose posts

If many people are recruited in the same position, the posts are selected in order in order of the total scores of the candidates who apply for the post from high to low.

Eight, publicity

The personnel to be hired must be publicized on the website of the Zhangzhou Education Bureau and accepting social supervision. The publicity time is 7 working days.

Nine, hire

1. After the personnel to be hired have no objection, the employment procedures shall be completed in accordance with regulations.The hired personnel signed the "Fujian Provincial Public Institution Employment Contract" with the employer, which was included in the establishment of the unit’s business. With the employment approved roster of the Social and Social Affairs department, the wages and social insurance stipulated in the state and Fujian province were enjoyed.The employer who refuses to sign an employment contract with the employer will be deemed to have abandoned the qualification for employment.

2. The recruiters of the public examinations have been implemented for one year, and the probation period includes within the employment period.If the trial period is not qualified, the competent department of the employer will make a decision to dismiss or cancel the qualifications of employment.

10. Related instructions

(1) Graduation certificate, degree certificate and job request for other qualification certificates to obtain

Candidates’ graduation certificate, degree certificate and post required other qualification certificates must be obtained before July 25, 2023, of which: the academic qualifications and degree certificates of the graduates of the 2023 full -time general institutions will be relaxed by August 31, 2023 until August 31, 2023Obtained; the teacher qualification certificate of the graduates of ordinary colleges in 2023 was obtained until August 31, 2023.Those who obtain an overseas academic degree certificate must provide the academic degree certification issued by the Study Service Center of the Ministry of Education, which is determined that the deadline is August 31, 2023.

(2) Review and identification of professional, academic qualifications, and qualification certificates

1. The recruitment test uses the "Fujian Provincial Organized Institutions and Institutions Admissions Professional Guidance Catalog (2023)" (hereinafter referred to as "Professional Guidance Catalog") for professional conditions to set and review the professional conditions.For academic degrees, professional conditions are set up and reviewed by reference to the "Professional Guidance Catalog" and the graduate enrollment catalog of the Ministry of Education.When applying for registration, the candidate must fill in the major (only the word is not bad).The joint school with overseas colleges will be issued by overseas colleges and universities.2. Study Abroad Service Center) The professional or degree names indicated by the academic qualification (bit) certification report or certification materials shall be permitted.

Set the professional conditions as "×× category" recruitment positions, and the major of the candidates must comply with the specialty listed in the "×× category" in the "Professional Guidance Catalog";The major must be in line with the specialty listed.

2. The college degree and degree held by the applicants must be inquired on the China Higher Education Student Information Network (,, and can provide "Electronic Registration Form for Education Certificate of Education ".

3. Applicants who have the "dual majors" (excluding minor majors) and "dual degrees" can choose to apply for the professional conditions that meet the recruitment positions and apply for the exam (bit) recognized by the national (provincial) education administrative department to learn, and learnThe major must be inquired on the China Higher Education Student Information Network (, graduation certificate and degree certificate of the "dual majors" and "dual degrees" graduates must be on the website of the Fujian Provincial People’s Government website (

4. The degree (bit) required by the qualifications must be the national education degree (bit), and all are the corresponding academic qualifications (bit) and above the degree (bit) required by the post.However, if the minimum academic qualifications (bit) requirements have met the requirements of the post qualifications and the job professional requirements are required to hold the job, they can also apply for the exam.

The major of the candidates must be consistent with the majors required, and the level of education (bit) of the major must also be matched with the cultural level and degree requirements of the job requirements.For example, the conditions for recruiting posts are: physics major, bachelor’s degree or above, bachelor or above degree, applicants must graduate from physics major, obtain a bachelor’s degree or above, and be awarded a bachelor’s degree in science.Education and degree are consistent before they can apply for the exam.

5. The qualification certificate of the disciplinary related teachers with the requirements of the qualification conditions shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Teacher Qualification Regulations.When the name of the teacher qualification certificate obtained by the candidate is inconsistent with the teacher qualification certificate requirements of the job conditions, it is determined according to the corresponding teaching teacher qualification, and the exact of the Municipal Education Bureau is responsible for the interpretation and identification.

(3) Recruitment orientation

The scope of the specific positions in the List of Job conditions shall prevail.Before July 25, 2023, the permanent residence residence in our province, the sources inside and outside the province of the province in Fujian Province, and the fresh graduates of the 2022, 2022, and 2023 of Fujian Shengyuan in the province.

(4) Add score regulations

1. If the graduate service period of service grassroots project is qualified for 2 years and above, applying for a municipal institution can enjoy a written test score of 3 points.

The graduates of the service grass -roots programs refer to projects such as the "Three Branches and One Support" plan for participating in the implementation of the Central or Fujian Province, the "College Student Village Officer" plan, the "Volunteer Services Plan Plan" and "Service Community Plan".In the early days of September 1, college graduates with Fujian household registration qualified or graduated from Fujian Shengyuan college graduates.

2. Retired athletes and retired soldiers can enjoy bonus treatment for written test results. The specific addition standards are as follows:

He has won the 2-6 of the World Sports (Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup), the three major competitions in Asia Sports (Asian Games, Asian Championships, Asian Cup) and the 2nd and 3rd National Games, National Championships, National Championships, National Championships, National Championships, National ChampionshipsThe athletes of the National Champion Championship add 9 points; win the provincial sports championship, the national championship, the 2nd, 3rd in the Asian Sports (Asian Games, Asian Championships, Asia Cup), 4th to 6th, and the highest level in the country.The athletes of the competition champion add 7 points.Retired athletes must have documents approved by the provincial sports department.

Retired soldiers approved by the Fujian Provincial Military Services or Fujian Shengyuan can enjoy the following written test scores: 8 points for serving more than 13 years; 6 points from 9 to 12 years of service; 6 years to 8 years to 8 to 8Plus 4 points in the year; add 2 points from 3 to 5 years in service; plus 3 points/time for the second grade and above; another 2 points/time for the third -class merit;The honorary title of Outstanding Soldiers is 1 point/time; the disabled soldiers have 3 points; for difficult areas such as border defense, plateau, islands, or engaged in flight or ships for more than 5 years, in addition to enjoying the above points, they can be added.3 points; all -time ordinary education college students above the school should be enlisted during the school and continue to complete their studies after retiring, add 5 points after graduation; all -time ordinary education college graduates and above should be enlisted, and 5 points are added after retirement.

The above points can be accumulated, but the maximum must not exceed 10 points.

3. Candidates who meet the above 1 and 2 extra points policy must enjoy extra points for the passage score to reach the qualified line.

4. Candidates who meet the above bonus policies must be filled in truthfully when registering online, and from July 25th -July 30th, 2023 (normal work hours), the applicant’s own valid ID card will have the relevant bonus application materials.One of the original and photocopy, at the same time, carefully fill in the "Application Form for the Public Recruitment of the Public Recruitment of the Public Institutions in Zhangzhou City", and submit it to the education administrative department of the place where the post where you are located for review.

(5) The requirements for participating in the medical examination

1. Participants must bring their ID cards, admission tickets and other documents to participate in the medical examination on time. Those who do not participate in the medical examination on time are deemed to be qualified for the medical examination.Participants must complete all medical examination items within the designated time designated by the education administrative department.If a female applicants apply for a delayed medical examination due to pregnancy, the medical certificate of pregnancy must be provided and agreed with the educational administrative department to delay the maximum period of physical examination.The physical examination is organized by the education administrative department.

2. Candidates have doubts about the results of the medical examination. Candidates can submit an application for re -examination within 7 days receiving the medical examination conclusion, and the hospital will be specified once again.During the re -inspection, the re -inspection items shall not be informed, and the results of their own medical examination shall be invalid.The re -inspection can only be performed once, subject to the results of the re -inspection.Applicants who have falsified or concealed the real situation during the physical examination will not be hired or canceled.

3. Those who are absent from the physical examination will cancel the qualifications of employment and make up in order in the order of the total test scores.After the physical examination is unqualified or the posts that are vacant after the physical examination is qualified, it will be supplemented in order in the order of the total scores of the exam.

(6) Qualification review requirements

Once the candidate qualification review runs through the entire recruitment process, once the discovery of the applicants does not meet the requirements of the plan or does not meet the qualification conditions of the recruitment position, or provides false information (including the certification materials provided during the assessment period), the competent department of the recruitment unit will immediately make the cancellation of the examination, the qualifications or qualifications or the employment qualifications or the qualifications of the employment or employment.Lift the employment contract.

The professional name filled in the registration form should be consistent with the professional name on the graduation certificate. The teacher qualification name is consistent with the name of the teacher’s qualification certificate, otherwise it will be regarded as information distortion.Anyone who fills in the information distortion and does not meet the requirements and post requirements, once verified, immediately cancel its examination qualification or employment qualification.Candidates who maliciously register for registration, disrupt the order of registration, provide false information, forge the qualifications for falsification, and other relevant certificates to deceive the examination qualification, cancel their qualifications for this examination and not apply for the public institution in our city within 5 years, and record the candidates’ integrity files.

(7) Minimum service period

For the minimum service period (including trial period) of the newly recruited kindergarten kindergarten in primary and secondary schools, please refer to the "List of Job Conditions" and "List of Job Conditions".allow.The contract shall be clear about teaching positions, service life, and liability for breach of contract.During this period, the relevant procedures must not be completed after reaching the minimum service period to ensure the stability of the grassroots teachers.

(8) For special requirements for job conditions, the "List of the Job Conditions" shall prevail.

11. Other matters

(1) Relevant examination information such as examination results, extra points, qualification review, and medical examination objects will be released through the website of the municipal education administrative department.

(2) The contact information left by the applicants should be accurate and unblocked, otherwise the consequences should be at their own risk.

(3) Do not specify the test counseling books, do not hold or entrust any institutions and organizations to organize examination counseling training courses.

(4) Strictly implement the avoidance policy in accordance with the "Regulations on the Avoidance of Personnel Management of Institutions".

(5) The discipline of this examination shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security’s Public Institutions’ Public Recruitment of Disciplinary and Violations "(the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Order No. 35).

This examination plan stipulates that only the public recruitment work of this public institution is applied, and other matters shall be implemented in accordance with relevant national and provincial documents.

Source: Zhangzhou Education Bureau

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