Lecture │ Wang Yangming’s heart learning is a dose of consumerism

In 2010, Lu Yan published "One Brother Wang Yangming in the Ming Dynasty" and sold millions. Therefore, he was called "the first writer who wrote Wang Yangming."Recently, Lu Yan brought a million -character new book "Heaven and Wang Yangming", together with Xie Xizhen and Yu Shicun two guests to share his writing realization with the theme of "who should go to the most selfish desire".

"One Brother Wang Yangming in the Ming Dynasty" is very popular. Why write another novel with Wang Yangming as the protagonist?What is the difference between Wang Yangming written by Lu Yan and other works of Wang Yangming?He told us the journey of his heart at the scene.

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Write Wang Yangming, who likes "post -90s" and "post -00s"

Today, Wang Yangming and his thoughts are gradually attracted.However, for Lu Yan, there are many novels about Wang Yangming on the market. I have never encountered works that make people look bright. "The three novels about Wang Yangming I see are simply a simplicity for history.Reward ".Lu Yan had previously been a graduate of the drama, film and television literature, and thus writing the script as the foundation of his schoolwork. At the same time, his teacher studied Wang Yangming from the earliest after the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the teacher Zhou Yueliang passed on for Wang Yangming.In view of this, Lu Yan often feels that he has a strong sense of "mission", that is, writing a novel, and in the form of novels to make more and more "post -90s" and "post -00s" readers like Wang Yangming.

Lu Yan believes that his novels are different from historical rewriting.This difference is reflected in the novels that need to write distinctive character characteristics and detailed exhibition character relationships. At the same time, they must also convey the concept of value.These three demands are nested in the writing process of the entire novel of "Break of Heaven and Wang Yangming".In the novel, the character of young Wang Yangming is crazy.His friends once evaluated that he had the "five arts" in his early years, that is, he has been obsessed with five things, namely chess, Buddha, resignation, dance guns, bow horses, and ride.saint.In his early years, Wang Yangming was a very disturbed person. He didn’t want to go on his career and had a lot of conflict with his father.

After entering middle age, Wang Yangming also reflected the social responsibility of traditional Confucian scholars, helping the world, saving the country and saving the people.In terms of specific cases, middle -aged Wang Yangming served as the governor of Nan Gan. At this time, Ning Wang Zhu Xi was rebelled in Jiangxi.At that time, Wang Yangming received an order from the Ministry of Military Affairs to go to Fujian to deal with soldiers, and he was a governor of Nanzheng, not an official in Jiangxi, and he could ignore the matter.Facing King Ning’s rebellion, officials in the Yangtze River Basin area dare not squeak.On the one hand, the emperor was faint and King Ning was wise at that time, so King Ning was very popular in the minds of intellectuals. Including the familiar Tang Bohu also supported King Ning, many officials would think that King Ning may have a chance to win.These "opponents" are risky by being destroyed.On the other hand, after all, King Ning’s rebellion was a matter of the Zhu family. Ancient communications were not as developed as today. Whether King Ning was rebellion was not confirmed. It was just a wind. In case King Ning did not rebel, wouldn’t it be a rumor or a big crime.Therefore, the words of many officials in the court of writing are mostly unknown, only to say that Jiangxi has changed.Only after Wang Yangming got an exact information, King Chen Ning rebelled.In fact, he was born in the back of the water and death.The spirit of the family country and the spirit of governing the country is very prominent in middle -aged Wang Yangming.

In his later years, Wang Yangming opened his sects, showing a strong master’s weather.For example, he adopts different education methods to Wang Gen and practice the concept of teaching and no class. He wrote a lot of stories in the book, expressing that he adopts different teaching methods according to students of different personalities.

The novel with historical figures needs to be taken from real historical materials. This process is not smooth sailing. A big difficulty faced by Lu Yan is the portrayal of Wang Yangming’s early years.Among the existing historical materials, the records of Wang Yangming’s early life were mostly absurd. For example, his mother gave birth to him 14 months when she was pregnant, dreamed of Bailong when she was pregnant, he spoke at the age of 5, and so on.These legends cannot be avoided, so Lu Yan added some fictional stories in the book to make a reasonable interpretation for these legends.For example, for the legend of Wang Yangming only in the last year of pregnancy, the book laid it on the background of the eight years of Chenghua.Wang Yangming’s hometown Yuyao’s drought was particularly serious. At that time, the emperor’s pet Wan Zhener had a dream, saying that he was going to collect the water of the world to take a bath.EssenceUnder the double oppression of drought and water, Yuyao local officials felt internal and external problems, and the people began to make trouble. Local officials thought of a method to treat the Wang family as a sinful sheep, slandering the Wang family, and did not produce for 14 months.This legend is combined with the novel.Under the premise of not breaking history and in line with the character, use some fictional brushwork to reasonably use the legendary story.

Looking at a person’s position, he looks at his opponent. In the novel, Wang Yangming’s three opponents, Liu Jin, Zhu Xi, Yang Tinghe also have the same distinctive characteristics.The contradiction between Wang Yangming and Liu Jin is the contradiction between good and evil. This is the contradiction clue in the early days of the novel.The middle period of Wang Yangming’s life is mainly the contradiction with Zhu Xi, and it is the dispute between the route.Zhu Xi is not a bad guy. On the contrary, he is still a person who is in love. Some fictional plots are arranged in the novel to reflect this feature.In chaos, he believes that if he goes on like this, he will be destroyed, so he will rebel.Wang Yangming and the third opponent Yang Tinghe are the deepest contradictions. It is a struggle for ideology. It involves the problem of going to science or the route of mind.In the book, Yang Tinghe is also a person who is worried about the country and the people. It is very diligent and smart. He even worsens a lot of "bad guys", but at the same time, he will sacrifice some good people.

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Wang Yangming’s practical significance

With three years, Lu Yan used nearly one million words to complete the book "Heavenly Break · Wang Yangming".The reason why he invested so huge is because of his opinion because Wang Yangming and his thoughts have a lot of practical significance.

First of all, Wang Yangming’s mind is a solution to the centralized regime.Heart studies are the thoughts of deafening in the history of Chinese philosophy. Its role is similar to Martin Luther’s contribution to Western religious thoughts.After Martin Luther conducts religious reforms, believers can talk to God in their heart without having to pass the church.The same is true of Wang Yangming’s heart learning. He told the world that the world was not in my heart, but in his heart.When you ask for and know your heart inward, the more you know others, the more you know the world.In fact, people are liberated from external dogma, external books, and external authority.In the traditional Chinese society, everyone is looking at what officials do, and officials are examples, and ordinary people will do it. This official -oriented thinking is difficult to return. ThereforeEssence

Secondly, Wang Yangming’s heart studies are still a dose of consumerism.In today’s era, consumerism has become more and more serious about people. What we see in front of us is full of advertisements. Let us buy things every day. I can’t wait to make you change your mobile phone every year, because the essence of advertising is to stimulate people to continue to buyWhat he doesn’t need.Consumption is the cornerstone of the capitalist building. Capitalism will constantly produce. If there is no consumption, the building will not work.However, everyone has no reflection in the hustle and bustle of consumerism, and will run like a mouse for a moment to dedicate a lifetime to the capitalist building.Therefore, Wang Yangming’s heart studies are in the final analysis as Zhu Xi, as Zhu Xi, but Zhu Xi and Wang Yangming have different definitions of "selfish desires".

In Zhu Xi’s discussion, the object of science speaking is the emperor.Because Zhu Xi, a scholar, generally has an ideal: I hope Dejun is walking.Therefore, they want to be the emperor division, transform the monarch, and make the monarch become the monarch, so their selfish desire theory is to tell the emperor.However, Wang Yangming separated the seven emotions and six desires on the issue of "selfish desire". Wang Yangming believed that the seven emotions were worthy of recognition. The seven emotions floated like the clouds in the sky.Just cover the sun.It is normal for the seven emotions to communicate in the chest, and the lust is too biased. For example, if someone is in love, it is normal for "33 days of falling in love".Some people’s father died, and the memorial service was immersed in the sad atmosphere, but some of them laughed, which was also a bias.Wang Yangming’s "selfish desire" is where the affection is too biased.

Based on the strong practical significance, Wang Yangming’s doctrine gradually became hot at the moment, and also attracted the attention of the film and television industry.When Lu Yan said that his book was not published, he posted a poster of "Breaking Wang Yangming" in the circle of friends. Some staff of the film and television company came to inquire about the copyright, hoping to be adapted into a film and television drama.However, Lu Yan believes that Wang Yangming is not easy to shoot. This theme has high requirements for the cultural literacy of directors and actors. As a costume drama, the amount of funds is also large.Today, he is still waiting to meet a powerful and emotional company to show Wang Yangming’s image in the screen.

"Sky Broken Wang Yangming", Lu Yan/Mo, Hyundai Publishing House, May 2018 Edition

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