Li Xiang has a few children, Li Xianghuai, the second child is true and false

Do you know how many children in Li Xiang? Li Xiang is a star in the entertainment industry. It is very famous. He has played a lot of TV series, movies, and the host of Hunan Satellite TV. There is a daughter named Wang Shiling. Let ’s take a look.

How many children Li Xiang has

Li Xiang children

Wang Shiling

Li Xianghuai’s second child is true and false

Li Xiang said in 2012 as a guest in Lu Yu "and said:" People say that her daughter is the little lover of her father’s life, and the son is the little lover of my mother’s life. Then I also want to give myself a little lover. "However, at the time,There is no policy of "separate" families that can have a second child. Li Xiang is not a only daughter, and it is obviously not allowed to regenerate.The introduction of the second child policy provided Li Xiang with "policy" support. After that, Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun started various claims around life and no pregnancy.

Li Xiang’s attitude is clear, but he wants to have a life, but Wang Yuelun initially said, "If a child is regenerated, Li Xiang will definitely be small, but he only has Angela in his heart, so he does not want a child to separate the husband and wife’s attention to Angela and Angela.Pet love. "However, after Li Xiang interviewed in April this year, after interviewing Wang Yuelun did not support the birth of children, Wang Dao’s words turned to say that regenerating a child is good for Angela’s growth:" She will not be lonely, her mother’s side is hereIt is also very willing. But Xiangxiang responded very much when she gave birth to a big daughter. After a few months, she was guilty. I don’t want her to experience another pain. Of course, if Xiangxiang is willing, I will be sure to cooperate. "

On the day of Mother’s Day on May 11, the family of three Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun appeared at Wu Jing and Xie Nan’s wedding. Li Xiang who appeared at the scene looked a lot full.Li Xiang issued a Weibo saying: "In the future, please don’t mind me, it is more and more full of figure!" There are also three shy expressions, suspected to be a declaration of a second child.Li Xiang signed a contract with Jiang Kaitong and then reposted Li Xiang Weibo, "Saying omissions" to send congratulations and blessings, and said: "Angela is going to be a sister!"

Various hints of Li Xiang have become pregnant. However, during the opening of the Shanghai International Film Festival, Wang Yuelun attended the event to denied the news of Li Xiang’s pregnancy, saying that "preparing for the second treasure", which means that he is in the preparation stage without pregnancy.

Brief introduction

Li Xiang, born in Changsha, Hunan on February 10, 1976.Moderator, producer, producer, chairman and general manager of Beijing Happy Star Culture Media Co., Ltd..He is currently the president of 360 Entertainment.

How many children Li Xiang has

He hosted Hunan Satellite TV’s "Happy Camp" in 1997.In 2003, the CCTV Sofuer Viewing Survey of the National Satellite TV’s most popular host was the first place in the National Satellite TV; in 2003, he was re -elected as the "Environmental Ambassador" of the China Environmental Protection Foundation;The title of the host.In 2001, he was rated as the "Most Popular Host" of the Hunan Radio and Television Bureau.In November 2004, he officially left Hunan Satellite TV’s "Happy Camp"; in August 2013, Li Xiang served as deputy director of Shenzhen Satellite TV.

In January 2016, he officially submitted an application for resignation to Shenzhen Satellite TV.In March, Li Xiang joined the Qihoo 360 as the vice president and chief content officer, in charge of 360 film and television and related content business.On May 9, 360 appointed Li Xiang as the president of entertainment, responsible for the integration of overall entertainment resources.

personal life

In July 2004, 28 -year -old Li Xiang revealed to the media that he was about to get married. The object was a diamond dealer. The two met from each other to determine that they were only "one month and three days."In October 2004, Li Xiang revealed that he had registered with Li Houlin to get married.The two took tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars in wedding photos.On January 2, 2005, Li Xiang and Li Houlin held a grand wedding in Beijing.

On November 22, 2006, Li Xiang first admitted that he had divorced Li Houlin through his blog.

Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun met at the end of 2005. At that time, Li Xiang launched two new songs "Needless to Love You" and "0123456". Wang Yuelun served as the MV director of these two songs.In March 2009, the two confirmed that they were officially registered in January.

On October 13, 2009, his daughter Angela was born.

social activity

In 2002 and 2003, he was re -elected as the "Environmental Protection Ambassador" of the China Environmental Protection Foundation

In 2006, he donated 100,000 to Hunan’s floods.

The 2007 China Creative Real Estate Real Estate Annual Conference Large Charity Li Xiang donated diamond diamond necklace auction, funded the stray teenager Yangyang University, Bazaar Star Charity Night "and Huang Xiaoming 300,000 yuan to take a watch.

In 2008, he donated 1.1 million yuan in Sichuan disaster areas and the Bazaar Charity Night. "500,000 yuan took a handbag with 500,000 yuan.

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