Life is bitter, so bitter, I want to eat some sweetness

The 40 years of memories, such as overwhelmingly, are too hurried. In addition to the landscapes of the world, they can laugh carefreely.From sensible, I have experienced poor suffering. When I was a kid, the kind of suffering that could not be worn and worn, and the painfulness of the parents every day, but I couldn’t do it in my eyes. I lived with my mother’s mood.EssenceAfter reading, the suffering of being bullied by the children, I couldn’t write the pain of my homework. I never told my mother. I started to hate reading. I finally grew up and wanted to reduce the burden on my parents.Entering another kind of suffering.At a young age, I started to work late, and I started to work in various problems and the complexity of interpersonal relationships, so I could only be silent to protect myself. Outsiders seemed to be so happy.Telling that only one person can bear it silently.Later, there were more sister -in -law at home, and many people were wrong. When I saw my mother’s grievances, I couldn’t help but feel painful. I was unable to feel helpless by the grievances. The suffering of my life made me feel like walking like a walking dead.Slowly growing up to adults to talk about marriage and marriage, but because I am not high in IQ and emotional intelligence, I do n’t know what kind of husband I am looking for. I ’m going to marry people according to my mother’ s meaning.A kind of life is looking forward to.As a result, it is not the same as imagination after marriage, but because I have a responsibility and listen to my mother, just live it like this. I live in the past every day, so I deeply understand that it is not easy for my parents.Looking like, he can’t help but be able to do anything, resent the heavens, and work hard, and those who are human.The second year after marrying, Grandma left. For the first time, she tasted the suffering of life and death in the world. Because her grandmother brought a big one, she was particularly sad. She had no chance to honor her grandmother, because she was reluctant to spend money when she was married and was pregnant.Life still has to continue, because if you want to have a second child, you really do your best without your wish.I finally wanted to live a good job. My father suddenly left, and the kind of heartbreaking pain could not be forgotten in this life, just like the pain of the heart.This loss of suffering let me know that I want to cherish ownership. I slowly change myself, and my mentality is better than before. I want to cherish my eyes and lose my father’s pain in my heart.I feel that I am more sensible than before, and I no longer make trouble with my husband.However, there are too many trivial matters in life. I lost this. I always felt that I did n’t take care of my mother with my heart, because I did n’t find a good job on the way to change my job, and my life slowly smoothed my edges.But it also made me lose confidence in life.After finally finding a better job than before, the mother was still healthy, and the family bought a house. The mood began to become more and more pleasant. Therefore, everything was good. The original happiness was so beautiful.Such a good mood ended on December 12, 2021.From then on, tears are accompanied, living in memories and living in self -blame, and there are many sufferings that have not been carefully said. Life is too bitter, and I want to eat a little sweetness to make my heart unhappy.This is my first half of my life. I can only tell here. Is it possible to come to this world?Still all beings are bitter, they come to cross the calamity.

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