Like to do nail art is not a good thing. There are 4 hazards. Women who love beauty should understand it in time

Aesthetic is a nature that women cannot refuse. The most common way is to be nails and beauty.These projects can indeed improve the charm of women, but at the same time, some projects also cause harm to women’s bodies.For example, nails, most of the nails on the market now use unqualified glue and oil.If these things are done on nails for a long time, it may cause the body to be adversely affected and harmful to physical health.So, what are the specific damage? Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction together.

Women who often do nail art should pay attention, be careful to cause these damage to themselves!

Damage 1. There may be potential carcinogenic risks

According to data surveys, there are many nail products on the market that are risk of carcinogens. There are many carcinogens in it, similar to paint and glue, etc. If long -term use on nails, it will enter people’s body through the skin.Over time, it will cause cancer.Therefore, it is recommended that female friends can be nails but must pay attention to moderate. Do not frequent nails.And do not directly contact food after nail art to avoid nail materials from entering our mouth and stomach.

Damage 2. It may cause abortion

Now the manicure market is relatively chaotic. Many merchants will buy the nails from the incorrect channels for profit.Stimulation.Especially for women who are preparing for pregnancy and pregnant women are particularly damaged, and those who have been in contact for a long time will directly lead to abortion. Therefore, if you are preparing for pregnancy or you are pregnant, you must be careful of nail art. It is best not to do nails.It is not too late to wait for the child to have a regular nails during breastfeeding.

Damage 3. It may lead to methylitis

Before nail art, nails will be trimmed and polished, so that the nails will look flat and color. Although this is good -looking, it will cause great harm to the nails.In the long run, it will lead to the occurrence of methylitis, and the nails will be polished and thinner, and thin nails will be more likely to suffer from methylitis.Therefore, for the health of your fingers, you must reduce the number of nails and protect your nails.

Damage 4. It may appear onychomycosis

Our nails themselves have a protective film. This layer of protective film can help us protect our fingers and nails very well, and can isolate the bacteria and germs outside.However, when doing nail art, the nail art master will wear this layer of membrane, so as to help the nail polish color, but this method will cause direct damage to the nails, and will cause various germs to enter our entering our enters our entering us.In the nails and even the skin, this will lead to the occurrence of onychomycosis.Therefore, it is possible to avoid the production of onychomycosis. Beauty in life must reduce the number of nails and stay away from unhealthy nail raw materials.

After reading the above harm to the body, do you still want nail art? In fact, it is not that you must not be a manicure. People who love beauty are available.The essence is relatively fragile, so the nails can be 2-3 times a year, and nails do not need to be made once a month.It is also important to note that you must choose a regular institution to do nails, and ask professional nail artists to do it so that you can appropriately reduce the harm of manicure to the body.

There are many ways to become beautiful. There is no need to be limited to the appearance of appearance, and there are appropriate exercise plus a reasonable diet and good sleep.After developing good habits, I believe your temperament will become more and more beautiful, and these beautiful ways are healthy and will not cause any harm to the body. Female friends can choose these methods to make themselves beautiful.

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