In recent years, the obstetrics and gynecology department of Puyang County People’s Hospital adheres to the purpose of "treating diseases and saving people" and "humanistic care". It is required that medical staff not only has a good technology, but also has a good service attitude, a strong sense of career and responsibility, and treats the mother as her own as her own.The loved ones are treated with sincere humanistic care to the mother.

Obstetrician is checking the house for the maternal Yang

On January 9th, Yang, a mother who lived in Yaao Village, Kirin Town, was sent by village doctors and neighbors to the obstetrics department of Puyang County because of "37 weeks of pregnancy, lower abdominal pain for half a day".The doctor Shu Xiujuan immediately gave various examinations and found that the patient was in critical condition, and then had a cesarean section surgery.Due to major bleeding after maternal maternal surgery, the medical staff adopted blood transfusion treatment. Under the full rescue of obstetrics and medical staff, the mother finally broke away from the danger of life.

The obstetrics Xu and colleagues are giving Yang’s blood transfusion

On January 11, the author saw the patient Yang in the ward. She said excitedly that she was very grateful to the help of the medical staff. It was because of their guardianship that she was reborn.

The attending doctor Shu Dr. Shu recovered the postpartum recovery after checking Yang

During Yang’s hospitalization, the obstetric director Wu Xiaochun learned that Yang’s family was particularly difficult during the inspection room. The only source of income from the family was to work outside the work of her husband. Due to the illness of Yang’s child, he needed to transfer to Anhui Children’s Hospital.For further treatment, high medical expenses and follow -up costs make this family that was originally difficult to worsen.Wu Xiaochun immediately launched a "love, sending warmth" activity in the department, and mobilized the obstetric medical staff to actively donate love. At present, it has donated 2,000 yuan.

Director Wu on behalf of the obstetric medical staff sent "love model" to the family members of the patient

"Dedication of love, good deeds."While the obstetrics and gynecology medical staff of the county people’s hospital use medical technology to treat patients’ diseases, they also use their love to soothe the patient’s heart, send them the warmth of spring, light up a lamp of hope, and practice the medical person with practical actions.Benevolence, write a big love chapter.

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