Lin Yichen has given birth to a little princess for 7 years and gave birth to a small princess. He once said that he had a second child. The parenting method was similar to his mother.

In the entertainment industry, whether it is a man or a woman, it will be given birth after marriage. He Rundong, 46, has not moved for 5 years.When he was attending an event, he was transferred to be a director and asked about the issue of children.He Rundong replied embarrassingly: "I have been asking for 10 years, and I really have no excuse." He wanted to let the 38 -year -old wife naturally followed the artificial conception.

Lin Yichen was as embarrassing as He Rundong.After getting married in 2014, she has been raised.In July 2019, she announced that she was prepared for the next generation of suspension.In this way, the problem of difficulty in Lin Yichen’s pregnancy has become a secret of all the entire network, and once she also reported that she would withdraw from the performing arts circle for the family.

In the seventh year of marriage, Lin Yichen was pregnant, but for the sake of security, he had not disclosed the good news.In September, Lin Yichen was found to go to the hospital for a production inspection, and the media took the lead in exposing the news of her to give birth.The agent Zhou Meiyu confirmed the good news, but did not disclose the gender, nor was it announced whether it was natural or artificially conceived.

When Lin Yichen gave birth to a child, the media once again showed a strong insight.Because the due date was announced at the end of October, seeing that the days were approaching, the investigation of Holmes began.On October 19, the media revealed that Lin Yichen’s due date was approaching, and then announced that she gave birth to a child on the 19th and was a healthy Libra baby.

The reason why he was so affirmation was because he took a picture of Lin Yichen’s husband at a well -known postpartum care center (confinement center).Lin Yichen’s husband, Lin Yuchao, was photographed at the door of the parking lot in the nursing center. He took a cup of coffee in his hand and frowned slightly.The novice dad looks nervous and understands, which also shows how much he cares about his wife and children.

When the media asked the agent, the other party did not admit it, but only said that if there was good news, Lin Yichen would announce it himself and thank him.On the 20th, Lin Yichen’s agent finally confirmed the good news, saying that Lin Yichen had given birth to Libra girl, her mother and daughter were safe, and she was currently under rest.Netizens said that it was a constellation with Yuan Xiangqin.

When Lin Yichen announced the news of pregnancy on September 29, he denied that it was a girl. At that time, he said that he didn’t know that whether it was a man or a woman worth looking forward to.Unexpectedly, the news of Lin Yichen’s daughter was "spoiled" 1 month in advance. Everyone praised Lin Yichen’s beauty inherited.

Before production, Lin Yichen did not know about this. This friend Zheng Yuanchang could prove.After Lin Yichen announced his pregnancy, he revealed that he had already known about pregnancy and had met with expectant mothers.He laughed and said that Lin Yichen asked everyone to guess the gender of the child in the group, and also gambled with the child’s gender and good friends.

Although Lin Yichen’s pregnancy was a bit twisted, mainly because her husband worked in the United States all year round, and the husband and wife always separated from the two places.Lin Yichen once complained that after the epidemic, the husband and wife had fewer meetings, and it became once every 3 or 4 months. She made all the efforts to prepare for pregnancy.It’s. "

Lin Yichen was 39 years old, but the agent emphasized that it was naturally produced, and of course it was better for children.She has been working during pregnancy and did not lie at home because she was pregnant, indicating that her state was good.The agent also proved this when he announced the news of pregnancy.Here, congratulations to Lin Yichen, an elderly woman, and it is not easy for the road to ask for the son.

Because Lin Yichen’s friend’s friend revealed on the Internet how Lin Yichen respects her in -laws, her situation in her family is also worried about everyone.Do front -line female artists need to be so wronged when marrying a wealthy man? She has independent economic ability, and she does not live by the family’s supplement.Lin Yichen denied it one by one.

She said that she did not stop working because of her elders forced, and her in -laws had never been aggrieved like her biological daughter.She denied that she was married to the giants, only to say that it was "good".Although Lin Yichen has never disclosed the situation of her husband’s house, it can be seen from her husband’s family business that the conditions of the husband’s family are very good.

After the child is born, everyone is more concerned about whether the couple will continue to separate the two places in the future.The growth of the child requires the company’s companionship. Lin Yichen used to be abroad because of his husband for a long time. He was considered not happy. I don’t know if he would be resolved.In fact, he talked about this when Lin Yichen married her husband.

Lin Yichen said that although he didn’t like the separation of the two places, both wanted to work hard while you were young.She also talked about the separation of the two places that did not affect the relationship between the husband and wife, but instead promoted the promotion: "We all like to have our own space, we will not feel too little, but long live it! And it will look like a feeling of falling in love again."

Lin Yichen was interviewed by the Taiwan version of "ELLE" in 2020. She said that she and her husband had never quarreled for many years. "Maybe because our original values are very similar. This way of getting alongThe way of marriage. "

Lin Yichen said that he and her husband had no feelings at all at the beginning of the first 10 times. Common friends often deliberately packed the two to eat together, but they did not feel each other.If it wasn’t for the grooms lady at the wedding, maybe Lin Yichen would not find the carefulness and thoughtfulness of the other party, and it would likely be missed this good marriage.

Others are worried that Lin Yichen, who has a poor family environment from a young age, will be bullied when he marrys a good -conditioned mother -in -law, but Lin Yichen believes that the door is not referring to the family world, but the way the husband and wife treat the world.In her opinion, the most important thing for marriage is that both parties are willing to think about each other and hope that the other party is happy.

Lin Yichen said that she and her husband had a long time to cherish each other. Her husband was often worried that Lin Yichen was too boring at home abroad, so she could return to her mother’s house more.The emotional husband often expresses his thoughts and reminds his wife to interact with fans.

Many people are curious why Lin Yichen can still have a sense of girly at the age of Benwa. Seeing that she is spoiled as a princess, she knows.Although it was suspected of derailment, Lin Yichen wrote that her husband is the most impossible person in the world to hurt himself. From then on, it can be seen that the couple’s relationship is very good. You can not worry.

Lin Yichen’s relationship with her in -laws is very good. It is like a classmate with her mother -in -law. She will chat together and talk about her husband’s childhood interest.The father -in -law is very satisfied with the daughter -in -law.Her husband is a emotional person. When he gets married, he will cry, and he will love his daughter very much. The in -laws will like granddaughter because of their own generations.Lin Yichen must be very happy to marry such a harmonious family.

Although Lin Yichenfu’s financial conditions are very good, and Lin Yichen also has a high income, she was not ready to waste it when she was frugal.During the announcement of pregnancy, Lin Yichen said that 95%of the mother and infant supplies he had prepared were second -hand items transferred by relatives and friends, and he was preparing to use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers, which was very environmentally friendly.

Lin Yichen was asked shortly after she was married if she would consider the second child. At that time, she said that her only child was too lonely, and she could see that she should consider having a second child.Now, after giving birth to a daughter, I don’t know if they will consider chasing birth.Lin Yichen has not been loved by his father since he was a child. Now he has a considerate husband who believes that his daughter will grow up happily.

Speaking of how he would educate his children, Lin Yichen said that he would be gentle and severe, but he would not make the child feel that his mother was unstable, but made the child feel that the mother was in principle.She said she would lead by example and let the children learn from their parents.

Everyone knows that Lin Yichen is a very rational person, all of which are related to her family environment.As an eldest daughter, she has been educated by her mother’s grace.She once said that she was more awe and obedience to her mother as a child.She understands the hard work of her mother and father, which also made her understand her mother.It seems that the childcare method she chose is similar to her mother, and she will not blindly fall in love.

It can be seen from the life photos shared by Lin Yichen that she likes children and often plays with her friends.In an interview, she said: "I hope to accompany the child to grow up. Every stage of my life is in your life. You can follow him to experience the pain of falling in love, all kinds of sweet and sour life."

Don’t worry that Lin Yichen will give up his performance because of having a baby, so that she can say that she has loved more and more since her debut.Although the acting process is hard, it is more happy and fulfilling.She said that she was filming with life, and admitted that acting was doing her own happy thing.

When the career was subverted, Lin Yichen chose to go abroad for further studies, and also considered behind the scenes.Everyone believes that she has a plan for her career.Lin Yichen also went to the Drama Workshop after pregnancy. I revealed that in 2022, she will have her own film and television works, and she is likely to have her works behind her.

Seeing that Lin Yichen had given birth to a child safely, all fans who cared about her were relieved. Then, can I look forward to her new work? After all, 2022 is not far away.

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