Listen to the answer to the obstetrician and gynecologist: Can I continue to skin care or even makeup and hair during pregnancy?

According to tradition, if you become a pregnant woman, it is the same as the breastfeeding period. In a special period, you cannot encounter any cosmetics and skin care products.This is mainly to consider the safety issues of personal use of these supplies.So, can pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers use cosmetics or directly dye their hair?Are there any taboos?In order to solve everyone’s doubts, the obstetrician and gynecologist below to solve these doubts for everyone from a scientific perspective.

The answer is that no matter whether a woman is in pregnancy or breastfeeding, sunscreen can be used, which is quite safe.It is understood that only a little sunscreen can enter the human body through our skin, but so far, including animal experiments, no toxic and side effects have been found.In reality, we found that many pregnant women have found that their stains have deepened, or chloasma that has not appeared. These are actually related to their hormone levels and related to sun exposure.The best way to deal with this problem is to use sunscreen.

The answer is certainly available.If it comes to regular and qualified brand lipsticks, about 60 % of the lipstick contain lead, so that the color of the lipstick can be longer.The Food and Drug Administration of the United States has investigated the lead in it and has announced the results of the survey in 2011. If a woman uses lipstick in accordance with normal regulations, the lead here will not harm human health.

Of course, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are very sensitive to heavy metals around them, which is understandable.However, as long as you use regular and qualified lipsticks, don’t worry, especially when pregnant women use lipstick, it will not directly affect the fetus.Of course, if you are really not assured, you can consider using lead -free lipsticks.

Early animal experiments found that if a large number of chemicals in hairdressing products during pregnancy, it is possible to increase the risk of terators.However, all the clinical basis failed to prove that hair dyeing or perplex during pregnancy has an impact on health.It can be said that under normal circumstances, we use hairdressing products, which contains chemicals, which are difficult to absorb by the human body.Especially for the head, these chemicals ultimately affect the development of the fetus through the absorption of hair, and the possibility is basically negligible.However, everyone should pay attention to the following issues during pregnancy or breastfeeding:

1. Hairdressing products must be formal sources and qualified;

2. The scalp before use is intact, and it is cleaned in time after use;

3. Pay attention to how to use, do not overdo it;

4. If it is a mothers who use hairdressing products during breastfeeding, remember to pay attention to the allergic protection of good babies.

At present, the hairdressing products appearing on the market are pure natural. In fact, it does not mean that the ingredients are pure natural, or even if all the ingredients are pure natural, there may be hidden dangers of health.So remind everyone here that you must pay attention, don’t blindly believe this pure natural hairdressing product.

For this problem, if it is not necessary, try to avoid it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.It has been studied, saying that the dein benzene acid in the contact of nail polish during pregnancy may affect the development of the reproductive system of male fetuses.Although it has not been proved to be related to being related to teratogenic contact during pregnancy, it is better not to use it as much as possible.

If it is during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as mothers can enjoy the right to love beauty, but for the choice of products, you must choose a qualified product, and use it according to the correct way of use.Do not use it at will for those sources or quality. If you really need to use it, it is best to consult related professionals.Try to choose the simple ingredients as much as possible, and each product must carefully read the composition table of the product to make judgments.

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