Log in with your wife!TVB veteran male star revealed that his wife was 7 months pregnant and worried that she was dizzy with "seeing red"

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Recently, TVB senior artist Chen Shaobang (BOND) and his wife, Zheng Jiaying (Rain), appeared on the radio.Doing half an hour of aerobic exercise every day. As a Broadcast of Macau, she seems to pay great attention to her body maintenance. Even if she is pregnant, she must be a pretty pregnant mother.

During the interview, Chen Shaobang revealed that his wife’s due date was in mid -August. When it comes to upgrading to be a novice father, Chen Shaobang said that he was very nervous.There is no need to rush to buy, but now it is obviously going to eat, but you will buy BB supplies when you walk. "

Like most novice parents, Chen Shaobang decided to accompany his wife to enter the delivery room to give birth and cut the umbilical cord for BB. As for his wife Zheng Jiaying, she expressed her hope that she could naturally produce it at that time.Ask Chen Shaobang if he was afraid of seeing blood?He laughed that he had tried to see his wife with blood, and he felt dizzy when he saw it, and he was really worried about the situation in the delivery room.

In fact, Chen Shaobang and Lin Feng were classmates in the same class. Both graduated from the 13th issue of wireless artist training class.Today, it has become a song and television male star who is popular across the country.After graduating from TVB in 1999, Chen Shaobang has filmed dozens of episodes for many years, but he is still performing small supporting actors.

In 2012, Chen Shaobang announced that he had left the nest and then moved to the film industry to make a movie as the actor, but the development has never been stable. In recent years, he has returned to the nest in the form of free body. Unfortunately, he returned to the nest.In Genesis, he is still a leisurely corner. I believe that there are few audiences who can remember the characters in Chen Shaobang’s play.

However, Huang Tian lived up to the careless person. Last year, Chen Shaobang finally got TVB and arranged for him to be the leading actor in the heavy drama "Forensic Pioneer IV". Although the play was limited, he was more than before.Chen Shaobang has more than ten years since he entered the industry, and has experienced ups and downs. Although there is no major breakthrough in the star journey, he has finally had a new turnaround for many years.

In 2016, Chen Shaobang Xiao Dengke announced that he officially married the female broadcasting female hosted by Zheng Jiaying. The career was not good, but the marriage was very happy.The two have been married for five years and have a sweet relationship. In April of this year, the first child’s good news was welcomed. At that time, Chen Shaobang was still happy to announce that his wife was pregnant and was given blessings from netizens and friends in the circle.

However, the two couples of Chen Shaobang have not announced the gender of BB in the belly, which has caused many netizens to curious. When the interview was asked when she was pregnant with her son or daughter, Chen Shaobang admitted that he knew the answer, but hoped to continue to maintain mystery., Keep it in the future.Bless the Chen Shaobang couple, hoping that BB will be born smoothly, safe and blessing.

Editor -in -chief: Zeng Zexi

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