Love to eat potato chips, not your self -control, but …

The potato chips are so powerful!

There are many things in the world that make people "moths flutter". Sometimes it is a love that is indispensable, and sometimes it is a high -calorie potato chip that we love and hate.

Consumption of the calories brought by a potato chips requires one minute to skip rope.In one minute, a person can kill a whole bag of potato chips.

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As a kind of old -fashioned snacks that are popular all over the world, and young and old, what magic is there, and it makes people want to stop?

Take a bite of potato chips

It makes you more "addicted"

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Draining a pack of potato chips in one breath is not poor self -control, but your brain is trained.

Every time we eat a piece of potato chips, we are activating a structure called the "Voltage Core" structure in the brain.

"Voltage" controls our reward mechanism. When we consume fats and carbohydrates, we will trigger the brain to release the "dopamine" that makes us happy.

When the salt in the potato chips is matched with fat, it will not only make the food better, but also the mechanism of controlling fat intake suddenly disappears.

This feeling is too beautiful, people unconsciously want to experience again, there will be a sound in my mind that will start to call:

Let’s take a little bit!

Then, you unconsciously feed yourself one after another.

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It sounds familiar, is it?Is it very similar to "addiction"?

A group of researchers at the University of Estaen, Germany, recruited 17 healthy subjects for dietary experiments, and observed the differences between the state of brain areas before and after eating by magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI).

On the first day, they were fed high -calorie potato chips containing 33% fat and 49% carbohydrates;

On the third day, the subject was fed with a low -calorie zucchini containing 3% fat and 3.5% carbohydrate.

It was found that when the subjects were eating potato chips, the voltage partition nucleus controlled the addiction mechanism in their brains would have obvious activation reactions, and they did not record this activation when they consume zucchini.

Displayed in the area with positive correlations

The areas with negative correlation are displayed in blue.

Group A is a group for feeding potato chips.

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Similar research conclusions, food manufacturers have been clearly understood a long time ago, and have been skilled in food -flavored research and development.

In order to find the perfect taste, food engineers adjust the variables, and switch to the computer. Through the statistical method of joint analysis, the data is screened and classified, and the taste is the most attractive to consumers.

Then think about it again, when you hear other people eating potato chips, do you want to have a piece?

Every crisp sound has long -planned conspiracy

In 2003, a study found that when the teeth were crushed and crispy, the sound of clicks would inevitably produce, which would affect our enjoyment of food.

Experimental provides guest potato chips with similar thickness crispy and even baking, allowing 20 volunteers to evaluate the freshness of 180 tablets of potato chips.

Next, the researchers asked the volunteers to sit in the sound insulation shed, put on headphones, facing the microphone, and vomited immediately after bite the potato chips with the front row of teeth, and recorded the crispness and freshness of the potato chips.Essence

Participants carry headphones

Take a bite in front of the microphone, then press the evaluation button with your feet

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In the end, the feedback from the participants showed that the more the sound of the clicks, the more they felt, the more they felt the crispy and fresh of the potato chips.

What the participants do n’t know is that in fact, each potato chips are the same. Researchers just change the volume and quality of the clicks in the headphones.

The producers of potato chips have long been proficient in this, and they are happy to write the words "crispy" on the potato chip packaging, and amplify the clicking sound in the advertisement.

Even in the device developed and developed by potato chips, there is a chewing simulator worth $ 40,000 to explore the best cracking point of potato chips.

Studies have found that the best cracking point of potato chips is 4 pounds per square inch (PSI), which is 50 times less than the pressure required to tear the beef with the mouth.

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From the composition ratio, taste, taste, the sound of the last entrance, there is a huge scientific research force and precise data analysis support behind each ring, so that each piece of potato chips is presented in a perfect attitude, and it is precisely hit you and me.The cool point.

Therefore, when someone accuses you of unable to stop eating potato chips, don’t be sad, and don’t doubt yourself.

This is not your self -control, but the weak you who are "stubborn confrontation" with the entire food industry.

Even the type of potato chips itself has its own confusion attributes, and it seems that chewing will disappear and melt in the mouth.It is difficult to quickly bring a sense of satiety, making people lose the reference ruler of normal food intake when ingesting.

It seems that as long as the potato chips are cut enough, the calories can not exist.

This was described by food scientist Stephen Wizi as "the disappearance of calories density", and he said:

If something is melted rapidly, your brain will think that there is no calorie, you can eat it all the time.

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