Low progesterone is not so terrible. Specific mothers should know these points first!

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A friend was pregnant a while ago. I told me the news of pregnancy first. After congratulations, I suggested that she pay more attention to rest. After all, the embryo in the early pregnancy is still unstable.The next day she went to the hospital to test the blood test, and she sent me WeChat to get the result. She was unhappy, because the progesterone was only 9.6. The doctor said that she had low progesterone and might have abortion. It was recommended that she had a fetus.I was scared by the doctor and kept crying and asked me what to do?

In such a scene, many of the first -time expectant mothers have experienced it ~ Many expectant mothers who are just pregnant, personal messages or messages to consult Jingma.

I just found that I was pregnant. I was glad to go to the hospital for a blood test, and the progesterone was low. The doctor said that there may be abortion. When I heard the "abortion" two people, they were all scared.The lowest valley.And some women are still very true. Why are they so unlucky, progesterone is so low ~

Next, Jingma said about these things about progesterone, hoping to help more expectant parents, especially those expectant mothers who do not know what to do.

After many women are pregnant, they go to the hospital to confirm their pregnancy. As soon as they check the progesterone, doctors will ask for fetal preservation and may have a miscarriage. Why do some women have high progesterone and some female progesterone is low?Let’s first talk about progesterone.

1. First of all, it is a physical problem.Some women have always been not too high due to their own physical fitness, and progesterone will not be very high after pregnancy, but there is no problem. It can give birth to the baby smoothly and healthy., Jingma is this kind of constitution. When I was pregnant, progesterone was only 7 o’clock; and I also encountered a lot of expectant mothers who have just gave birth to the child.Well, do n’t worry too much about belly pain, bleeding, etc., just relax and raise it.

2. In another case, there is insufficient progesterone secreted by the luteal dysfunction due to incomplete luteum function.In severe cases, biochemical pregnancy or abortion, fetal stop, etc. may be caused.This situation should be kept or abandoned in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

In fact, many experts now recommend not to pay too much attention to the level of progesterone in the early pregnancy, only as a reference for doctors.Perhaps clinically, when it comes to low progesterone, the doctor recommends injections or medicine to protect the tire. The embryo is developing normally.

At present, after pregnancy, the doctor requires blood testing to detect progesterone. It is mainly through the level of progesterone to help determine whether the embryo is normal embryo or abnormal embryo.As shown in the figure below, if the level of progesterone detected is less than 5ng/ml, it is mostly necessary to consider embryo death or abortion.


1. Some expectant mothers get their own reports and see that they only have a dozen progesterone, and some expectant mothers have 50 or 60 progesterone, and they are particularly worried that their level of progesterone is too low.In fact, there is a hidden information in it that the unit is different.

Therefore, when looking at the progesterone data after examination, be sure to see the unit behind the progesterone value, because there are two types of progesterone units, and different hospitals may have different units: ng/ml and nmol/L.The conversion between them is: ng/ml *3.12 = nmol/l, ng/ml is a large unit!

If you look at it in this way, you understand that only a dozen progesterone should be a large unit. If you change to a small unit and multiplied by 3.12, then your value is not low ~

2. There are still many expectant mothers. After checking progesterone, progesterone is less than 25NG/m, and then the doctor will say that progesterone is too low, and it is required to replenish luteal ketone to keep tires.At the same time, pay attention to rest to avoid tiredness. If brown secretions appear, it is best to rest in bed, but there is no need to be too nervous and give yourself too much pressure. Many of them are fine.

The answer is: not necessarily.As mentioned earlier, some women with low progesterone may be a problem with physical fitness, so it is not that low progesterone must be "sentenced to death".You can go to the blood test after three or five days. If HCG doubles, there is no stomach pain and bleeding, so you don’t have to worry.Pay attention to rest, relax, just let it go.

In addition, the quasi -mothers need to be clear that even if it is normal pregnancy, progesterone is not constant, and it may be high and low.Some expectant mothers have found the second time that the progesterone is lower than the first time, and they will worry that whether the baby is not good and whether there will be abortion.In fact, early pregnancy checking progesterone may have a low level, but as long as the pregnancy activity is good, there is no problem with pregnancy itself, and progesterone does not continue to decline.

Jingma said: After reading the introduction, does it feel like "suddenly and cheerful"? In fact, many expectant mothers in the early pregnancy are too nervous, and the progesterone level is low (not less than 5)High levels are not necessarily "high pillows."Putting your mindset, relax your mood, let it go naturally.

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