Lu Yansen’s admirator is good to find B -ultrasound. The pregnancy affects the figure. Thank you

Lu Yansen’s admirer took the B -ultrasound to come to the door.

"You are a soil bun, it should have been given the throne long ago."

I was scaring my lip, "Lu Yansen would rather marry a soil bun would not want to marry you.

As soon as the admirer, he continued to clamor.

"I’m pregnant, it’s his!"

"Great, I’m afraid of pregnancy affecting her figure, thank you for your willingness to work."

“” 1

This is Lu Yansen’s eighth seventh lovers, just looking for it, I didn’t count it without looking for it.

After passing the person away, I immediately took out the book.

This is also the eighty -seventh admirer I helped Lu Yansen away.

Huh, I have worked so hard.

After remembering, I called Lu Yansen and said with a throat, "Husband, I just sent you a woman who came to the door."

Lu Yansen’s indifferent voice came, "I let the assistant give you money."

"Thank you husband, goodbye to your husband."

I hung up the phone and exhaled again.

Talking with his throat is also very much gas.

But when I thought of Bai Huahua’s silver sources, I kept entering my pocket, and I immediately came to my spirit, and even hoped that there were a few more lovers who landed in.

I forget it, as long as five or six people have come to me a month, then I can make a small goal in two or three years.

In fact, I can earn more and less. After all, there is less accumulation.

Soon the money arrived, 500,000 yuan.


I immediately transferred these 500,000 yuan to my fund manager and let him continue to help me get money.

I asked my best friend Qiao Qiao to go to the beauty club as SPA.

We were lying on the bed, and Qiao Qiao asked me, "Why are you sure those women are not pregnant with your husband’s children. What if they are really pregnant?"

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the delicate absorption of expensive essential oils on my skin. "I really want to find them, I go to my husband, what do I do?"

I used pregnancy as an excuse, I just wanted to persuade me to find faults.

But they don’t know, I am just Lu Yansen’s "agreement wife", which is specifically used to clean up his ‘harem’.

I didn’t care.

"Say too." Joe Ge paused, "Hey, 泱, I asked you, if there is a woman who is pregnant with your husband’s child, what do you plan to do?"

I tightened my lips and didn’t make myself laugh.

How much can I get?

If you think about it, be happy.

I cleared my throat, "Don’t say this again."

How can I do this with peace of mind to do things?

If someone is pregnant, it is a big order …

When I thought it was a very considerable number, my heart flew and floated.

I have to go to the ground!

After SPA and Qiao Qiao, I went to the mall. Qiao Qiao took a Chanel bag and asked me if it looked good or not. I suddenly remembered that Lu Yansen’s lover said that he gave her a limited edition Hermes …

Whether it is true or false, Hermes’ attraction is relatively large.

I took a picture of those bags and sent it to Lu Yansen, accompanied by clip sound, "Husband, which one do you think better?"

Qiao Qiao rolled his eyes, "I can’t stand you, how did your husband stand it?"

"I just want to make him unbearable. If he can’t stand it, he will give me money."

These are all the careful opportunities to get along with Lu Yansen in the past few months.

Sure enough, Lu Yansen returned to me, [if you like it, buy all..

I cleared my throat and made my voice more sweet, "But my husband, I prefer Hermes."

Lu Yansen: [Okay..

Qiao Qiao immediately came to see Lu Yansen’s reply, and looked at me with envy, "How do you say I can’t encounter such a good thing? Your unjust husband …"

In my displeased governance, Qiao Qiao quickly changed his mouth, "Do you have a unjust brother, introduce it to me?"


She wanted to let me introduce her.

“” 2

After shopping with Qiao Qiao, I went home at 8 o’clock.

The housekeeper told me that Lu Yansen had returned, and he was in the study.

The housekeeper asked me again, "Mrs., have you eaten?"

"I have eaten outside." I smiled and went upstairs. Today, I was in a mood of shopping with my girlfriend.

I plan to take a bath and sleep for a beauty.

But who knows that he is changing his clothes, Lu Yansen came in, and I immediately grabbed the clothes.

Later, the corner of the lips was lifted, and a business smile was hung on his face, "Husband, are you okay?"

"Go home to eat with me tomorrow night." Lu Yansen spoke indifferently.

I always feel that this man is not emotional, and it must be because his head is relatively high -end.

I nodded well, "Okay, husband, I will show it tomorrow."

Lu Yansen glanced at me with a meaningful manner, but walked out without talking.

I immediately took out a small book.

Lu Yansen’s family is more difficult to deal with more than his lovers. This is a big list.

Come and live!

I fell asleep until 12 o’clock in the evening.

I got up at more than six o’clock the next day. Based on the attitude towards Lu Yansen, I decided to take a good look at myself, and I must earn him face.

I went to make new nails and hairstyles with Qiao Qiao. In order to keep my body, I didn’t eat breakfast and lunch. I was so hungry in the afternoon, so I barely ate a salad.

Qiao Qiao did not see me on the first day, but still sighing.

"Forget it, don’t introduce me to your husband’s injustice brother." She said a mango mousse in her mouth, "I can’t even enjoy even food."

I swallowed me.

But I am anti -sugar and can’t eat these.

I will write down these.

If it weren’t for Lu Yansen, I would not be so sinful.

As soon as it was 5:30, I received a call from Lu Yansen, and he came to pick me up.

On the way, Lu Yansen said, "Big brother and big sister also go back."

I responded lightly.

If it wasn’t for Lu Yansen to look at me, I would definitely turn a big white eyes.

Lu Yansen hated him. He regarded me as a false enemy and compared with me everywhere. I was afraid that I would have a better life than her. What I was in the circle of friends. After a few days, she would definitely follow.

I am still a scholar, learning my dress, and makeup style, it is really annoying.

What is even more annoying is that she often connotative in front of Lu Yansen’s parents, causing Lu Yansen’s parents not to like me at first.

But now it ’s different. With my outstanding acting skills, my in -laws now take me as a treasure.

My qualifications have not entered the entertainment industry, it is really a major loss in the entertainment industry.

"Is there anything happy?" Lu Yansen asked me suddenly.

When I paused, I looked sideways, and then realized that the corners of my mouth were going to the roots of my ears.

"It’s a happy thing to go home to dinner with you." I tilted my head and made myself look well, how good, how pure and pure.

Lu Yansen nodded and looked ahead.

There is always no expression on his face.

I vomited a sigh of relief, and I almost exposed my nature just now.

It’s dangerous and dangerous.

The car stopped in front of the villa in the old house of Lu’s house. I got out of the car and walked in with a gift. I greeted enthusiastically, "Mom and Dad, we are back!"

The mother -in -law is almost sixty years old, but she is well -maintained, her temperament is elegant and elegant, and she speaks with a smile: "Come coming, I and your sister -in -law are talking about you."


That is definitely not a good thing.

“” 3

The mother -in -law was sitting next to Lu Yansen’s sister -in -law. The suit she wore on her body was very similar to the clothes I wore when we met last time.

Sure enough, it is a scholar.

I was dressed very retro today. The red wave dot jacket was below. Below is a white half -body long skirt. It is estimated that this suit will soon appear on the scholars.

I sat down on the other side of my mother -in -law, greeted others, and then asked my mother -in -law, "Mom, what are you talking about?"

Dasao hid a knife in a smile, "Saying children, my mother wants us to have two children early, so as to open up branches for the Lu family, but your elder brother is too busy every day. I say that there is a child.It’s in front. "


She was really interesting. She gave me such a good opportunity to fight for family property.

Which woman loves to have children now?

Anyway, I do n’t give birth.

I held my mother -in -law’s arm with a smile. "Actually, I’m anxious. Mom, you can rest assured that I will let you hold your grandchildren as soon as possible."

My mother -in -law was coaxed by me, and she couldn’t laugh.

I looked at Dasao again, "By the way, you are uncomfortable some time ago, is it better? You are not like me, I am young and easy to prepare for pregnancy. You have to condition and adjust your body.It’s just time. "

My mother -in -law was reminded by me, and immediately said, "Come, call Dr. He to come, give Yongxi’s pulse, and then prescribe some medicine."

Dasao glanced at me while everyone didn’t pay attention, but soon recovered with a smile.

In order to make my person more well -behaved, I decided to start first. "Mom, give me some medicine. Although I am young, I also want to adjust my body, and the baby will be healthier."

Sure enough, my mother -in -law laughed and was very satisfied with me.

Dr. He soon came, and he took the pulse and prescribed the medicine for me and me. When he said that the medicine was done, he was sent to me.

Send it, and Lu Yansen will not let me drink anyway.

After all, we can’t ask for children at all.

But Dasao is different.

She really had to drink, plus the elder brother was a mother.

Alas, it’s uncomfortable to think about it.

Dasao couldn’t hold it anymore. The resentment glanced at me, but he had to pretend to be generous.

She must be uncomfortable?

I have been sitting well with my mother -in -law, and from time to time, my mother -in -law’s laughter sounded from time to time.

My mother -in -law took my hand and said, "You don’t come, I haven’t laughed so happy for a long time."

"Then I will accompany you every day in the future, I will love to chat with you."

The sweetness of mouth, I recognize the second, no one dares to recognize the first.

My mother -in -law nodded, suddenly thought of something, and laughed again. "That’s not okay. You should accompany Yansen more. Soon, let me and your dad hug your grandchildren.

"Then I want to have a few more more, three!" I patted my belly.

The mother -in -law couldn’t even smile.

Dasao was anxious, but couldn’t get into his mouth.

Huh, fight me?

I am not the real daughter -in -law of the Lu family, so I took my mouth, and I didn’t need to implement it anyway.

At that time, I took the money away, and the pressure was still a big sister.

However, I also worried about Lu Yansen’s wife in the future. What should she do to surpass me with my Zhuyu in the front?

Alas, then I can only be sorry for Lu Yansen’s wife.

“” 4

After dinner, I chatted with my mother -in -law again.

I did n’t go back to the room until I was going to sleep at night.

Because in the old house, Lu Yansen and I must live in a room.

Fortunately, it was not the first time he was lying on a bed with him.

I am also used to it.

Unlike the first time with Lu Yansen, he was lying on a bed when he was overnight. How could he be uncomfortable?

I’m about to sleep.

But Lu Yansen beside him spoke.

"You dare to take everything now, have you ever thought about it, how can you explain to your family in a few months?" How can you explain to your family? "

Lu Yansen’s tone was cold and made me a lot of soberness.

I am a person, when pleased people, I can coax people to fall.

But after thinking about it afterwards, it is really exaggerated.

I turned over and looked at him, I couldn’t speak for a while.

Lu Yansen’s head, "Could it be, do you really plan to get out of a child?"

I faintly feel that I may not get today’s money, because I also left Lu Yansen a problem.

But I am very good at dealing with Lu Yansen.

I snorted with grievances, "You don’t know the character of your sister -in -law. If I don’t say that, she will definitely not let me have a good fruit to eat. I can eat a lot of money in her hands."

Saying that I was about to cry.


Lu Yansen saw me red eyes, and he pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me, "Well, I know."

I bowed my head and wiped the tears that hadn’t fallen at all. "I just want to coax my parents and mother. Didn’t you find that since I got married, did your family’s atmosphere more harmonious?"

Lu Yansen’s eyes condensed me and nodded, "You say that, parents are really happy."


Knowing that I don’t mention the money to give me money, I let me mention it every time, I will be embarrassed!

But who knows that Lu Yansen suddenly got up and got out of bed.

He is a bit unknown, and he will mention the money immediately. What is he still gone?

But soon, he returned again and handed me a black card with a golden card.

Isn’t this a legendary black card?

My mother, my cheeky person was blushed by Lu Yansen.

I took the black card ashamed, "Thank you husband."

Lu Yansen stood beside me without moving. After a while, I couldn’t help but look up at him, but I was stagnant in my heart, but I was puzzled.

"What’s wrong?" Husband? "

Why suddenly look at me with this look?

Lu Yansen’s lips gently evoked a invisible arc. "Nothing, in general, you are performing well today."

After speaking, he lay down and lay down, his eyes looked back and forth.

I suddenly had some guilty conscience.

Thinking of the question just now, I asked weakly, "If my stomach does not move after a few months, how can I explain to my parents?"

Lu Yansen suddenly laughed, "Aren’t you smart?"

"I really have a way."

I swallowed and tentatively said, "Otherwise, you told your parents," Can you? "

Lu Yansen’s face was expressionless, but the unknown emotions rose in his eyes made me unknown.

I said something wrong!

I quickly explained, "It’s not that you really don’t work, it’s … to deal with your parents."

"Could you deal with? For the moment you opened the river, I would like to lose my reputation?" Lu Yansen’s indifferent voice asked.

For so long with Lu Yansen, I trembled in front of him for the first time.

I carefully patted his shoulders gently, "You can rest assured, I will solve it."

Lu Yansen’s eyebrows raised lightly, "How do you solve it?"


I am silent.

I haven’t thought about it yet, but there are still several months, who knows if there are variables in these months.

Maybe he divorced me?

We were built on money. At that time, Lu Yansen was forced to marry by his family. He needed a wife to deal with his family, and I needed money.

This is almost half a year, and the two of us have been working well.

I am also waiting for Lu Yansong to meet true love. After all, he will take the initiative to divorce me after encountering true love, and spend a lot of money to send me out.

So I decided that after half a year, no matter whether Lu Yansen met his true love, I introduced him to him.

I can get out early!

“” 5

Early the next morning, I followed Lu Yansen home.

Unexpectedly, at noon, the people in the old house sent Chinese medicine.

I accepted it with a smile and called my mother -in -law. After coaxing my mother -in -law, I read a book in the study.

I usually have nothing.

I like to read some companies managed books.

Just finish watching a section.

Lu Yansen’s phone call came over and said that he would accompany him to a commercial dinner at night.

I immediately got up and went to sting.

After all, this is also part of my work.

In the huge cloakroom, the gorgeous evening dresses are full, all of which are high.

I picked a big red I like my favorite, and painted myself a delicate makeup. When I was almost seven, I took the car to the hotel.

In the top suit, I turned around in front of Lu Yansen.

Lu Yansen was sitting on the sofa, his slender legs overlapped, and he gently headed his head, "very beautiful."

Then I am not polite.

"Husband, I look at it yesterday …"

"The black card has given you, what do you want to buy for your own decision." Lu Yansen’s voice was so good.

I like Lu Yansen and said: Buy!

"Husband, you are so nice!" I held Lu Yansen’s neck.

Lu Yansen smiled lightly, "That’s because your performance is getting better and better."


Isn’t my performance so good?

At 7:30, we went to the banquet hall downstairs and showed up all the sights on us.

With Lu Yansen’s light, I also became the focus of the audience.

Because I am now Mrs. Lu, everyone is respectful to me. Several ladies Kuo surrounded me, booed and warm, and packed.

When I was fluttering, a mockery sound suddenly sounded, "Chi Yan, you really fly to the branch into a phoenix, do you remember what it feels like being a sparrow?"

I turned slowly along my voice, and my face came into my eyes.

Feng Siyu.

Old classmate, old rival, met again today.

The people around me looked a little different.

In fact, my thoughts were clear, don’t look at them on the surface, they were respectful to me, and it was all on Lu Yanson’s face.

In the back, they looked down on me, but they didn’t say anything like Feng Siyu.

I smiled lightly, calmly raised the champagne in my hand towards Feng Siyu, "I have no seen a long time."

Feng Siyu sneered lightly, and his hands were on his chest.

She disdain, "Gao Ding, alas, marrying a big man is good. Speaking of your qualifications, you are really good. Dress up a little, and Cinderella has become a princess."

She said that she came over and attached to my ears and said softly, "Looking at the time, the bell at twelve o’clock sounded, and Cinderella was about to be beaten back to the original shape."

"Really? Then after twelve o’clock, wait and see." I drank champagne and turned to continue to greet everyone.

In the lively sight of everyone, I stood up silently.

How about, I can’t embarrass Lu Yansen!

"Mr. Lu."

Suddenly, Feng Siyu’s voice became softer.

Others also put away their eyes.

I didn’t respond yet, Lu Yansen’s big palm covered my waist at this time.

Immediately after, the familiar breath lingered at the tip of my nose, Lu Yansen came.

"Husband." I raised my lips and smiled smoothly.

No matter what they think of me, no matter what Feng Siyu said, at least at this moment, I was Lu Yansen’s wife, Mrs. Lu, and my identity was noble than them.

This is the fact and the reality.

"Are you tired?" Lu Yansen asked me in a low voice, and his voice seemed to bring some temperature than usual.

I shook my head with a smile, "Not tired."

"Let’s go, let’s go." Lu Yansen kept holding me. When he passed by Feng Siyu, he didn’t even look at her.

I learned the appearance of landing, and I completely ignored Feng Siyu.

“” 6


Lu Yansen led me and introduced me to many business bosses. Even several big brothers said in the face of landing, saying that they would take me to invest.

This is what I have never thought about. Although I like money very much, I also know what I can ask.

And what cannot be required.

But I was very surprised, and Lu Yansen took the initiative to bring me to his circle.

It seems that he cares about my wife’s wife.

Thinking about it this way, I was so beautiful.

Can’t help laughing.

"Why are you so happy?"

Suddenly, Lu Yansen looked at me and asked, of course, I wouldn’t tell him why I was happy, and he pulled a little lie.

"Of course, my husband protects me like this, Feng Siyu is so angry that he is crooked."

Lu Yansen squeezed lightly, I don’t know if I saw through my mind.

"I have recently launched a series of cooperation with Feng’s." Lu Yansen added that he was still looking at me.

I opened my mouth, "Wouldn’t you offend the Feng family?"

Just now at the banquet, Lu Yansen didn’t look at Feng Siyu at the banquet. Obviously, Feng Siyu wanted to please Lu Yansen, or he admired Lu Yansen.

Lu Yansen didn’t speak, I guess his silence was because he didn’t care.

Feng Jianeng and Lu Yansen collaborated with Gao Xiang. He should not set off with Lu Yansen because of a Feng Siyu.

I’m a little relieved.

"Are you concerned about me?" Lu Yansen hooked slightly at the corner of his mouth, and suddenly closer me.

"Of course, you are my husband!"

I almost didn’t even think about it. I looked at him, and I certainly cared about the people who were about my livelihood!


He seemed to be disappointed at his eyes, and he didn’t continue to chat with me anymore.

I also closed my mouth with interest.


What I didn’t expect was that the next morning, Lu Yansen asked me to give him lunch.

As soon as I entered the company, I saw Feng Siyu.

At the door of Lu Yansen’s office.

"Why are you here?" I asked in surprise.

The expression on Feng Siyu’s face is noble and proud. "It seems you don’t know, I am now Mr. Lu’s administrative secretary."

"Ah, secretary." I nodded.

Do I need to know?

Feng Siyu emphasized, "it is the executive secretary."

"I know, secretary." I also emphasized.

Administrative Secretary is also a secretary.

Feng Siyu glanced at the bento box in my hand and smiled coldly, "Come to give lunch to Mr. Lu?"

"My husband only eats me, and he gives him a cough." I said proudly that I entered Lu Yansen’s office.

In the six months around Lu Yansen, with me as a solution to Lu Yansen’s experience of 87 lovers, Feng Siyu is the eighth eighty -eight.

Also work part -time to deal with his mother and his annoying grandmother. On average, my daily workload is harder than 996.

I put the bento box on Lu Yansen’s table and asked, "Why are she here?"

"Lao Feng arranged, I have to give the old man a little face." Lu Yansen replied lightly.

"Then I want to converge?"

After all, Feng Siyu is different from those admirers before, and her identity is special.

"No." Lu Yansen opened the bento box.

Oh, I will count it.

I accompanied Lu Yansen for lunch. He was just going to send me out. Feng Siyu seemed to be at the door and suddenly appeared. "Mr. Lu, is there any command?"

Lu Yansen did not answer Feng Siyu’s words, but patted my back gently. "Go back first."

I nodded and was about to leave, and Lu Yansen suddenly lowered his head.

I immediately realized that he was about to kiss me. I was stiff, but I was very professional, and I immediately stomped my toes and kissed his lips.

This time, it was changed to Lu Yansen’s body.

This is the first time we have been married for half a year, and the first kiss.

No need to.

But this time, in order to make Feng Siyu die, he had to perform better.

"Husband, then I’ll go first, and worship." I waved his hand reluctantly.

Lu Yansen raised his eyebrows, looked at me silently, and raised his hand to pull the hair of my cheeks behind his ears, "Well, goodbye."

Then he ordered Feng Siyu, "You send your wife into the elevator."

Feng Siyu: "…"

I stepped on high heels and walked in front of Feng Siyu in a enchanting step.

When she pressed the elevator, her face was dark.

"Don’t you want to? Oh, I forgot, you don’t have a face value." I entered the elevator and raised an eyebrow from Feng Siyu. "Do it well, continue to work hard, maybe I am happy to give you a salary."

Feng Siyu had to hold his fist tightly, "Are you proud of relying on men?"

"How proud you rely on your family, how proud I rely on my husband."

The elevator door slowly closed, and in the increasingly narrow gap, Feng Siyu stared at me until the elevator door was completely closed.

I exhaled and kicked the elevator door.

What is amazing?

I have no rich parents, but I am now making money by my own ability, so I do n’t look like Feng Siyu. She is the vase at home.

As soon as I looked up, I saw the monitoring above the elevator, and I immediately stood.

Lu Yansen should not be bored to look at the monitoring.

“” 7

I had nothing to do in the afternoon and asked Qiao Qiao.

By the way, talking about Feng Siyu, and said that Lu Yansen asked me to give him lunch.

Qiao Qiao patted his thigh, "Isn’t this obvious? Your husband has no interest in Feng Siyu at all. I want you to make you out of that annoyance and retreat."

"I know."

People like Feng Siyu are not flattering.

Qiao Qiao started to give me an idea, "You listen to me, you just do it."

She crackled in my ear and said a lot. I thought she was right, so I did it, just do n’t need to move my mind.

So the next day, without Lu Yansen’s call, I took the initiative to send him lunch and dressed very beautifully.

I want the company to know that their wife’s wife is in the country.

Feng Siyu wanted to squeeze me down, and she dreamed of dreams.

Lu Yansen was very satisfied with me, and even proposed, "May you also come to work when you come to the company?"


I, come to work in Lu?

Are Lu so easy to get in?

"Then what position do you arrange for me?" I asked.

"Deputy Director, how?"

I stayed all.

Deputy Director!

I have accumulated virtue and goodness in my life, and abide by my woman’s way. These are what I deserve!

But I was still modest, "But I have no work experience before, I’m afraid I can’t do it well."

"I have read the books that you have been in business administration recently. Moreover, your university is finance, and the results are among the best. You can try it."

Lu Yansen’s low voice contains great power, bringing me infinite encouragement.

Oh, I can!

"Then I will try it, I will do it well!"

So the next day, I went to the company with Lu Yansen. He continued to be his president, and I lost the position of the deputy director of the Ministry of Finance.

Every day at noon, I eat with Lu Yansen and go home together at night …

I know that these Feng Siyu looked in her eyes, and she couldn’t get used to me and couldn’t do it, and I could see it.

Is there any better than this?


On this day, I was about to get off work, but Lu Yansen shouted at me.

He suddenly said to me, "Father Feng’s birthday, you go to me with me."

Feng Siyu’s grandpa?

I frowned, thinking of my relationship with Feng Siyu during this time, I didn’t want to go.

No way.

My identity is Lu Yansen’s wife.

There is no reason to be his female companion.

I took a good time, but this time it was different from the last banquet. After all, it was the birthday banquet of Mr. Feng.

At Feng Lao’s birthday banquet, there were a lot of guests.

I also saw Lu Yansen’s big brother.

But his grandmother is a lack of heart. How to fight me usually, it is all internal fighting, and I and her are the family.

As a result, she and Feng Siyu were very happy. When she said bad things behind her, I couldn’t have a child.

Spread the parents short on the bright side, really not afraid of people jokes.

As soon as I passed, she blocked me, "Oh, how did Chinese medicine drink?"

"What Chinese medicine do you drink?" Feng Siyu glanced at me and asked knowingly.

Her face was gloating, "I’m sick? Just sitting on the position of the deputy director is sick, what can I do?"

Dasao laughed, and reached out and shook Feng Siyu’s hand gently. "No illness, she just couldn’t get pregnant, drink Chinese medicine to condition her body."

Feng Siyu "ah" "ah", "That’s it, then you have to adjust it well. People like us care about the incense continuity most, but you don’t have to worry. You can’t give birth.","

Dasao was still laughing.

It seemed not to say it.

Lu Yansen and I are just a cooperative relationship. Is it her sad?


I sneered and was too lazy to argue with them.

At this moment.

Father Feng appeared, and the old man was already full of white hair.

He looked at me deeply, and I paused slightly, smiled, and then looked away.

“” 8

But soon, Feng Lao found me and said that Feng was going to talk to me alone.

Then how can I reject the face of the elderly.


Feng Lao was sitting opposite me, and the gas field deposited in the years made him look angry.

He handed me a bank card and opened the door to see the mountain.


I blinked and made a sound after a few seconds. "Feng Lao, are you doing this?"

Feng Lao smiled calmly on his face, "I do this, treat the Feng family, to the Lu family, it is good to you, isn’t it?"

"Fifty million, right to me?"

Lu Yansen gave me the black card. What is 50 million?

I’m not stupid, of course I know which one to choose.

Besides, the reason why Lu Yansen took me to attend Feng Lao’s birthday banquet. For me, his purpose was Sima Zhao’s heart, so I could play normally.

"Lao Feng, I really love each other with Yansen. This is not a matter of money."

Feng Lao increased the price, "one billion."

I can’t get angry.

With more than 50 million, the attraction of 100 million is still very great.

Even if Lu Yansen gave me the black card, after the divorce, he would definitely take it back.

But I can’t agree immediately, I want to fight.

"I said, this is not a matter of money …"

"Three million."

Feng Lao squeezed my seven inches.

I really love money!


If I refuse, I really can’t say.

"I … but …"

Well, I try to persuade Lu Yansen to divorce me.

"Then me …"

"Well." Suddenly, Lu Yansen’s voice sounded.

My heart was giggled, just like being caught by a thief, it was extremely guilty.

"It turns out that Feng Lao is here." Lu Yansen walked to me, holding my waist.

I smiled twice, showing a standard smile, "I and Feng Lao …"

"She has promised to divorce you." Feng Lao looked at me again, with a warning in her eyes, "Right?" Miss Chi? "

I opened my mouth, and Lu Yansen’s big palm was stuck around my waist, and one hand could break my waist.

He wants to kill me, right?

I know Lu Yansen was angry.

In contrast, Lu Yansen was reliable. Before divorce, I must not offend my gold master.

"Lao Feng, I haven’t promised you yet? Don’t say it is three billion, even if it is 3 billion … can you afford it?"

If it was really 30 billion, Lu Yansen killed me, and I had to divorce him.

That’s 30 billion!

May I ask, who can refuse?

Lu Yansen’s cold laughed sounded, "What do you mean by Feng, what do you mean? Encouraging my wife to divorce me, there is a lot of disappointment."

Feng Lao narrowed his eyes slightly, "Yansen, I am for you, only my granddaughter Si Yu can it be worthy of you."

"In my heart, only I can match me, and I only love her." Lu Yansen looked at me over his head.

"Me too, I only love you too." I immediately showed loyalty and snuggled him.

Feng Lao frowned, and his cold eyes swept through my face and Lu Yansen’s face.

I was relieved a little, but when I looked up, I saw that Lu Yansen’s face was scared in the moonlight, as if he had a layer of haze.

I breathed a stagnation.

I recognize my teeth, but I can’t say a word at this moment.

"Yansen!" Feng Siyu suddenly ran out.

Interrupted my idea.

But I haven’t waited for me to react.

Lu Yansen kissed without signs, his big palm was buckled around my waist, pressing me tightly towards him, as if to rub me into his body.

Feng Siyu’s voice stagnated.

This is the purpose of Lu Yansen.

OK, this is my job, persuade Feng Siyu!

I took a deep breath, stomped my toes, surrounded Lu Yansen’s neck, and took the initiative to fight back.

“” 9

It turned out that my legs were soft for a long time.

I was unstable, and the whole person was softened by Lu Yansen in his arms, so he did not fall.

I don’t know how long it took, when Lu Yansen let go of me, I found that Feng Siyu didn’t know when he had gone.

She should be relieved to Lu Yansen, right?

If you are all so unwilling, then I can only have a child with Lu Yansen in front of her.

On the way back, Lu Yansen kept silent. I knew that my gold master was angry because I chose 300 million and did not choose him.

He is not a fool, he must know.

Alas, I really look short.

But why don’t I open the pattern a little bit, take this opportunity to talk to Lu Yansen about the price increase?

Every time I send a admirer, I can get a bonus of 500,000, but Feng Siyu is not an ordinary person, and I have to increase the price.

After returning to Lu Yansen’s villa, I followed him upstairs and went to his study.

"Is something wrong?" He asked me coldly.

I closed the door of the study, "I want to talk to you."

Lu Yansen was sitting, watching me, "Talk."

"Feng Lao really gave me 300 million, let me divorce you …"

"Well, you’re moving." Lu Yansen’s eyes were cold again.

I shivered, and I crowded out with a smile.

"Work." Lu Yansen repeated these two words, and his face was green. "Yes, marrying me is just your job, Chi Yan, you are really good."

"Thank you?" I smiled dryly.

Is he boasting me?

Lu Yansen: "…"

He stared at me and sneered, "So, what do you want to talk about?"

"I want to talk about the price increase." I supported it.


Lu Yansen looked at me silently and showed me hair. He said, "How much do you want?"

"I …" I haven’t thought about this.

But I didn’t wait for me to think, Lu Yansen said again, "Why not give you Lu’s shares?"


I was jumping in my heart, but I didn’t dare to express it, but I didn’t think he was angry.

Lu Yansen opened again: "5 %."

I was stunned by the pie falling from the sky, "Aren’t you joking?"

"I’m never kidding."

"Actually I don’t have a heart!" I quickly said, "I said, even if Feng Lao gave me 3 billion, I don’t want it!"

The key is that Feng Lao couldn’t give me 30 billion at all, but Lu Yansen gave me 5 percent of Lu’s shares. Wouldn’t I get capital into capital?

"Well, I said it, I immediately contacted the legal affairs to do it."

Lu Yansen said firmly, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were deep.


It turns out that the pie will really drop the pie!


I told Qiao Qiao with the good news, and Qiao Qiao was happy for me.


"No right." Qiao Qiao frowned tightly, "things must not be as simple as it looks like it looks."

But my mind couldn’t think at all, and I was too happy and excited.

"Why is it wrong?"

Qiao Qiao thought for a while and said, "How do I think, Lu Yansen is a step step -by -step you?"

"Ah?" I stunned.

"First register to get married with you, then the black card, and then let you enter the Lu family, be deputy director, and now give you Lu’s shares, how can you divorce?"


Blind, you found Hua Dian.

"Why can’t you divorce?" I asked in doubt.

"If you divorce, in case Lu Yansen has to go back to those things, black cards, deputy director positions, shares …"

"Don’t say it!" I covered my chest in my heart.

I can’t get a divorce. I don’t let it go.

In this way, the admirer who sent Lu Yansen is not just my job, that is my lifelong career!

“” 10

In order to coax Lu Yansen happy, I decided to cook a rich meal in person.

My cooking skills are very good, because I have been studying in other places since I was a child, and most of my time cooking myself.

I asked for a morning vacation. At 11:30, I took lunch to the company and went straight to Lu Yansen’s office.

Feng Siyu was much more honest today, sitting in the office, keeping her head down.

I glanced at her and turned into the president’s office.

Lu Yansen was busy, and he didn’t even lift his head.

"Husband, I’m here to give you lunch." I put the bento box on his table. "I cook it in person, you will try it."

I opened him and handed it with a wet towel.

Lu Yansen wiped his hands and picked up chopsticks. "I don’t know you will cook."

"You try it, if you like it, I will do it for you every day in the future." I smiled a flattering smile.

Although he had given him lunch before, this time it was different. I made it by myself.

I look forward to his feedback.

Lu Yansen picked up the chopsticks elegantly, took a mouthful of tofu, raised an eyebrow, "Yes, delicious."

"Then I will do it for you every day."

I smiled with satisfaction.

Qiao Qiao is not completely right.

This Lu Yansen is not slowly, used to my existence?

I thought about it.

The ringtone of the mobile phone suddenly sounded, and it was a phone call from her mother -in -law.

I connected the phone in front of Lu Yansen, "Hey, mom!"

But on the phone, there was a voice of my mother -in -law unpleasant, "I don’t care where you are, I will come back now."

I was stunned, and the phone was hung over there.

Lu Yansen found my wrong, "What’s wrong?"

"Mom said to let me go back now." I made a breath and smiled, "Then I go back first."

On the road, I received a call from her mother -in -law again. Then I knew that she was a villa that asked me to return to Lu Yansen, not an old house.

The tone is still very unhappy.

What happened.

And not a good thing.

Back to the villa, I watched the piles of Chinese medicine on the coffee table and the ugly complexion of my mother -in -law, and the blood of my body suddenly solidified.


"You explain it for me." The mother -in -law said sharply.

I closed my eyes annoyed, why did I forget this stubble?

"If you don’t want to have a baby, I don’t force you, but Mrs. Lu, let you let it go." My mother -in -law looked cold, just glanced at me, and fell away.

I sat on the sofa, my body was cold, and I slowed down for a long time.

I seem to have encountered unprecedented problems, and my mother -in -law is more than Feng Lao.

Especially a mother -in -law who wants to hold her grandchildren.

I don’t know how long, Lu Yansen returned.

Lu Yansen watched me sit on the sofa, and he walked towards me with his legs and sat down beside me.

When you speak, it is a clear thunderbolt.

"Mom said that let us divorce and introduce me to the new blind date." His eyes fell on me and seemed to look at me.

"Feel sorry."

I bite my lips, a little uneasy, "I’m not good, I forgot to lose it."

Lu Yansen’s eyes always condensed me, gently opened his lips, "What do you say?"

I said?

Then I would say it.

"Divorce is OK, but in the final analysis, this is not my problem. I can’t really have a child with you? Sooner or later, otherwise it will be exposed after half a year, so … you can take it back in the black card, but the shares cannotTake it away, and there are less than a year now. If you belong to the breach of contract, if you divorce, you have to add money … "

My voice was getting smaller and smaller. Seeing Lu Yansen’s face became darker and darker, I dare not continue to say.

He stared at me for a long time and seemed to be an angry lion.

I have some liver tremor.

Lu Yansen nodded, and the cold voice almost gritted his teeth: "Okay, I will add money to you."

He got up and left.

So, did he agree to divorce?

I got Lu’s shares, and Lu Yansen also agreed to add money to me, but why didn’t I feel happy at all?

Instead, he was panicked and had some difficulties in breathing.

“” 11

Because of this, I was irritable.

Go to Qiao Qiao and tell her, "I and Lu Yansen are about to divorce."

She was shocked, and then looked at me in the gossip, "Why do you suddenly divorce?"

I said the original committee, and Qiao Qiao took a deep breath, thinking that this was a good thing.

"Although you lost a black card, aren’t the shares getting it? You can get a lot of money and get freedom. Isn’t this a good thing?"

"Yeah, this is a good thing." I took a deep breath, but my heart seemed to be blocked.

Qiao Qiao came over and looked at me worriedly, "I said, you don’t look very happy, oh, you don’t want to divorce Lu Yansen, right?"

I looked sideways and looked at her confused.

Qiao Qiao coughed and continued, "Is it possible, do you like him?"

"Otherwise, why are you not happy?"

ah?Like Lu Yansen?

I have never considered this issue.

I was struggling for a long time outside, but I was full of Lu Yansen, and I couldn’t even have interest in shopping.

It was all dark, and I was uneasy to return to Lu Yansen’s villa with this problem.

He was back, and he was going downstairs. The two of us met in the air.

I paused and he came over.

Is he going to mention divorce?

"You … are you promising to go on a blind date?" I asked my courage and asked actively.

For a moment.

I hope he said, he didn’t agree!

I … Will it … Maybe I really like Lu Yansen?

Lu Yansen looked at me for a while and spit out two words: "No."

The corner of my mouth couldn’t help rising.

"I may not be able to add money to you."

Lu Yansen sighed: "Because I do n’t go on a blind date, the position of the president Lu family is gone."

"That’s all right!"

I was in a lot of mood. I reached out and patted his shoulder. "I have money. You gave me so much money before, and I made investment, and you also gave me Lu’s shares.Woolen cloth!"

Lu Yansen’s dark eyes smiled faintly, "So, do you raise me?"

I stunned a little.

Am I raised a big brother?

Can I afford it?

Um!It must be affordable!

Lu Yansen took a step forward and laughed, "Actually, I am very easy to raise, I don’t buy bags, it’s just three meals a day."

"That’s okay." I agreed happily.

But at night, Lu Yansen came to my room holding the pillow.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

Lu Yansen approached me by himself and lifted his lips. "After talking about three meals a day, don’t you agree?"


I promised three meals a day, but this is …

Wait a moment!

One day?

Three meals?

Lu Yansen rushed over and kissed my lips politely.


Afterwards, I suddenly realized one thing, "Lu Yansen, do you like me?"


"You make it clear!" I shook him, a little confused, "Do you like me?"

Lu Yansen slowly opened his eyes, "If you don’t like you, why should you marry you?"

"that is not……"

My Mao Seton opened, boldly guessed, "Oh, you like me at the beginning, so … Lu Yansen, you are a insidious guy! Near the water tower to get the moon first!"

"I know! You kissed me twice before, did you also routine me!"

After hearing the words, Lu Yansen laughed. "The second time was intentional, but the first time was indeed you misunderstood. At that time, I just wanted to sort out my hair for you."


He suddenly pressed up again, "But you are sweet and addicted to me."


“” 12

After that day, my relationship with Lu Yansen made a rapid progress!

half year later.

When I went back to my alma mater to attend the lecture, I was blocked by a freshman primary school and said that I wanted my WeChat.

I was about to refuse, and Lu Yansen’s voice suddenly came behind me, "Wife!"

The elementary school brother opened his mouth in surprise, "Sister, are you married?"

I smiled slightly, "Yes, this is my husband."

I naturally lifted Lu Yansen’s hand.

The elementary brother smiled embarrassed and ran away.

Lu Yansen bowed his head and dissatisfied, "This is the fifty -fourth."

I raised my chin and laughed, "Your performance is not as good as me, I am more than 150."

Obviously he recruits peach blossoms!

Lu Yansen didn’t speak, and he picked up my left hand. "Wedding rings are put on, can they see it? Is it not enough?"

So I returned home at night, and I received a national diamond ring of the size of Mahjong, which was really flashed.

"When did you buy it?"

"Diamonds taken last month."

I watched the pigeons in my hand contemplating and wearing such a big diamond ring, would it be a bit exaggerated?

I tried to wear it and took it down quickly, "I’m still wearing a small one, otherwise your performance is gone?"

Lu Yansen: "…"

He gritted his teeth, "I don’t want to perform."

"But I want."

I patted Lu Yansen’s shoulder, "Looking at the old customers, let’s follow the original price, a 500,000."

Lu Yansen surrounded me with both hands and threatened, "Huh? What?"

Ah … dare not dare.

Besides, I am going to be tossed again!


In the afternoon, I suddenly received a call from my mother -in -law.

She hasn’t contacted me for half a year.

When I picked up, my heart was a little embarrassed.

"Come back to eat at night, let Dr. He give you the pulse by the way." The mother -in -law opened the door to see the mountain.


"I know that you young people don’t want to have children so fast, but you always have to adjust?" She sighed, "Let Yansen come together."

"Oh well."

Where can I still have room for rejection, I can only agree.

So in the evening, Lu Yansen and I returned to the old house.

I haven’t come here for half a year, everything has not changed, and there is a big sister. She still sits next to her mother -in -law, and she still hates it.

"Oh, for a long time, why don’t you pass this time?"

She knew it and asked, and she couldn’t hide her cream.

Lu Yansen and I would not divorce, and I might have to fight with her everywhere in the future.

Fortunately, she didn’t have a long mind and couldn’t fight me.

Dr. He gave me the pulse and spoke excitedly, "Second, the second young grandmother is pregnant!"


I’m stunned.

These days I really feel that my body is drowsy, but I never thought it was pregnancy.

The father -in -law was surprised.

Dasao stared at me with a hatred.

I looked at Lu Yansen.

Lu Yansen cleared his throat silently, "Maybe in the car that day …"

"You shut up!" I drank it.

Lu Yansen laughed lowly.

"What do you laugh?" Mother -in -law stunned Lu Yansen, "You have to take care of it!"

I seem to be the protection of the whole family.

Taking this opportunity, I have to ask my mother -in -law for a condition.

After dinner, my mother -in -law and I went to the study.

"Mom, now I am pregnant with children, can you let Yansen back to the company?"

My mother -in -law asked, and asked puzzled, "What is back to the company? Didn’t he always be in the company?"

After a meal, I asked my mother -in -law, "Then you asked Yansen to go on a blind date …"

"I was angry for a moment. When did I let him go on a blind date? I just gave birth to you. It was time to learn you for half a year. You should learn to be good. It’s really good." My mother -in -law stared at my belly with a smile.

So I was played by Lu Yansen again?

This insidious belly guy!

“” 13

Nine months later, I gave birth to a son.

My father -in -law rewarded me a villa with a large farm.

The lady in the circle was even more respectful to me.

In this regard, Feng Siyu sneered.

I went out to eat with Lu Yansen that day.

I heard Feng Siyu making rumors outside.

"Leaning on the upper position of the uterus, Chi Yan, you are just that."

"She doesn’t need to be in the top." Lu Yansen came over and interrupted her. "It is worth everything in the world. Miss Feng, you are not qualified to say my wife, please apologize to her."

"Mr. Lu, you …"

Feng Siyu’s face was pale, dare to say.

"In addition …" Lu Yansen’s cold voice interrupted Feng Siyu’s words, "Regarding the cooperation between our two, I don’t think it is necessary to continue. I will not cooperate with a family that rumors to rumors around me."

Feng Siyu naturally knew that the thing was big and blushed to apologize to me, "Yes, I’m sorry Miss Chi."

I didn’t care about her, and Lu Yansen left.

On the way back, I told him the grievances between me and Feng Siyu.

"She and I have a high school classmate. Her family has money. She has always been the style of that young lady, but she looks good at me, and she is not good at studying. I have been snatched by me at school. She is not willing to be reconciled.Just joke, I am poor, and my classmates areolate me. At that time, I was thinking, I must have money! "

I laughed at myself and looked at him sideways, "Is it ridiculous?"

Lu Yansen held my hand hard.

"Later, she went abroad in college. I couldn’t see her, but the impact she had on me did not disappear. It was this time. I met you, Yansen, if that person is not you, I may …… "

Having said that, I can’t say it anymore.

Lu Yansen took me into his arms, "But that person is me, not someone else."

He said gently, "Well, you are great, everything you should have, you deserve everything today, you rely on yourself, so you don’t care what others say."

I held his waist, "I don’t care now. The resources she brought to her by her home still rumors everywhere. She is not much more noble than me."

I looked up, "What about you? I haven’t asked you, why do you like me?"

Lu Yansen laughed lowly, and there was a suspicious red cloud above Junyan.

Should he be shy?

I seemed to have discovered the New World, and said, "Hurry up and say, why do you like me?"

Lu Yansen cleared his throat, "Well, do you believe in love at first sight?"

"I love you at first sight."

"I don’t know what to get, and go deep."


Why don’t you believe it?

My heartbeat was messy again.


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