Make lamb in mind the trick of "3 put 3, 3 not to put", meat soup is fresh, can eat a large bowl

Every winter, the Guo Guo family slaughters two sheep festivals.

It is not too much to raise sheep and work hard for a whole year.But some people can’t stand the smell of mutton. As long as they see or smell the lamb, they immediately keep it "far away."My cousin’s child belongs to this type of "allergies" to lamb.

In fact, as far as my understanding of mutton products, most of those who "reject" mutton in their lives are mostly stimulated by the lambs when they eat mutton for the first time, so that they leave the mutton fears.disease.

In recent years, lamb has become one of the indispensable foods in the national diet structure. Its high calories, high protein content, rich nutrition, and delicious taste are loved by different types of consumers.

Lamb flavor is a special flavor that lamb has. It is caused by one or more volatile fatty acids.The main factors that affect the size of the lamb’s flavor are determined by the variety, age, gender, region, seasons, seasons, inheritance and or not. Under normal circumstances, the flavor of the goat is greater than cotton lamb, and the flavor of lamb is greater than the lamb.Meat, quine and lamb.

In order to reduce the smell of lamb and make the meat soup with fresh mutton food, keep in mind the trick of "3 put 3, 3 not to put".

1. Put ginger

Ginger has the effect of "removing fishy freshness".When making explosive fried lamb and boiled lamb, you can add an appropriate amount of ginger powder and ginger slices to suppress part of the flavor in the mutton, and the other hand can also increase the umami flavor of mutton and lamb soup.

2. Put peppercorns

Pepper has a special fragrant smell, which can remove the fishy smell in lamb, and at the same time help digestion and enhance appetite.Whether it is fried lamb, cooking mutton, or grilled mutton skewers, peppercorns are essential seasoning.

Third, put white radish slices

White radish has the effects of strengthening the stomach, diuretic, diuretic, and quenching thirst. When cooking mutton, cut a few pieces of white radish and put it in the pot, which can reduce the smell of lambs, drive the cold and nourish the kidneys, but also help digestion and increase.The delicious taste of sheep soup.

Recommend local mutton method: In the area of the Hexi Corridor in the northwest, when making "big cooking mutton", first cut the mutton into the pot to remove the blood, cold water under the pot, and skim the floating foam after the pot is opened; then put the ginger slices and the ginger slices andPepper of peppercorns (can also put some white radish slices), cook for 30 minutes on high heat, then turn to low heat and simmer. Finally, sprinkle the salt in the pot after the lamb is cooked, squeeze the lamb soup into the bowl, sprinkle it directly into the cutGood onion flowers, while eating lamb, drinking sheep soup, fresh meat soup, it is not enough to be full of a large bowl.

In some areas of northwestern regions, another simple method of "big cooking mutton" is also circulated: washed the cold water pots of lamb, and the pan was opened and the foam was opened.Just enter a salt.

1. Do not let the octopus

"Pork avoids peppercorns, lamb avoids big ingredients." The big ingredients are actually octagonal, also known as anise.Stewed mutton soup is to investigate the original flavor of the juice. Putting in the octagonal will destroy the original umami flavor of the soup.Furthermore, octagonal temperature, putting it with warm lamb to cook, highlighting the side effects of oiling on the fire.

Second, do not put Gui Pi

Cinnamon, also known as cinnamon, belongs to aromatic spices and is generally used to remove the auxiliary materials in the heavy ingredients.Gui Pi has a sweet and spicy taste, and the flavor of the lamb soup is incompatible. Instead, adding it will cover the original taste.Once I was doing experiments, I added Gui Pi when I cooked lamb. Not only did I change the taste of the lamb, but the lamb soup was weird.

Third, do not put cooking wine

Cooking wine is a commonly used seasoning in cooking food. Its actual effect is "relieve greasy and fishy fishy, add fragrance to taste."Cooking wine can remove the fishy smell in seafood, but it does not play a little effect on the smell of sheep, but it will cause an indescribable strange sour taste.Therefore, after a long -term experience summary of the chef and diners, lamb can not put cooking wine.

Small knowledge: Some friends said that do not put onion and garlic when doing lamb, and do not agree with this.

Onion and garlic can reduce the flavor of the lamb. Whether it is cooking mutton or fried lamb, it can add an appropriate amount of green onion and garlic to reduce the smell of lamb.There is a famous dish called "Onion Blast Lamb", which is specially cooked with green onions and mutton.

The above is the "3 put and 3 not to put it" when doing lamb. If you want to eat the rich and delicious lamb of the soup, you must master this tips.It should be emphasized that the temperature and environment of the north and south are different from the variety of sheep, which leads to the different practices of mutton. Which seasonings can be put and which seasonings cannot be placed. They need to be adjusted flexibly.””

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