Makeup, spray perfume, hot / dyeing hair … Can the mothers do this after pregnancy?

There are people who love beauty. Makeup and makeup are normal for women.But once pregnancy is upgraded to expectant mothers, many people become cautious, especially the horror rumors that "cosmetics will affect fetal development" around them, especially around them.

After pregnancy, can you make makeup, can you hot your hair, can you apply nail polish … Today, Xiaobian uniformly compiled a common problem about the beautiful during pregnancy. Next time, someone will question again and go back.


When choosing cosmetics, it is recommended to purchase regular brand cosmetics through regular channels. At the same time, avoid heavy metal ingredients such as lead and cadmium (such as whitening function). As for the unknown brand recommended on the Internet, expectant mothers should not try easily.And now many brands have cosmetics dedicated to pregnant women. The ingredients are safe and can be used with confidence.

However, you still need to remind expectant mothers that after makeup, on the one hand, try to shorten makeup time as much as possible, and on the other hand, the makeup remover must be serious and thorough.

In addition, compared to cosmetics such as foundation and eyebrow pencils, expectant mothers should be more cautious when using lipstick.Because the fat contained in lipstick can easily adsorb heavy metal particles and a variety of germs in the air, coupled with lipstick itself may also contain harmful chemical ingredients such as flavors, which will enter the body with saliva, affecting fetal development.If you really need it, it is best to choose a lipstick with weak color power and wipe it off in time before eating.

PS: During the checkup of expectant mothers, do not apply lipstick to avoid affecting the clinical judgment of the doctor.

Yes, and be sure to apply it.

In addition to making people darkened, the ultraviolet rays in the sun also easily lead to skin problems such as aging and stains, so you must do sunscreen, and expectant mothers are no exception.

As for how to sunscreen, the first choice of "hard sunscreen", that is, try to choose long clothes and trousers, wear a shading hat to avoid naked skin.Followed by "physical sunscreen", the exposed skin can use physical sunscreen with the main components of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.Generally, pregnant women are used to use sunscreen and the principle of sunscreen are "physical sunscreen", which will be more at ease.

In addition, when there is light irradiation outdoors for a long time, it is best to apply it every 2-3 hours to maintain the sunscreen effect and effectively reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.


During pregnancy, it is usually more suitable for expectant mothers and safer, but do not need to pursue too much. If the components of ordinary skin care products do not have taboos during pregnancy, it can also be used to do skin care during pregnancy.

In addition, there are three key points during pregnancy:

1. Skin care should be timely.After washing your face, the skin water is easy to evaporate. If you do not apply skin care products in time, it will become more dry.

2. Skin care during pregnancy is hydrating and moisturizing.Under normal circumstances, the only skin care products with moisturizing effects are relatively safe. There is no need to excessively pursue the "special for pregnant women."However, it should be noted that the ingredients should be avoided in the ingredients and the alien A acid (the following names are all in this country: vitamin A, vitamin A, vitamin methic acid, retin-a, visual yellow glycol, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty, beautyVitamins and so on).

3. Avoid using whitening and freckle products during pregnancy.In order to achieve whitening and freckle effects, such skin care products generally contain heavy metal ingredients such as lead and mercury, which will cause harm to fetal health.

Not taboo, but it is recommended to use it with caution.

As soon as you hear perfume, many people think of musk.In fact, most of the musk used in perfumes is artificially synthesized. Occasionally spraying will not have much impact once at a time, nor will it be miscarriage like a costume drama.

However, perfume, as an industrial product, contains fragrance, alcohol, pigment, sterilizer and other ingredients. After pregnancy, the level of maternal hormones is constantly changing, and the organs of the body are more sensitive.Allergies and other issues cause physical discomfort.Therefore, you can spray it without spraying. There are occasional spraying around you, and you do n’t need to sit up with restlessness. Try to stay away from it.

Not recommended.

Most of the nail polish contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde and titanate. Although the human body absorbs very little through nails, volatile substances such as "banana water" contained in it.Damage is even serious on liver and kidney.

Specific mothers often apply nail polish, which is not only unfavorable to her own health, but also causes abortion or affects the health of the fetus.

Use cautiously.

Regarding essential oils, everyone said differently.In addition, the good and bad of essential oil products is difficult to make clear judgments.So be careful, it is recommended that the expectant mothers choose carefully. If you really don’t worry, don’t use it.If you want to apply your belly to relieve the skin’s tightness, you can choose a single olive oil with a single ingredient.

It is not recommended, be careful in special periods.

Everyone knows that chemicals such as perm, hair dyes, and chemicals such as perm, and chemical ingredients such as phenylene, amino phenol, and heavy metal ingredients such as lead and mercury are contained.

Although there is no test of these substances absorbed through expectant mothers, which affects the possibility and degree of the health of the fetus, for the mothers, the safety of pregnancy is the first place. After all, if you want to be beautiful, you can also be beautiful.There are many other ways.

In addition, after women’s pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body is constantly changing, and the skin becomes extremely sensitive. It is easy to have allergic reactions after contacting perm and hair dye.In addition, it takes at least 3 hours for hot dyeing hair. It is easy to keep a sitting position for a long time.

PS: If you just need it, expectant mothers can buy a curly hair stick and change their hairstyles at home at home.

No, no medical surgery can be performed during pregnancy.

Eyebrows are a cosmetic surgery that penetrate some plants or metal pigments into the dermis layer by piercing the skin to achieve the color and shape of the eyebrows and shapes.

Bleeding will cause bleeding during the eyebrows, so that the paint will enter the body through the blood, which is likely to be unfavorable to the fetus.In addition, there will be pain when eyebrows, and expectant mothers who are more sensitive to pain are likely to have contractions, causing abortion and premature birth.

There are so many issues that need to be paid attention to during pregnancy. I hope that every expectant mother can safely and happily spend this special period during pregnancy.

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