Many people ask my face to be allergic to better. I am very very grateful to my family …

Many relatives and friends asked me if my face was allergic to improve. I was very grateful to their concern, but I want to tell everyone that my face needs to be treated for a long time because it has been hurt too much.You can see that my face and the skin of my hands are very different, because my face has suffered a lot of damage, just like a person gets serious illness and needs to recover slowly.

In the past, I didn’t even dare to go out, but now I have persisted for more than a month without makeup because I must face reality.My face is difficult to recover, because I used to grow a lot of spots, and I was born with my daughter during pregnancy.In order to remove freckles, I used dozens of yuan of freckle creams. It was used sooner or later. The effect was very good, but it will rebound after stopping, which causes me to be allergic to several times and aggravate my condition.

Just like the advertisements seen on Douyin, some products are very effective, but only suitable talents are suitable for use, and people who are not suitable may have adverse consequences.I used to use this kind of product, but it made my face a lot of spots.If you have spots on your face, you can use hydrating mask and hydrating emulsion, which is very helpful for the skin.

My face once used too much freckle cream and whitening light spot products, which caused it to be hurt greatly, so it is difficult to recover now.I used to be fooled, I had suffered a loss, and I didn’t want my family to be deceived like me.

If you have spots on your face, don’t stay up late, keep enough sleep, drink plenty of water, use cream and sunscreen, do not use whitening light spots and freckle cream.I used to pay a lot of costs for my face, but I don’t regret it because I hope it can restore health.I used to save frugality in order to buy skin care products, but in the end it was still effective.I hope my experience can bring some inspiration.

If you have spots on your face like me, don’t trust online advertisements, maintain healthy living habits, and use skin care products that are suitable for you.I used to be fooled, I hope everyone will not repeat the same mistakes.

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