#Marriage and family emotion

On the night when I was pregnant, my husband did not return to her all night with her Bai Yueguang.So I packed my luggage, signed the divorce agreement, turned around and walked away. Anyway, I can go to the hukou anyway.Is it not fragrant after the single life of supporting the property?Just last night my check report came out. Five weeks of pregnancy, I sent a message to inform my husband for the first time. As a result, she did not reply to the news or go home all night.

I brushed the photos sent by others in the circle of friends the next day.My husband and another woman were sitting in the center, and the corner of her mouth was tender.I also know that woman, it is my husband’s first love, and her Bai Yueguang Xiexi.

I chased the year of Yugos four years, and in the year when she pursued her dream to Paris, France, I successfully married her.When I got married for three years, she returned from the night of pregnancy, and the heart of Yugosanian ran to her. It was really ironic that even if it was a stone for so many years, it should be hot.I brushed the distress of the circle of friends, as if I was torn into countless pieces of slag, and I was disdainful by stepping on the ground with feet.

I took a deep breath and looked at the big photo, closed my eyes and made up my mind.I no longer bombarded the news of the Niannian Nian, but quietly ordered this friend to praise the friend, saying that I had read it.Then asked the lawyer to print the divorce agreement, and waited for the lawyer to come and wait for the luggage.

Nagas still didn’t come back. I signed the agreement and put it on the table, carrying my suitcase away.I am pregnant, I probably can’t wear the clothes in the room, and I simply don’t take it away.Now I can go to the hukou without getting married and having a baby. I touched the baby who had not been formed in my stomach, thinking about where to buy a house to support the baby.

When Yugos was rich when she was rich in me, she did not sign a before -marriage agreement to divorce. According to regulations, I could get half of the post -marriage property.After three years of marriage, his value has soared to 5 billion, and I can lie down with my children one tenth of my marriage.Divorce, I plan to settle down, and then tell my parents.So I found a five -star hotel to kill him. Anyway, after the divorce, I was a little rich woman. I was not bad money. I dragged the small suitcase and walked to the largest five -star hotel in Beijing for check -in.Essence

At this time, Nunsian finally called me. It should be that I went home to see my divorce agreement. What are you making trouble?However, the first sentence of the phone was connected, and his impatient voice was mixed with a hint of fatigue. I didn’t sleep all night without time to accompany you.If I was yesterday, I would definitely not ask him about any reason to stay up late, and the distressing anger immediately disappeared, and ran back to him to take care of him.

But when I saw the circle of friends, I was unwilling to be his licking wife’s wife. I have signed the divorce agreement and put it on the table. You just sign it and send it to the lawyer to deal with it.My voice was extremely calm. He wouldn’t care about him if he didn’t take me one, but he didn’t want to believe it. I would really divorce him.

He completely ignored me and only said: I asked Hao Nian to pick you up, and I would still leave him with a big ghost, and I hung up his words without a word.For the first time in this life, I hung up the phone first, but my heart couldn’t stop the pain. It was so painful that I was lying in the five -star hotel. The king size bed of 5,000 yuan per night could not be alleviated. The tears kept falling from the corner of my eyes.Wet the pillow.I raised my eyes to look at the luxurious ceiling, and silently warned myself in my heart that it was the last time I shed tears for the Nian Nian.

I do n’t know if it was because of many years after pregnancy. After crying, I slept for a whole day at the hotel. It was not until 5 pm that I was hungry. I woke up to see more than a dozen calls. Is it the year of Yus?I opened my phone and found that it was Nan Haonian, Nanti Nian’s brother.I laughed at myself, and I really overestimated my status in Nanyi Nian.He once made a dozen phone calls for me. The ringtone of the mobile phone rang again, and the phone number, Ye Nianli, who came from Nan Haonian, where did you die?

Lao Tzu didn’t find you one afternoon.As soon as the phone was connected to Nan Haonian on the side of the phone, he rebuked at me.

But I just watched the 13 -phone call and played within ten minutes. Where did he find me afternoon?It is estimated that it was the morning of the Nantian year that he asked him to think of it in the afternoon. He hurriedly gave me a crazy phone bombing. He didn’t have a respect for me.

The circle of friends I have brushed this morning was issued by Nan Hao Nian. I don’t need to find me. I have signed the divorce agreement. You remember to inform your brother to sign the good words.

When I was with Nam Si Nian, I didn’t spend a lot of time to please everyone around him.I have always been a tenth and brother, and I have never had any quarrels with him with warmth. From time to time, I would pick him up in front of the Nan family to praise him.But he didn’t know why he was always hostile to me, and never showed me a good look.You said that divorce has been said for 800 years. If you can really leave my brother, I will give you a dog.

Nan Haonian laughed and thought that I was joking than Nan Si Nian. I silently turned the big eyes on the phone.The voice is indifferent to say that your Nan Haonian dogs are suspected of changing things, don’t be embarrassed to the dog.I also hung up his phone, and by the way, the contact information of the Nan family was pulled into the blacklist.

However, my ridicule of Nan Haonian made him jumped in anxiety. In our common WeChat group, I said that I was about to divorce Nantiannian’s divorce. Ye Nianli had a divorce with my brother again.I said that he was absolutely inseparable from my brother and drove me as a dog. As a result, people scolded my dogs and thought that I was gambled in Zhuang. He rolled back to my house without three days.Because of his news, the WeChat group became hot, and everyone was sponsored.

When did I go back to Nanti Nian, I bet on the Namsi Nian, and I gambled for a week and a half for a week. One month’s bet is a luxury car, worthy of the city’s red wine or several digits of cash.I silently looked at the news of the group.Some people even asked me to give me a good bet.Most of the people in the group know it, but they are only known because of Nantiannian. They are undoubtedly not the king’s rich and rich children in the Beijing.This group of sister -in -law didn’t know what he was respectful, but he might not respect me. Ye Nianli was one.

I am not a native of Beijing, but I have been admitted to the university in Beijing. I like the Nian Nian Nian and marry him before staying in Beijing.The first fault made Nanjia the richest man in Beijing.But as his wife, I couldn’t merge around the upper circle around the Nan family, and I have always been an outsider.

This time finally became the people in the game, but it was a joke for them to play. I was serious about leaving the year of the Nangers. I did not send messages in the group to argue. Instead, I retired directly.The human WeChat is deleted one by one, and it is as if it is cleaned up like cleaning the garbage.After doing all this, my WeChat friend only made my friends and sporadic Beijing cities that had been made before college.

It turned out that I had been so deserted for 7 years. I had nothing except to get a graduation certificate. I married the Niannian Nian as soon as I graduated.The Nan family does not like her daughter -in -law to show her face outside. As for me to teach my husband at home, I have never worked. I also feel that it is a happy thing to make me be a rice bug in Nanti.I found out that I didn’t have my own circle.

However, these things do not affect my appetite. I ordered the rice in the hotel. The small belly of her dinner dinner was up, so I walked to the nearby park to take a walk.Rubbing his belly and holding his waist, he didn’t want to meet Xie Xi and Yugosnian so coincidentally. The two walked side by side on the trail of the park.

When Xie Xi talked to Nantian on his face, he found me in surprise and greeted me enthusiastically.As he said, his eyes swept me up and down, and seemed to look at me. He said with a half -loud smile and said to me: You are so cute that you have a little meat on your face.If I had been said before, he would definitely be embarrassed.Compared with Xie Xi, who is bumpy in ballet, I am like a cylinder. Although I do n’t say that it is fat, there are small flesh everywhere.But now I don’t care, I don’t eat more children starved to death in my stomach.Seeing that I didn’t look back, Xie Xi laughed lightly, but just raised my fingers and said that I kept touching my stomach and holding my waist.I am really pregnant, but only one month of pregnancy is not pregnant, but I haven’t talked about Nanti Niannian frowned.His words made me a little accidental. Didn’t I send a message and tell him that I was pregnant?His face looked like he didn’t know that he didn’t know what happened at all.But fortunately, if you are going to divorce, the child is regarded as me alone.

I nodded and repeated the words of Nanti, and then waved their hands at them: trouble, let me let me take a walk.The trail in this park is not narrow, but the two of them directly blocked me in front of me.They want to talk about love here, do you have to pull me to make a penalty here, do you want to take a walk by yourself?Xie Xi covered his mouth in surprise: I ca n’t move in an inch, my husband is with him, what else can I do if I do n’t get it alone, or we will accompany you.

Immediately, Xie Xi told me such a sentence, and he included Nanti Nian Nian to tell him and him as us.But it is clear that Nanti and I are a couple with a marriage relationship. It is really a top green tea. I do n’t need to like your electric bulb.The two of you are walking slowly and taking two more steps in front of the Vienna International Hotel. It is particularly convenient. You were secretly showed by Xie Ximing’s unusual and Nanti Nian.

I have always been aggrieved. I am not stupid. I know if I refute my doubts, it is the vinegar jar pushed the Nandan year farther, but now I do n’t want this man anymore, Xie Xi ’s words ca n’t afford the waves of my heart.I express my thoughts straightforwardly, and I am well invented the next direction for them.

However, even if Nanti was still dissatisfied with me, he calmed his face and said coldly: Ye Nianli I came home to pick you up.He met on the road with Axi, but he cared for you but you didn’t do it too much.Every word in Nantiannian stepped on my thunder point, which made me unable to sneer and refute.He called me all names Xie Xi, but everyone could hear it.

He was more intimate with Xie Xi. He cared for me just to pretend to see him in Nanyi, and he believed it.Xie Xi and I have only seen a few times or rivals. Why did he care about me and how can he really care about me?Ye Nianlin’s indifferent eyes were stained with a furious look. Obviously, I suddenly became well -behaved.Essence

The same is true now, my muscles are beginning to be proficient, and this damn muscle memory.I said that I have signed a divorce agreement, and I will take a litigation divorce without signing within a week.I impatiently reiterated the divorce, and said that I also took out my mobile phone and opened the camera, and I took several photos to the two of them.Xie Xi’s look was a little panicked.Quickly ask what Xiaonian is doing?The divorce of litigation is more troublesome, and evidence of emotional rupture to the judge must be provided.You relying on him a little closer, I held my phone and explained, and instructed Xie Xi’s movement, he was shocked by my words.

While looking at the Nunnian and looked at me embarrassed, but he captured his side posture in the camera, leaned forward to Nangs, and the distance between the two was indeed closer.Xie Xi really gave it, and I quickly grabbed a few more, and it was not to be continued. Click the story in the lower left corner to see all.

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