Maternal and children’s healthy pregnant women are not so terrible

Care should be taken care of for newborn umbilical cord

Question: After I heard that after the neonatal umbilical cord is cut, if the care is improper, it will become an important way to invade pathogenic bacteria, which can induce diseases such as neonatal tetanus and newborn sepsis.How should I care about the umbilical cord without dropping?

Answer: The neonatal umbilical cord will fall off from 1 to 7 days after birth.Before the umbilical cord falls off, ensure that the umbilicus is cleaned and dry, and the diaper cannot be covered with the umbilicus, so as not to pollute the cord wound.Check whether the umbilicus has redness, bleeding, and odor.The umbilical cord falls off can cause capillaries damage. The amount of bleeding is not large. It does not require special treatment. It only needs to be disinfected with iodine.When you take a bath every day, you can use a small towel to cover your belly button to avoid wetting as much as possible.After being soaked by water, wipe it with a dry cotton ball and disinfect it with iodine or alcohol.Try to choose as much as possible after bathing every day, dip the appropriate amount of alcohol with a cotton swab, ligate the umbilical cord with one hand, and carefully separate the adhesive part of the umbilical nest and the root of the umbilical cord with the other hand, and change the new alcohol cotton swab from the umbilical nest from the umbilical nest.Wipe out of the clockwise out of the time, and then apply the ligament to alcohol after wiping.

Text/Wu Mei, Hunan Children’s Hospital

Pregnant women are not so terrible

Question: I have been pregnant for 28 weeks. I came to the hospital to see the emergency department due to fever, cough, and sputum. The doctor diagnosed as pneumonia. It is recommended to clarify the lung lesions according to the chest.Excuse me, can pregnant women make chest slices?

Answer: The current consensus of international mainstream academic institutions on pregnancy imaging tests believes that the maximum cumulative absorption safety dose of the X -ray that the fetus can accept should not exceed 5 Rad (RAD, X -ray radiation metering unit).Taking the X -ray flat tablet as an example, the pregnant woman must make more than 70,000 chest slices, and the radiation absorption of the fetus will reach 5rad. Only the chest slices are taken once, and the average absorption of the fetus is only about 0.00007rad.Therefore, the impact of chest slices on the fetus is not as terrible as everyone said.In addition, the impact of radiation on the fetus may also be different due to the different radiation sites. The more closer to the fetal area, the greater the dose of the fetus.Therefore, it is possible to avoid a ray examination of the mother body near the fetus, and a single shielding of a lead as a lead in other parts is acceptable.

Text/Qiu Shuangfa, Xiangya Second Hospital of Zhongnan University

Figure/Derived from the Internet

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