May Day Edible Seafood Notice: Wash and cook at home to cook, go out for dining and choose a clear price price. Merchants

Around the May Day holiday, it was also a good time to taste seafood and aquatic products. Bricks, clams, oysters, conch, skin shrimp and other fresh and fat.Come on a seafood meal on vacation, taste a few glasses of wine, beautiful!

Regardless of whether the home festival or going out to eat, while taste delicious seafood and aquatic products, remember not to overeating.If you cook at home, wash and cook.When you go out for meals, choose restaurants with cleanliness and licenses, and ask for invoices or receipts.

Before May 1st, Beijing supermarkets were rich in seafood and aquatic products.Beijing News reporter Qin Shengnan Photo

Buying: There is a trick to recognize fresh ingredients

Seafood selection is particular about the selection of seafood and aquatic products. When purchasing, choose fresh ingredients as much as possible. For example, when choosing shellfish, the shell is generally closed. When touching the shell with your hands, it will actively close it, indicating that the freshness is high.When choosing a crab, you can judge freshness through the four parts of the eyes, mouth, claws, and legs. For example, when you touch your eyes with your hands, the eye handle will flash flexibly; put the bundled crabs in water, and your mouth will spit bubble bubbles.wait.

When buying crayfish, you can comprehensively judge through "smelling smell", "look at appearance" and "vitality". For example, fresh crayfish does not have odor and other odors without corruption. The appearance is bright and full, and the tail is curved.If the outside objects are close to the front, crayfish will open their teeth and dance, indicating that they are strong.

In addition, it is necessary to remind that when buying seafood with hard shell and claws, try not to grab seafood directly with your hands to avoid being stabbed with fingers. You can use stalls or supermarket clips and other tools.

Cooking: Cooking and cooking, not eating raw pickled seafood

Many people like to eat raw pickled seafood. After cleaning the live seafood, use soy sauce as the bottom, and add flavoring products such as green onions, ginger, garlic, pepper and other seasonings and eat them directly.Although some people think that raw pickled seafood feels fresh, some people have diarrhea and fever after eating raw pickled seafood, because raw pickled seafood may have parasites, bacteria, etc. If it is not handled, it is easy to cause health risks.

Many people think that raw and pickled seafood can play a certain sterilization role with high concentration of white wine or vinegar.However, experts said that 75%of alcohol has a better sterilization and disinfection effect. Generally, liquor is only 50 or 60 degrees. Therefore, wine and vinegar can only be seasoned and have limited sterilization and disinfection function.Children, pregnant women, and middle -aged and elderly people have low immunity people, and it is not recommended to eat raw pickled seafood.

Generally speaking, cooking shrimp, crabs, fish, and shellfish should be based on the principles of cooked through.The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, once issued a statement that there is a kind of food -based pathogenic bacteria in sea -water, fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish and other seafood.Later, the latent period of the infection is generally 10 to 24 hours. After the infection, nausea and vomiting symptoms occur. Then there will be paroxysmal colic and water samples around the navel. Severe patients will dewater, reduce blood pressure, and even shock.

Therefore, seafood cooking should be cooked. It is best not to be placed in normal temperature environment for not more than two hours. It should be put in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

Out of dinner: Select the clear price price of regular merchants

Taste the local seafood during the May Day holiday, which has become the choice of many people.The Sanya City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Hainan Province previously reminded that we must choose a regular seafood shop to dine. Do not choose a restaurant with unlicensed and unlicensed and poor sanitary conditions.Essence

You must first understand the price and charging standards, and select the standard for the consumption of the specified merchants with a clear price bid.After ordering, check the name, measurement unit, quantity, unit price, total price and other information on the menu, and then sign to confirm, and ask the merchant to obtain an invoice or receipt certificate to prepare for the later consumption power.

In addition, wild puffer fish that do not buy and do not eat hidden health hazards. When buying octopus, you must be alert to the toxic blue ring octopus.Public information shows that the blue ring octopus is one of the few poisonous octopus, and the blue ring on it is a kind of alert.Zheng Xiaodong, a professor at the School of Aquatic University of Ocean University of China, said in an interview with the media that the blue ring octopus and the ordinary octopus survival areas may be re -arrested by fishermen, but their patterns are easy to identify, and fishermen or businesses should pick them out.The number of blue ring octopus is small, and it is usually not easy to capture.

When buying snails or tasting snails, avoid confusion with Fushou snails and field snails.Generally, the Fushou snail head will be larger than the field snail, and the tail is flatter.Studies have shown that there are about 3,000 to 6,000 parasites in Fushou snails. If you eat it by mistake, the parasites enter the human body, which will endanger your health and may even be fatal.

Beijing News reporter Qin Shengnan

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