Memories are the pain that can’t be said. Each corner is full of intestines, and every intersection is attentive.

That day was also like a strong wind like today. I wore a cotton wedding dress to dance in the wind. My mother said that in the future, you will definitely love it (the older generation said that when you get married, you will have a strong wind.Busy), I disdain, who would think so much at a young age?

After the wedding, we did not go to marriage and travel. My colleagues followed the money at the wedding banquet, and my in -laws had left it. I didn’t say a word. After all, people who had no money from small clothing and food had nothing to do.I marry love, which is worthy of anything.

There is no contraception after marriage. After all, if you want to give a child your beloved life, it is the dream of every woman, and I am no exception!

But I didn’t get pregnant for the first year, and I went to the hospital secretly, but everything was normal. I think the fate has not arrived.

It didn’t take long for my sister and I was pregnant at the same time. At that time, I was particularly happy and felt that it was a companion, but I didn’t have been happy for a long time. At 48 days of pregnancy, I went to the toilet in the morning.I was frightened and went to the hospital quickly. The doctor said that it was a small property. I was so sad at the time.

I thought it would not be too big. Maybe it was a coincidence that I became pregnant again after half a year.At more than 40 days, I missed again. This time I collapsed. I remember crying all the time, and I started to be afraid.After that, I kept reading and studying, like a demon, and inquired with others, whether there was a remedy for tires, as long as I could find it, I walked all.I didn’t hesitate.

At that time, I heard that the fallopian tubes would be like this. I carried my family and secretly dredged the fallopian tube. Everyone who had done it knew that the pain was comparable to Ling Chi, and I couldn’t have any anesthesia. I insisted on passing every month.The kind of pain is heartbroken, and the memories hurt.

When I was pregnant with the third baby, I was afraid that in case I took Chinese medicine for a few months in advance, the doctor said that there was no problem.Two months later, I was pregnant as expected. This time I chose to bed, but my fate still felt that my sincerity was not enough. At about 48 days, it was still small.

After the operation, I took a break for half a month, and it was not a way to wash my face at home every day. I still go to work. After washing my face, I suddenly passed out.It is said that one is in the uterus and the other is an ectopic pregnancy on the fallopian tube!

I was crying without tears. The local hospital couldn’t do it. The elder sister went to the city hospital for an hour. At that time, the doctor who had a surgery for me laughed at me. Do you know?There is already a fetal heart on the fallopian tube. You are really amazing. As soon as you break it, you will be dead.The doctor said that the fallopian tube with a lesion is to cut off, because the probability of the next pregnancy of the pregnant palace will be very high, and it can be used on the side.I suddenly cried, I didn’t want to surgery, I had to treat conservatively. I don’t want to cut off the fallopian tubes. The doctor began to reprimand me. He said that you are unwilling, and you will be dead.

My sister’s mother -in -law heard me, distressed. There is a traditional Chinese medicine hospital near her house. The president of this public hospital is good at protecting the fetus.But the people who listened to the row had been scheduled for several years, and I cried again.The brother -in -law’s parents went to ask for this doctor every day. After a long time, the doctor relieved and said that let me go to see it first.

I stood at the door that day, waiting for the doctor to finish all the sick numbers, and found that when I was at the door, I called me over and showed me, and told me to tell you, don’t like it, don’t like it, do itNot good, don’t complain about it, but it must be obedient, so Dr. Shi accepted me.

My brother -in -law’s house has an hour’s drive from the place where I live. Dr. Shi only reads the first 20 or before 12 noon. I am afraid that I don’t see it.There, everyone consciously lined up, and the first number was the clinic.

In the next 13 months, I experienced all the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Because I was afraid of causing misunderstandings, the people who went to sit at the door of the hospital and waited. I was afraid that people thought they didn’t come in the car.I arrived at around three in the morning every time, because Dr. Shi will not prescribe for too long. At most 5 days, less than three days, I need to keep changing the medicine according to your physical condition, so I have passed on average 3 days on average.Once, the wind and rain are unimpeded. Can you imagine that the mosquito can eat you in summer, do you look up in the scene of snowflakes in winter?I will never forget that period of time in my life. How did I persist in 13 months and 5 months of childbirth?

Last winter.

I also know a lot of patients. Everyone often says their own situation, and I can feel that the pressure of each other is very great.What I was impressed most was a Korean woman who married to Shandong because she had no children for 10 years and could not return to Korean parents’ homes, because parents said that women who cannot get pregnant have face to her in -laws and do not let her return.She said that her family was like this. Her father was masculine. When she was in college, she still remembered to hit her mother. Her mother kneeling on the place every day to wipe the floor, her elbows and knees are thick cocoons, so she chose to marry to marryChinese man, she said that her mother -in -law was very good and never complained about her, saying that she could adopt one, but she was guilty, and she also traveled to many places in our country for medical treatment. She said that this was her last hope. I didn’t know her in the end.Has it, she went earlier than me, I was born, and she was still taking Chinese medicine.

My brother -in -law’s parents are really very good. As long as I went to see a doctor, I went to me at less than 5 o’clock. I said breakfast for me, let me eat, and he helped me line up.Because I like the white rice porridge he boiled, he will get up at 3 o’clock every time. I am grateful for his elderly people for a lifetime. However, such a good person has died of a heart attack in the past few years.This is still tears, and I have dedicated my life for my children for a lifetime.

In the days of taking Chinese medicine, I was very obedient. I didn’t pull it at a time. Every time I went, I was the most effort and persistent one among these patients.Because every time I arrived, Dr. Shi was particularly impressed by me. He always loved it on my head, because in his opinion, my hard work and devotion, and his full effort will not go.Being disappointing.13 months later, Dr. Shi said that I could get pregnant. When I told me at the time, I was particularly stressful. How could I think a tubal is possible? Dr. Shi let me relax and let everything go.

The surprise is destined to come. Two months later, I was pregnant with the fourth baby again, and this time I was even more worried.At 44 days, I saw it red. I felt that I was brave that day, and then called Dr. Shi. Dr. Shi asked me to rest assured that the next day passed.

When I arrived the next day, there were more than a dozen people in line, but Dr. Shi still waved his hands to me and let me pass by. At that time, I was moved to me.

After taking the fetal medicine for 3 days, I was fine. Except for pregnancy reactions, there was no big deal.However, you need to continue to drink Chinese medicine guarantee.When you drink Chinese medicine every morning, it is the most painful moment.

After drinking the fetal medicine for 5 months, I finally didn’t have to drink it. At this time, I have written a 5 -month diary for my baby. I can already feel the fetal movement every day, and his little feet kickAt this time, at this time, I finally realized the feeling of happiness, and I felt that Nirvana was reborn.

Because all the focus of the focus is to keep the baby, the child’s father’s change is ignored.When my baby was 6 months old, I knew he had an affair.

At noon that day, after I knew, I cried at noon, and then fell asleep, because it was not easy for this baby to want this baby. I dare not. I want to keep this child.With this baby with me.

In the future, I am very strong. I write a growth diary to the baby every day. I no longer give his father a word, and naturally I no longer share it with him. I just want to give birth to the baby. I want to be a mother.

I went to the hospitalization procedures for myself. I made a lot of preparations in the early stage and did a lot of homework. I had more than 28 hours of delivery to give birth. I was so painful that I finally gave birth to the baby I thought about it every day!

The process has never been told that the process is not important. His arrival is the ultimate beauty. If one day he can know, and he also wants the child to understand how beautiful his arrival!He is the best gift I received in my life!

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