Men do breeding surgery is safer and healthier than women. If you love her, take it for her

Introduction: Traditional concepts believe that breeding surgery generally requires women to do, but this surgery hurts women’s physical damage. Can a man bear for his wife?So how are men’s birthplace surgery?

1. Dad’s less damage for breeding surgery

The birthplace method adopted by dads is generally inferior.The principle of contraception is to cut off the sperm transport from the testis to the penis, so that the sperm cannot enter the inside of the semen and eliminate the in vitro.Dad, it may sound terrible, but the operation is actually very simple.The vasal pipe is located under the scrotum skin, with a superficial position, easy to hook, and less the same time.In addition, the incision is small, no need to enter the abdominal cavity, there is no symptoms of painful bleeding, and there are less needles or needle needles.You can go home for an hour after the operation. There is no discomfort after two days, you can work as usual.

The birthplace method used by mothers is to go to the ring or fallopian tubal ligation; the upper ring is to put a birth ring in the mother’s uterus.It usually causes physical discomfort within three months after the lane, and there is also a bleeding phenomenon.There is still a certain impact on the mother’s body.

The tubal ligation surgery was used. The ligation site was cut off the fallopian tube at a small mouth in the lower abdomen, and cut off, bundled or topped the silver clip at the vascular gorge.

Therefore, in order to make the mothers suffer a little bit of flesh, dads should stand up bravely.Take the responsibility of ligation surgery.

2. Dad ligates "sex blessings" and does not decrease

If the dad is ligated, it has little impact on the postpartum husband and wife.After the ligation, the dad said that when loved, there was still pleasure, and it could also shoot, and it felt like it felt like before ligation.It is just that the liquid shot does not contain sperm.It is also worth mentioning that after the ligation, dads can rest assured that they are boldly shot in it.Xiaobian said shyly that you can save money to buy a set of money.

The mothers will have a greater side effect on the body. After the on -board, there will often be bleeding after the same room.If the mothers are on the ring with a tail, Dad will feel that there are foreign bodies when they love and love, and they feel not so comfortable.After the mother is on the upper ring, the infection caused by the same room will be relatively large, and the gynecological disease will increase relatively!

Dads want to abandon the kind of breeding surgery, as if they were castrated.After Dad had a birthplace surgery, it would not cause physiological changes.To know that sexual desire and sexual function are related to estrogen, it just releases it directly into the blood.And the birthplace surgery just cuts off the combination of sperm and eggs.

Third, the chance of mother holiday contraception failure is higher

If the method of ligation of the mother is on the ring, the following four cases will occur.These situations are the main causes of contraceptive failure.

1. The model of the birth ring is not suitable for the size of the mother’s uterine cavity, or when the ring is distorted or deformed, there is no contraceptive effect.

2. The birth of the nursery: The internal adult ring is a foreign body for the uterus. It can promote the shrinkage of the uterus and make the nursery ring move off.Over time, the uterus has gradually adapted to this stimulus, the rejection decreases, and the fall rate will be reduced.Generally young, younger or lactating mothers may have good elasticity of the factor and more sensitive and easy to take off the ring. At the same time, the cervical mouth is relaxed or there are uterine prolapse.

3. Shooting the birth ring: the birth ring fell to the cervix, but did not have the effect of contraception.

4. After some mothers are placed in the birth ring, the endometrium does not cause the corresponding tissue response, or the fertilized eggs are not hindered by the bed, and they may be pregnant.

Moms have to suffer from the suffering of the flesh of the upper ring surgery and to bear the suffering of the contraceptive failure, how much harm to their physical and mental harm!

4. Dad can restore fertility after birth

Male ligation, at the beginning of the early days, was irreversible contraceptive surgery.But now the medical progress has improved, and the vount vount recovery can be performed.Therefore, after a few years of fertility, if you want to have another baby, it is possible.

There are also male stars in the entertainment industry for his wife to do breeding surgery. Some time ago, Nicholas Tse’s father Xie Xian exploded after giving birth to his daughter, and ran to herself for breeding surgery.The dad who actively performed a birthplace surgery is a good father responsible for being responsible.

Dads choose to do breeding surgery, which is more conducive to family harmony.Dad’s personality and thoughts will be more careless, cheerful and lively, not doubtful, and more psychological tolerance.If Dad is willing to perform breeding surgery for his mother, it virtually shows that he is only willing to have a child with her, and also shows his determination to guard his mother and children for a lifetime.This behavior gives the mother a sense of security.

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