Menstruation delayed, is it pregnant?These ten signs of pregnancy, don’t be improper

Pregnancy is a very beautiful thing. It depends on the situation. When you urgently need a baby, pregnancy is a good thing; if there is no plan or unable to bear the child’s future, pregnancy must be a good thing.Regardless of good or bad things, there are some signs of pregnancy. If you doubt your own recruitment, you can use these methods to check if you are really pregnant?

Symptom 1: Menstruation does not come

If you are on time in the physiological period, there is a situation in the same room recently. If menstruation is two or three days later, you need to go to the hospital to check whether you are pregnant with your baby.If your physiological period is very unstable, it may be delayed for a while, you must pay attention to check whether you are pregnant.

Symptom 2: Easy to tired

When the egg becomes a fertilized egg, he will go to bed to Baoma’s uterus. At this time, lutein will appear in the body. This is an important indicator of bed.By sleeping, pregnant mothers will naturally appear lutein.Therefore, the temperature will rise at this time and become tired.

Symptom 3: Nauseous to vomit

According to statistics, about 75%of women will have the problem of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. This is because during the pregnancy, the hormones in the body change, and the uterus becomes larger, and the peristalsis of the abdomen will slow down. Therefore, It may cause pregnant women to vomit and nausea.

Some Baoma did not have a pregnancy vomiting at all. Sometimes she likes to eat some sour foods or get up appropriately. This can reduce the problem of pregnancy.

Symptom 3: Oral disease

When you find that your gums appear swelling, this is because when you are pregnant, the human body saliva is acidic, and if you spread it on your pregnancy.Once you do n’t do well, you may suffer from litter or periodontal disease.If so, pregnant mothers must pay attention to wash their teeth, and it is also important to do tooth health.

Symptoms 5: Bloating during pregnancy

When women are pregnant, the uterus will gradually become larger, and abdominal peristalsis will slow down.Many Baoma will have flatulence and constipation.It’s really embarrassing, I want to excrete it, but I can’t discharge.Pregnant mothers may wish to stop, walk around, and supplement some water and cellulose.When you have the intention, come back to the toilet in time.

Symptom 6: Breast swelling

When you are pregnant, the whole body starts to reserve energy for the baby.Therefore, the breasts will be very developed, and there will be pain and swelling from time to time. These are normal phenomena during pregnancy.If the pain lasted for several days, the pregnant mother should not be careless. It is not ruled out that it is the problem of chest fibrous cysts. It is important to check in time, so that it will be solid in mind.

Symptom 7: The secretions become more

Due to changes in hormones in the body, the secretion increases, and it is normal to assume that the secretion is colorless and tasteless.

Symptom 8: A small amount of bleeding

Some pregnant mothers will have a small amount of bleeding. This is because when the fertilized eggs are bed, they lack stability and will occur in bed bleeding. If the blood sample is dark red and brown, it is normal within one to two days.Assuming that the amount of bleeding is more and the blood is bright red, you must quickly see the doctor and evaluate it.

Symptom 9: Frequent urination

When the development of the child enlarge the uterus, it will cause compression to the bladder.Therefore, pregnant mothers are often troubled by frequent urination in the early or late pregnancy.When some Baoma was pregnant with the first child, there were no less than ten times a day.Remind you, Baoma, avoid drinking too much water at night.

Symptom 10: Emotional Stability

After pregnancy, the hormones in the body change will bring certain emotional fluctuations.

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