Microcytopenia during pregnancy: Can you use "acne" after pregnancy?

The hormone changes during pregnancy, and even the skin may be affected. Many pregnant women have troubled. They have long been a long age of "acne", but "youth is no longer, and the acne is more than.It is constantly! If "acne" during pregnancy has caused life troubles, it should be treated appropriately to avoid more difficult "acne" scars after delivery.

During pregnancy, pregnant women know that the medicines they eat will affect the fetus. Should the "acne" during pregnancy be treated? Can you take medicine?

Some mummy does not want to see a doctor for medical treatment, but also feel that "acne" is very annoying, and they will choose the "acne" product that general pharmacies can buy.It is to reduce the formation of "acne scars".So what should pregnant women do after "acne"?Can they also use products removing "acne"?

Under normal circumstances, doctors do not recommend that pregnant women use skin care products containing hormones or drug components, so if pregnant women have "acne", they must not blindly use "acne" products, especially ointments.The reason why pregnant women’s identity is more special is that they may affect the fetus in the abdomen. Many "acne" ointment contain hormones or other ingredients.The influence will even affect the healthy development of the fetus!

Pregnant women are not only possible to use "acne", not only can they use medicine, but ordinary "acne" skin care products are not recommended.

Now the "acne" products on the market are not suitable for pregnant women, and some unknown brands do not know what ingredients are.Therefore, pregnant women who are still worried about "acne", don’t try to use medicine or use "acne" skin care products by yourself.

Except for daily sun protection and skin care.In addition, you can also pay more attention from your usual diet to prevent "acne" and improve "acne".However, if "acne" is very serious, you still have to go to the hospital for treatment!

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