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When the winter vacation taught his son to do his homework, he suddenly yelled: I have a new mother.Don’t teach you.Get away!I watched him silently for a long time and asked him if he didn’t want me as a mother. He said fiercely: I told you that I will only give you three opportunities. Now it is you who said it is the third time.Living, you don’t want me anymore.

I got up and left, and my son excitedly pulled out his mobile phone to play with the king. He was really happy.When I walked out of my son’s room, I was calm than I thought, after all, the third time was ashamed.The son opened "Glory of the King", and his face played crazyly played. I closed the door and isolated his body.

Then I returned to the room and sat in front of the dressing table and watched my pale and swollen cheek.For thirteen years, I have raised my son from the baby to be fed to become a teenager who lived a dragon. The only hardship I gave was that I knew it myself.But why did he become like this, I reflected again and again, but I didn’t think he was wrong again and again.Who’s wrong?His dad’s masculine, his grandma’s petty calculation, what a man did.

Men are a man who is doing big things, and women are at home as a nanny. Just throw the washing machine together with pantyhose and socks.Educate sons.And in thirteen years, I often collapsed, and when I collapsed, I would make a lot of noise, like a vixen.Looking at my son’s eyes, I am a lunatic, and his dad is a gentleman.You see what your mother looks like, there is no quality at all.

His dad evaluated me like this, and his son held his dad’s hand and looked at me with a disgusting look.He didn’t know at all, in a family, it was often the most painful.In pain, I have lost my prestige to my son. He is tired of me, reject me, and even scold me.As for his grandmother, he said that he came to take care of us. In fact, he came to the elderly.But she is very chicken, and she can always please her son.

The son was criticized by me, and he scolded me. The son was forced to drink milk, and she secretly bought Cola for her son.The son was punished by the teacher, and she ran to the school to fight the teacher. How clever she was, the growth of her son was the joy of her son.And in the pain of thirteen years, I lived into a villain.In the mirror, I have burst into tears, and I don’t know when I cry.His son shouted in the next room, and my Cao Nima was forced to guard the tower. He had a good time, because I didn’t care about him, even if it was the last day of the winter vacation, even if his homework had been blank for dozens of pages, he shouted deeply.It’s angry.I patted my cheeks, and all emotions converged as much as possible, giving up the taste of a person uncomfortable, but then it was the smoothness of liberation. Once I wanted to open, there was no big deal.

I stood up and carefully looked at my bloated figure in the mirror. This was a trace left by the hardships over the past 13 years.Thirteenth years ago, I was a juggling college graduate. With her excellent ability, I was the head of the chief store manager of a beauty chain store., The husband and the son, the collapse of the collapse again and again, and the son being hurt again and again forgive him again and again, until tonight I completely gave up him and gave up my blood and bone, because this was his third third.I didn’t want me to be his mother.

I warned him three months ago that his dad Liang Shu had changed his heart and raised a woman outside. I ignored it for my son, but the woman was closer to my house more frequently, and I would even buy food and send it to my mother -in -law.EssenceShe was also familiar with her son, and her son particularly liked her. Once my son was scolded by me, I said that I would not be my mother, and I had to change it.

I know that he wants to change that woman as a mother, and Liang Shu will kick me away sooner or later.I don’t care about Liangshu, but I care about my son, so I told my son that I know you like that sister very much, but I am your mother.If you don’t want me to say this, I will endure you twice, but I will not want you for the third time, and my son is not in your heart.He blurted out tonight: I have a new mother, don’t teach you.Roll away, and exhaled again.

I looked at the time. At nine o’clock in the evening, my mother -in -law danced in the square in the community, and Liang Shu was entertaining. I knew he entertaining his lover in bed.I opened WeChat and rolled out a person who was called Man.Sister Man is the owner of the beauty chain store.After I resigned, she asked me to go back many times, but I refused.

To this day, we only greet each other during the New Year or birthday. When I was still my birthday, she sent me a red envelope. That was the only red envelope I received, because no one in the whole family remembered me.I thought about my birthday for a long time. I sent a message to Sister Man and asked her if she was asleep, and she played me directly.I hesitated to pick it up.Xiaotian looked for me.My sister’s well -maintained face was stunned, and her words were stuck.I know that I am now looking for her. I gain at least fifty pounds, and the collagen on my face has long been lost. I don’t know why.Looking at the beautiful and frightened face of Man Mang, I burst into tears.Xiao Tian Tian is you, right?Don’t cry!Sister Man was a little panicked, just as he cared about me as much as that year, I couldn’t cry by himself.Too many emotions in my heart were intertwined, and I was even guilty.I shouldn’t leave the Sister of Man at the beginning. After the reward, I resisted the tears and apologized to the sister.

Sister Man asked me what was going on?I don’t want to say, but I want to talk too much.I said it was not good and the family was not good. I wanted to make some money to facilitate going out independently in the future. I really need money.I know that Liang Shu divorced me sooner or later, and I had to prepare.Your husband is really not a good thing. Your mother -in -law is also a dog.When you told me in the early years, I guessed. I don’t want to count you anymore. Sister Man hates Iron and Steel, and then arranges me.

You can’t be the head of the store. After all, we are doing medical beauty, and now the scale has also expanded by dozens of times.In this way, you have a new branch over you. You will go to be a deputy manager for help. The salary is 8,000.At the same time, you have to lose weight and get back.When you return, you will be the manager of the chief store, and the monthly salary will give you 100,000+.I am overjoyed.In fact, I didn’t even dare to count on the deputy shopkeeper of the branch. I just want to play miscellaneous. It is good to have four or five thousand a month.

I did not expect that Sister Man asked me to be the deputy store manager, and he could still be the general manager in the future.I have the ability and ambitions. Of course, I do n’t let the Sister Man give me a year. I must go to the head store to see you, and the fool can come at any time.Wait for a year, don’t have pressure.Sister Man understood what I meant. My year was to change herself, but she was afraid that I would be in a hurry.After all, one year is not long.

I finally had a smile, and immediately studied the medical and beauty related information sent by Sister Man.Now that 13 years have passed, the medical beauty industry has also changed greatly, and I can’t neglect.You must understand thoroughly to be a good deputy manager.Research until 10 o’clock and immediately wrote at midnight.The mother -in -law came back, she opened the door loudly, closed the door louder, and shocked my eardrum pain. This is the case every day. I let me say how many times I have changed.Grandma, look at my record.23 Kill MVP.The son grabbed the mobile phone and ran to meet her mother -in -law. The mother -in -law couldn’t understand it, but she praised and the grandson was really amazing.Grandma, you feed me, I continue to kill.The son was dusty on the sofa, and the mother -in -law torn off the chicken legs to feed him. I went out and drank.Looking at this scene, my heart was not shocked.My mother -in -law glanced at me and scolded again, so I learned for a day, and it was normal for playing games to eat chickens.The son didn’t look at me, but twisted his body and expressed dissatisfaction at slowly.I am busy, I get into the house, and continue to study the information.Your mother?It is usually brutal.The mother -in -law was a little puzzled. The son cut a noise and was afraid of it. I threatened her not to be my mother, and she didn’t dare to put one.The 13 -year -old junior high school student said that, I brought earplugs and focused on research materials.I want to be a good deputy manager.Then be the head of the branch, and then the manager.I want to go back to the peak.I wanted a monthly salary of 100,000.It was me who should be divorced, not her unsuitable.This night I was extremely excited and full of passion. The tiredness that was devoted to work for work was completely different from the tiredness of the housewife.I do n’t have to suffer because Liang Shu does not return all night, and I do n’t have to be angry because my son stays up late to play games.There is only work in my eyes, and that is what really belongs to me.It was very bright, and I slept for five hours, but I was full of energy.I basically woke up at this time, because I had to prepare breakfast and clothes for my son, and to clean up his schoolbag homework.But now, I get up and wash it, go straight out to eat breakfast, and I do n’t take a look at my son’s room. Xiaolongbao, rice noodles, soy milk, fritters, I have a few like it, every Xiang tasted, so I was young with me, so I was young.The same time, I like to eat, but I can marry Liangshu. I do something all day.I will never make a meal for my home.I was full, and I went to take a walk again.The time came to eight o’clock, and I was going to the Yiren Beauty salon to see the manager.I deliberately sent a message to Sister Man, I set off, I thought she hadn’t woke up yet, but she called me video.I connected, she smiled and had very energetic with a smile, and it seemed that it was really going to change.come on!I nodded in Zheng, and Sister Man asked me again: Do you want to divorce first?I can ask you to ask a lawyer to let you divide more property.I shook my head and didn’t worry.I have been in the quagmire for thirteen years, and I don’t mind staying for one year.When I climbed out of the quagmire, I asked the Liang Shu family to plant it into the quagmire. I was not willing, and I had hate.It ’s not comfortable to divorce like this.I want them not to be uncomfortable, they should be uncomfortable, it seems that you have a plan.Okay, is this you?

At that time, Tian Tian returned, and Sister Man didn’t say much. She was very busy, after all, the company’s scale expanded by ten times.However, she transferred me 8888 yuan, saying that it was a red envelope. Everyone had it. I was moved.Who started the red envelope is so big, but I still collected it.Without collecting this money, I couldn’t get two hundred yuan up and down.At nine o’clock, Yiren Beauty Salon opened the door.I waited long ago.I went in and introduced myself.

The manager is a woman, and the fashion trend is very good.She is not very satisfied with my appearance, but I am a person designated by Sister Man, and she dare not say anything, but her expression is very cold.But after I did it for a day, the manager smiled at me.Tian Tian, you are so powerful!I opened nine cards in the afternoon, which is too strong. The etiquette of you treat people is professional at first glance.I must have done this in the early years.The three customers you chose are really high -consumption people, and they will open their cards when they make a beauty.The compliment of the store manager made me feel the long -lost excitement.

This is the excitement that has been lost in the past 13 years.I’m back, it’s already 9:30 in the evening after get off work. I can actually leave early, but I don’t want to leave.I would rather immerse themselves in my work and look at my mobile phone, and I was beaten.The mother -in -law hit three, and Liang Shu hit seven. He came again at this moment, and I answered.Liangshu scolded his head and scolded, Tian Tian, where did you die?If you do n’t do clothes, do n’t wash your clothes, and your children do n’t pick up.Lao Tzu was messy as soon as he went home.Damn, don’t you say that housework is simple?I just mess around for a day?I laughed at him, Liang Shuhuo, what you fucking, rolled back.Your son doesn’t want me to be a mother, he has a new mother.I suggest that you let your new mother come to be a nanny, and I relentlessly reveal his crimes.He has a new wife. I used to endure for my son, but now I do n’t even even have my son. What do I still let me make? It ’s your turn to let me.Liang Shu was obviously froze, and then it was still cold.Since you know, I won’t hide it from you.There are many men who have a lot of money, which is not the case. Besides, I am not satisfied with that I have worked so hard to support you.What happened to me playing outside, how shameless he was?His shame is based on my uselessness.Yes, a full -time wife can only wash and cook as a nanny. She is useless. She is disdainful by her husband.So Liang Shu dares to be playing outside, and he is not afraid of being angry at all.I know, you are too hard, let your mother serve you well. Your son only likes your mother, and I won’t go back.

I hung up the phone. I don’t rush to divorce. It does not mean that I will continue to endure, and I put everything.My son, I said no, I do n’t want it. I ca n’t say it if I ca n’t say it.I no longer care about Uncle Liang, I went to dinner, and then took a ride to a women’s plastic private hall.I took a month of liposuction for a month, five times a week, two hundred yuan at a time, and spent 4,000 yuan at a time. It seems that it is a huge sum of money.In the past, I didn’t dare to think about it. All my spending had to spend on my family. The cost of 3,000 yuan per month had to take care of everything at home.It’s ridiculous.

After starting the class, I went to a five -star hotel for one night and let me hold me with a soft mattress. I haven’t been so easy for a long time.One day, I went to rent an apartment, opened a new life, two o’clock every day, and ran back and forth in the beauty salon and fitness halls. I didn’t look at the family.My mother -in -law was anxious, because I refused to go back, she had to work.Sweet, are you crazy, why not go home, did you mix with a man?My mother -in -law scolded me severely on the phone, and her son Liang Cong’s voice also came. It was best not to come back. I was annoying when I saw her.The palm of his hand was tight, and then released again.

I like water and Liang Cong only likes you, you take it.Hanging the phone, I turned on the flight mode and put all enthusiasm into work and fitness.In just two months, my Yiren beauty salon has become the most effective beauty salon in the region.Sister Man was shocked and exaggerated when playing with me.Xiaotian, you have to be you. The shop there is new ones that can be used to take the lead, and some old shops are hung up.Too strong, of course, I am strong. After all, it is the gold medal store chief of the gold medal shop 13 years ago. I am not humble at all.Looking at my face again, I said that I have lost a lot of weight.Indeed, I lost twelve pounds, although there are still 142 pounds now, but the whole person’s mental appearance is completely different.Looking at myself in the screen, I exhaled gently, and I was so emotional for a while, and it was unspeakable: Okay, don’t cry again.

Your first step successfully persisted, and I want to see that you lose to a hundred pounds. It is too beautiful when you are 100 pounds.Sister Man encouraged me again and raised me to the store manager, with a salary of 13,000.The original shop was transferred to the old shop.In order to celebrate the manager of Rongsheng, I asked the owner of the club hall to eat.In the past two months, I have been familiar with Zhouzhou, and she is very young.But the twenty -six -year -old single is lively and cute, and is still a small net red.

There are 50,000 fans in a certain tone. She was stingy and sweet while eating. I found that you have changed the thief, not just thinner temperament.How to say two months ago, you asked me to start a class that night, and I didn’t really want to accept you, because your image was too bad.It looks poor, and our members are very rich. I nodded, yeah, I was particularly poor at that time. How about living expenses for 3,000 yuan per month?No, so tragic Zhou Zhou was glad, she was surprised, but did not continue to ask my family.She calculated other things and sweet sister, you are very lacking money. If you are not together, I have long wanted to find a member as a material, that is, the lipid -reducing material.Go down, wait for a hundred pounds to suck the powder.

On Monday, I looked forward to it. I thought about it and how much salary. Zhouzhou gave me a small white eye and a video income of five or five points. And the money in your class was free, the transaction.I have a part -time job for Zhou Zhou. She values my temperament, saying that although I am a declined housewife, there is a beautiful look in the eyebrows. In the future, I may be a big net red.

Not to mention that Zhou Zhou has a lot of plans to suck a lot. Many netizens want to see what extent I can lose weight. By the way, learn how to reduce fat.One month later, I lost seven pounds, and now it is 135 pounds. I occasionally see my previous shadow when I look in the mirror.As if in the thirteen years, I was backward, and I was walking towards the call from the 11th family 13 years ago. I hadn’t returned for three months.Yang Shu didn’t urge my mother -in -law to find me anymore.On this day, I went home to take away my laptop.But after seven years of computers, there are many information I recorded before.Sister Tianman, the beauty of medical beauty, told me that let me be the person in charge of the beauty salon in the Gorge.A total of three stores, wages rose to 20,000.Although the position of the general store manager is still far away, I am still excited, so I have to find out the previous information to further review it to check and make up the shortage.As soon as I arrived at the door of my house, I heard the laughter from the inside, and my son was very happy.Sister Qianqian, you are so amazing, it turned out to be the king of glory. Can you help me fight?Of course, Conger is so cute, I can’t be my son.A sweet and crisp girl remembered that it seemed to be Liang Shu’s new love, don’t get used to him.

He always loves to play games, and Liang Shu is also in Qianqian. It is normal for children to play games. Don’t force Conger to study. Many people read depression. Health and happiness are the most important.Yes, I said that Conger was almost drowned by the sweet mother -in -law. Fortunately, sweetness ran away from home.This is my mother -in -law’s voice, and I stand in front of the door without expression.It turned out that the new Hagi was entering the room, and it is estimated that it has been lived for a while.So Liang Shu and mother -in -law didn’t find me.When I opened the door, the four pairs of eyes brushed it, and I changed not small, but I was still easily recognized.The son and onion yelled back.He pretended to be vomiting and disgusted his face.My mother -in -law scolds sweetness, what are you coming back, right?I ca n’t afford to eat, I ignored it, glanced at Qianqian.Qianqian was a little uncomfortable. She smiled at me, and Yang Liu immediately blocked Qianqian and frowned at me. Don’t find the fault.Don’t let me take Qianqian home to take care of Qianqian, you think too much, I just come back to clean up something and leave immediately.

I prohibit going to the bedroom. My mother should not leave, I love you, yell on the onions, and then hug Qianqian.It’s this mother, don’t misunderstand, he looked at me proudly. I took the laptop and walked away, and none of them gave me.Qianqian also spontaneously ignited, like a heroine.I noticed that his fingers were very white and tender, and he was not a job of doing housework.So I laughed, and see how long this Qianqian can be a nanny.In just half a month, Liang Shu and mother -in -law’s phone calls are dense again. You hurry home. No one can cook for the green onion. My mother can’t make meals.Liang Shu’s order has always been domineering. I laugh at Qian, afraid that he will travel.Moreover, he is not my wife. He can’t always take care of Conger.I know that Qianqian can’t stand the people. When you do it, you can make your mother dance in the square, and the bones are not bad at all.

When I get home, I will get worse when I work, but when I really pick it, I will continue to mockery Liang Shushu’s irritation. What do you mean by his fucking, can you not come back?I hung up the phone directly.After a few days, the phone continued for a few days, but I sent me a text message without picking up Liangshu., I just ask a nanny to replace you.What are you counting, I returned a TD, and then do my business with peace of mind.When the person in charge of the three branches reduced fat and filmed video with Zhou Zhou. Over time, I became thinner and more obvious.The video gradually became hot, and Zhou Zhou himself had many fans, and he persisted every day, and the changes in my changes attracted more and more.When I was so thin to 128 pounds, a video was bursting. The playback of nearly one million, the million playback was nothing for the big net red, but it was bursting for Zhou Zhou.Align, let me see it.I read this comments, and the long -lost joy rose from the bottom of my heart.

Sweet Sister wearing white sportswear is cool!This is the best -looking set of incredible sets, but it has lost twenty pounds, so it looks so good!After watching the first video reduction video, is this the same person?Too beautiful.Sister Sweet Sister is originally a beautiful woman, but not just thin, but also good temperament. I am very puzzled.

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