Mom is 44 years old and pregnancy, her daughter is so anxious

A girl in high school said that her mother was 44 years old, but she was accidentally pregnant. She didn’t know why, there was an inexplicable panic, and she didn’t know how to face it.

After the second child policy is liberalized, there are really a few happy and sad!

My friend was pregnant with Erbao, and my family was particularly happy.

When I was pregnant for more than six months, the DNA examination found that the index was not good, and the possibility of fetal mental retardation reached more than 99%, and it had to induce labor.

She was unacceptable and had to bear the double blow of physical and spiritual.The family is also sad.

For example, I want to show that not everyone is suitable for birth. The risk of Huai Erbao has greatly increased the risks, whether for pregnant women and children.

As you, if you feel that you can accept it, let your parents follow the nature, but let them respect the doctor and do a good job of various types of production inspections in a timely manner.If you can’t accept it, you can also confess to your parents honestly. After all, the birth of Erbao may mean that the division of love, economic and attention in terms of love, and of course, it will also have a certain degree of psychology to your psychology to a certain extent.Impact, you need to debug.

Regardless of whether parents accept you and do not agree with their views, they have to face the fact that they may give birth to Erbao.

If Erbao is here, you can only accept it, and only find a way to get along well with him.If not, tell yourself that having a child is the right of parents. I respect their choices, but when I need my parents to care about love, I will ask for timely request so that they do not ignore their feelings.

After all, people’s energy and physical strength are limited, and the phenomenon of losing the other is likely to happen.You have the right to ask them to give normal care, understanding, support, and help.

It is well -founded and not humble.

From the perspective of her parents, in any case, she must first see the needs of her eldest daughter and her fear of Erbao. She is worried that her parents will no longer love her, or they are not so pure.

In fact, the child’s worry is not unreasonable. At least her existing life model is broken, and her psychology will have all kinds of ideas. Why do parents have two treasures? Do they not love me?Do you think that this daughter is too bad and so on.

If it is not resolved in time, it will leave a psychological hazard, and it will be very unfavorable in the future whether it will be the eldest child or the second treasure.

Therefore, before deciding to have the parents of Erbao, we must first do a good job in Dabao’s work patiently, understand his views and attitudes of this matter, understand his ideas, and do work in time.Beware of Dabao’s unacceptable, the passive situation of Erbao after birth.

If Dabao supports it, he is all happy, if Dabao does not accept it, he needs to be cautious.

wish you happy.

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