More and more people in China have cancer, or the calamity of sauerkraut?These carcinogenic foods, try to eat as little as possible

A word of cancer, three mouths, many people will suffer from cancer, which may have a lot to do with the usual diet. Some foods take too much, which may become a supporting agent for cancer cells.It will make cancer cells quietly develop.

For China’s diet structure, research has long been specifically pointed out, but it still has not been able to pay attention to it, and there will still be preference for some foods.

With the in -depth research of scientific researchers, there are also more factors that induce cancer. If you can correctly prevent it, you may reduce the incidence of cancer.

Some people say that there are more and more people with cancer in China. Is it true?

When it comes to sauerkraut, they will think of sauerkrauts even more when they think of the northern region. Especially in winter, many people in the north are prepared a lot of sauerkraut, which is not too much to eat every day.

Due to climatic factors, the temperature in the northern region is relatively low, and the vegetables cannot grow at all. They can only store vegetables in other ways. Most of them will eat some pickled foods. Sauerkraut is the most representative.

In addition to the northern region, in fact, there are a lot of people in China who like to eat sauerkraut. It prefers that kind of taste. It is nothing to say, but there will be some problems.

That is, sauerkraut belongs to pickled foods. Among them, there will be more nitrite. Excessive intake of the human body will cause the body to become more ammonium nitrite, which may increase the risk of cancer.

However, according to Chen Gong, an expert at the Chinese Kimchi Industry Technology Research Institute, in the survey and analysis of more than 10,000 kinds of kimchi, no nitrite in sauerkraut was exceeded.There are no more than 5 mg.

It is reasonable to consume 10 mg of nitrite daily. It also means that eating kimchi normally, which is not easy to cause the lyson nitrite to stay, and the possibility of cancer is not as great as everyone thinks.

Some people will say that if kimchi eats more, it may make the intake of nitrite more. In fact, it is really not so much. Can eating kimchi daily be greater than 5 pounds? Presumably few people can reach this quantity.Essence

Therefore, it is a rogue behavior to put aside the risk of cancer and talk about cancer., Avoid too much salt, and it is easy to cause adverse irritation to blood vessels.

Others say that dolls contain formaldehyde, can it increase the risk of cancer?

This phenomenon may exist, but the probability is relatively small. Some unscrupulous merchants in order to extend the storage period of doll vegetables, and that the dolls look more fresh, they may soak dolls with formaldehyde.

However, we also need to understand some of the knowledge points, that is, formaldehyde is easy to dissolve in water, and the volatile speed is relatively fast. It may be almost the same after selling or buying home storage.Greatly reduced.

In other words, there are basically not many formaldehyde to enter the human body, and the risk of cancer will be reduced a lot.Of course, in order to ensure safety, you should pay more attention when buying.

On the one hand, it is necessary to buy on regular channels. On the other hand, when buying, it smells more, and generally smells the smell of baby vegetables. It may contain formaldehyde, and it is to see the color of baby dishes. IfIt seems extremely white, or it may contain formaldehyde.

True carcinogenic foods may be eaten frequently. For health, you need to control your mouth

Barbecue, fried food

These two types of foods are indeed loved by modern people. There seems to be no problem, but it is hidden in hidden dangers of cancer. It mainly comes from two aspects. On the one hand, there are more oil fumes, and there are more carcinogens in oil fume.If the human body is inhaled too much, it may increase the possibility of cancer.

On the other hand, high temperature and frying will also produce some carcinogens, and the oil content is relatively high.It may also make the cancer rate higher.

Moldy food

Speaking of this, it is also worthy of the attention of Chinese people. It is mainly a large part of China, which is relatively frugal. Therefore, when some moldy foods are discovered, as long as the mildew is not very powerful, it will continue to eat.Realize the hidden crisis.

Mold -changing food will contain a toxic substance. It is called yellow vocable toxin, which is more harmful to the liver, and the possibility of inducing liver cancer will be higher.

Whether it is food or moldy items, it should be processed as soon as possible to avoid giving cancer cell manufacturing opportunities. You must know that cancer cells are very cunning. As long as you give a chance, you will never miss it, and it will develop quickly. It is recommended not to develop. It is recommended not to develop. It is recommended not to develop.Have such an opportunity.

The occurrence of cancer is related to the bit by bit in life, but it does not have to be too panic. It cannot be judged too absolutely on some kind of food, or something.It is necessary to understand with the correct concept, otherwise, psychological burden may be increased.

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