Most pregnant women will have urinary tract infection, how much about this pregnant mothers know

During pregnancy, many pregnant women will have urinary tract infections, but many of them only have a sense of backache and no other symptoms, so many pregnant women choose to ignore it.Urinary tract infection can be treated early as early as possible, and most of them can be cured, so as not to cause more damage.

Pregnant mothers are uncomfortable

Under normal circumstances, there will be the following common situations in pregnant women’s urinary tract infections:

1. Frequent urination, increased urination times;

Second, pregnant women have a burning sensation when urination, very uncomfortable;

Third, the middle line of the bladder, the area above or near the pubic bone is tender;

Fourth, there are often fever, cold or nausea and vomiting;

Fifth, side or mid -term pain.

The above points are the general symptoms of urinary tract infection in pregnant women. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women should pay special attention to preventing the occurrence of urinary tract infection.

Especially in the first three months after pregnancy and three months before giving birth, the same room should be avoided. Even if there is the same room, both the husband and wife should clean the sex organs. The woman should rinse the urethra once after the same room to avoid infection.

Be sure to pay attention to personal hygiene, insist on cleaning the outer pussy daily, and change the underwear frequently.Regularly go to the hospital for routine urine examination. Once the onset is onset, it should be treated under the guidance of the doctor.Ensure the healthy development of the fetus.

The most common state of pregnant women’s urinary tract infection is waist soreness, but the impact of uterus and fetus can also cause low back pain in pregnant mothers.

Back pain during pregnancy is often concentrated in the middle and late stages, especially after 25 or six weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the uterus gradually increases, and the abdomen bulges forward. When standing, the center of gravity moves forward.It will tilt backwards, and the center of gravity moves backwards above the hips. The weight of the upper body of the pregnant woman is borne by the muscles of the lumbar and waist, so at this time, the waist pressure is very large and causes soreness.

So, how should pregnant women feel uncomfortable?Look at the following methods, which may be useful for the backache of the pregnant mothers:

1. Pregnant mothers try to avoid standing or sitting for a long time. After a period of time, they change their postures appropriately;

Second, when the waist is uncomfortable, you can exercise the muscles of the waist, back and other parts appropriately.Generally, pregnant women start at 5 months of pregnancy. We must avoid doing any exercise for a long time, let alone lying often, because this will compress the large blood vessels in the abdomen of the pregnant mothers, which will cause poor blood circulation and affect the health of the fetus;

3. When standing, the pelvis is leaned later, raised up the upper body, and the shoulders fall back slightly, while avoiding standing for a long time; the pregnant mother who has been standing for a long time can use the belt to play a good effect;

Fourth, pregnant mothers should often expose the sun, because the sun can absorb calcium, and the pregnant mother has sufficient calcium in the body, which can enhance the strength of the bones and reduce lumbar pain;

Fifth, the pregnant mother relaxes her waist and rinse the back with a slightly hot water to relieve back pain.

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