Mother’s 10 cigarettes per day during pregnancy, Brazilian baby boy was born "tail" when he was born

According to the "Pediatric Surgery Report" magazine article on the 7th, the Fox News Network reported that at the Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital in Fumaresa, Brazil, a baby boy had a "tail" when he was born, which madeThe doctor was shocked.Later, the doctor successfully cut the "tail" for him, but fortunately there was no complication.

Brazilian baby boy is born "tail" picture source: Foreign media

The case report said that his mother has been very healthy before, not drinking, and has not used prohibited drugs, but the average cigarette was smoked per day during pregnancy. There were urinary tract infections in the first three months of pregnancy.treat.

According to the report, the pregnant woman was premature at 35 weeks of pregnancy, and the childbirth method was a smooth delivery. However, the initial evaluation showed that newborns suffer from jaundice, the hips still have a "tail", and there is a small ball at the end of the "tail".

It is reported that only about 40 cases of "human long tail" are recorded in medical literature.

Picture source: Foreign media

According to the "Pediatric Surgery Report" article, when most mothers were pregnant at the fourth week of pregnancy, the child began to grow his tail in the uterus, but usually the tail disappeared in the eighth week and eventually turned into a tail.This baby boy is a special case.

The report pointed out that the doctor conducted an ultrasound examination of the baby boy. After no nervous system was found, the baby was taken to the operating room and successfully removed the "tail" through surgery.

Picture source: Foreign media

This article also distinguishes "real tails" and "fake tails": "’True Tail" refers to the residual embryo tails formed between the fourth and eighth weeks of pregnancy, which are residual, which are residual.Nervous fiber composition. ‘Fake tails’ is basically a protruding from fat or cartilage tissue and ingredients. "

According to reports, human ancestors originally had some form of tail at first, but as time moved, we had evolved as a species and no longer needed tails, so humans lost their tails.

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