Moxibustion methods for pregnancy, including moxibustion methods of men and women

One day, a middle -aged couple held a little baby to the clinic of Dr. Jin,

Dr. Jin looked at the couple and looked a little familiar.

However, Dr. Jin sees too many patients every day, and everyone seems a bit acquainted, so he didn’t take it to heart.

Looking at the couple’s complexion, joy is not like getting sick,

Could it be for the child, Dr. Jin took a look at the child again,

It still looks healthy.

Through the diagnosis, Dr. Jin judged that the couple and the children were healthy. So, what disease did they look at?

Dr. Jin, who has always been confident in his medical and expectations, has been in his self -doubt.

However, Dr. Jin quickly thought that it was true that he learned the sea and lived in the old age. It seemed that he could not be satisfied when it would be. You must always work hard!

Here, the couple still immersed in happiness do not know,

They did not speak in 3 seconds, and they had allowed the famous doctors to complete the diagnosis, self -denial diagnosis and self -motivation.

At this time, my mother broke the silence:

"We are here to thank you, by the way, let you check for our children and see how the body is."

Dr. Jin is still a little in the clouds:

"You are……"

Dad smiled and said:

"Dr. Jin, do you forget, we were treated in your treatment last year. We have children this year. We are all in their 40s. It’s not easy to have a child. Thank you so much!"

Dr. Jin remembered these two people.

Time backward more than 1 year,

The couple are in their forties in their forties and have been married for more than 10 years. They have a very good relationship, but they can’t conceive their children.

I have taken a lot of "special effects", visited many famous doctors, and tried very advanced artificial pregnancy assistance techniques at the time, but they all failed and still had no children.

They came to Dr. Jin’s clinic,

Dr. Jin had a diagnosis that the couple had problems.

Husband is kidney deficiency and low sperm quality;

His wife is an ovarian abnormal and unable to discharge healthy eggs smoothly.Her ovarian has blisters. Over the ovulation period, she feels like a needle pain, and it will last for two or three days.

Dr. Jin gave the couple moxibustion once, respectively,

He also taught them how to moxibustion,

Then point to the mark left by the moxibustion on them,

Tell them not to come again in the future,

At home, just moxibustion at these acupoints,

I will definitely get pregnant in a few months.

But in order to achieve a good treatment effect,

The couple still come every more than 10 days,

Soon after, her husband told Dr. Jin:

"Dr. Jin, I think this time I can definitely do it. I don’t hide it. I was particularly uncomfortable when I did inspection and artificial insemination in the hospital before.I forbearance, so I insist on it. Now I feel better. Whether it is a day of work or doing a day of examination in the hospital, there is no problem, and I can get up easily the next day.I, she also feels better. "

Dr. Jin told them after listening:

"You are all the phenomena of physical improvement. Be sure to insist on moxibustion, and you can succeed soon."

Soon after, they would not come again. Dr. Jin was too busy and did not return to visit.

Unexpectedly, one year later, they came over with a cute doll.

Dr. Jin checked the baby’s body and was very healthy. After the couple’s repeated thanks, Dr. Jin sent them away.

Dr. Jin used moxibustion methods to successfully cure many infertile couples. Although the acupuncture points used a little are a bit a little, they can be used to succeed in pregnancy within a few months, and this method is comprehensive comprehensiveConditioning the body, so regardless of the cause, no matter what causes infertility, you can try it. You must persist in the process of moxibustion.stop.SO, Ladies and folks who have a wish for a child come and see together.

Men’s Infusion Moxibustion

Penal acupoint

The must -have acupoints are Qihai Point, Guanyuan Point, Tianshu Point, and Shenshu Point.

1. Qihai Point

Qihai Point is located at 1.5 inches below the middle of the abdomen, which can replenish qi.

2. Guanyuan Point

Guan Yuanxue is located three inches below the umbilicus, which helps the role of vitality and kidney essence.

3. Shenshu acupoint

Shenshu Point opens 1.5 inches next to the second lumbar spine spine, which has the effect of improving the number of sperm and quality.

4. Tianshu

Tianshu acupoint is located in the abdomen, horizontal umbilical, and 2 inches beside the front midline.

Self -selected acupoint

If the physical fitness is poor, it is recommended to add 6 strong body fitness to the above key acupoints and comprehensively improve the body quality acupuncture points.

1. Ganshu acupoint

The Ganshu acupoint is on the back, and when the thoracic spine spines are cut down, 1.5 inches is opened, the main function is to regulate liver function.

2. Feishu acupoint

Feishu acupoint is located 1.5 inches next to the thoracic spine spine process, and the function is to regulate the function of the lungs.

3. Passacre

The acupuncture point is located on the back of the human body. When the fourth thoracic spine burst, the left and right fingers are wide (or three inches on the left and right side), and the inside of the scapula has the effect of comprehensively regulating the body.

4. Zhongyu acupoint

Zhongli acupoint is on the upper abdomen, and the front midline is 4 inches in the middle of the umbilicus.

5. Quchi acupoint

The method of taking acupoints in Quchi is to flex the elbow into right corners.

6. Zusanli

Zusanli is located on the outside of the calf, with 3 inches under the calf nose.

The above is the method of male infertility moxibustion. Dr. Jin generally uses rice moxibustion. If it does not operate, the moxa can be lit with a vertical moxibustion skin. Each acupoint can be 5-10 minutes, once a day.

Female infertility moxibustion

Penal acupoint

There are Daju points, Waiding acupoints, upper acupoints, seconds, middle poles, waterways, and Sanyinjiao.

1. Big Giant Point

When taking acupoints, you can use a supine posture. The big giant acupoint is located in the lower abdomen of the human body.Draw the front line from the navel to the pubic bone. This line is divided into five equal points, each inch, and two inches down from the navel (ie Shimen) to two inches from the left and right (about three horizontal fingers wide), Can improve ovarian function.

2. Waiding points

Waiding acupoint is located in the lower abdomen of the human body. When the umbilicus is 1 inches in the middle and lower, the middle line is 2 inches.

3. Shangyu Point and Timoto

In the 髎 髎 髎 髎, between the upper upper epithelium and the midline, suitable for the first pores of the first 骶; the acupoint is in the iliac region, and below the back of the upper upper upper spine, suitable for the 2nd 骶 rear hole.

Here is a few words of rabbits. The total of the acupoints of the acupoints, the acupuncture points, the middle acupoint, and the lower acupoints are the Gynecological Point. It can treat many gynecological diseases.Two depression will appear on the hip muscles. The acupuncture points are located on the inside of the depression and the sacrum is located.You can also put your hand in the place where the belt is usually tied. From this position, you can touch a circular bone protrusions. The middle point between it and the middle line of the back is the position of the acupoint, and thenYou can locate each acupuncture point with four fingers.

4. Zhongji Point

The middle line in front of the middle point, 4 inches below the umbilicus.The specific method is to connect the pubic bone and the navel in five equal divisions, and 1/5 from the bottom to the top to the point. The moxibustion of this point can help reproductive health.

5. Waterway cave

The water channel acupoint is 3 inches in the middle of the umbilicus (five equal divisions of the pubic bone and the navel, 2/5 from the bottom to the top), 2 inches from the front midline (3 horizontal fingers 2 inches).In reproductive health.

6. Sanyinjiao

Sanyinjiao is on the tip of the inner ankle three inches, and the back edge of the tibia. The moxibustion of moxibustion has the effect of nourishing qi and blood to improve the gynecological problem.

Alternative acupoint

If the physical fitness is usually poor, moxibustion can be selected for acupoints to comprehensively improve physical fitness, and the acupuncture points are the same as men.

The above women’s moxibustion pregnancy -assisted methods are suitable for most infertile women, but there are also people who are not applicable.

Dr. Jin has been diagnosed with tuberculosis when he was young. Due to incomplete treatment, the tuberculosis invaded the ovarian, which caused women with blocked fallopian tubes. This moxibustion method did not have much effect on such people.

If you want to treat infertility, you can go to the hospital to check it first. If you do n’t find the reason, you can use this method to use this method to moxibustion; the suggestions for finding the cause are treated while moxibustion to achieve double insurance.

The above is Dr. Jin’s experience in treating infertility. I hope that the couples in the world will have to pay their wishes and give birth to a healthy and cute baby.

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