Moxibustion treatment varicose veins?Not recommended

Doctors analyze that moxibustion cannot solve the fundamental problem of intravenous reflux, which will only expand the veins of the curved.

■ Morning News reporter Donina

Recently, a 35 -year -old lady spent more than 10,000 yuan in "moxibustion therapy" in the beauty salon. As a result, the disease was not cured, and symptoms such as redness, blackness, and pain in calf skin.After regular treatment of the hospital, although the varicose veins were cured, the calf skin was permanently left due to infection, ulcer, and scabs.Many readers are curious, can moxibustion treat varicose veins?Li Mingxing, the attending physician of the 910th Hospital of the PLA 910 Hospital, said that varicose veins are very common, but it is easily overlooked by patients. Moxibustion cannot cure varicose veins, but it will complicate the condition.

Can varicose veins be treated with moxibustion?

Dr. Li introduced that the blood in the human body is continuously circulating, and veins are mainly responsible for sending blood back to the heart.There is a very special structure in the venous blood vessels -intravenous flap, which plays a role in preventing blood reflux during blood flow, thereby ensuring that the venous blood is returned to the heart normally.When the venous flap is lost, the venous blood vessels will change pathological changes under the influence of reflux blood. This is the venous veins.What can be seen from the calf skin is the pedantic expansion of the blood vessels, the skin is blue or purple, like a "earthworm". If it is not treated in time, it will also cause skin atrophy, desquamation, itching, pigmentation, subcutaneous hardening, subcutaneous hardeningIn the later period, it developed into eczema and skin ulcers, which affects aesthetics and even affects normal life.

Varicular songs are common diseases. There may be no obvious symptoms in the early days, but it must not be underestimated, because it may cause long -term skin ulcers and may cause venous thrombosis.Doctors analyze that moxibustion through the hot steam caused by the burning of Ai leaf, smoked and baked the physical part, cannot solve the fundamental problem of venous reflux. This will only expand the veinSkin burns and aggravate the condition.

Therefore, you must go to a regular hospital for a doctor to treat the vascular surgery specialty for treatment. Do not trust some beauty salons or private medical institutions so -called cosmetic therapy, prescriptions, etc.

What are the causes of varicose veins?

What are the causes of the lower limb vein song?It is often high -incidence people such as salesmen, surgeons, and teachers who often stand for a long time.

Like to wear high heels, it is easy to cause varicose veins.Excessive high heels affect the normal walking of the person, and the muscle pump function cannot be played normally. At this time, the shrinkage of the calf muscles is significantly weakened, the venous return is weak, and the venous pressure is increased.And women’s fetal compression during pregnancy and changes in hormones in the body are also a very important factor.Estrogen and progesterone in women can cause smooth muscle relaxation in the venous wall, causing venous dilation.When the venous cavity is expanded, the valve will be incomplete, and the blood flow will return to the wrong direction. This return flow will cause tremendous pressure on the venous wall of the leg vessels in the legs.The wall is thin and lack of elasticity. In addition, some veins are in the superficial position of the skin, and the lack of muscle support, thereby adding pressure to the lower limbs.

Another important reason is what we often ignore -Changjing Erlang’s legs.When the legs of the Erlang, the vein is oppressed, which can easily affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs.Keep a posture for a long time and keep it numb. If the blood circulation is blocked again, it is likely to cause the lower limb vein or thrombosis.Especially elderly people with hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, long -term legs will increase the condition.Therefore, Erlang’s legs will cause the lower limb venous blood return path to be blocked, increasing venous pressure.

What should I do if I have varicose veins?

When we stand or stand for a long time, we feel that your legs are sore and heavy, and your feet are swollen and the shoes are not easy to take off.You must seek medical treatment early, listen to the doctors’ suggestions, prevent the main, the more he develops in the back, the more troublesome treatment, and the surgery needs to be performed.

Walking is the best movement to prevent varicose veins. The repeated contraction of muscles and diastolic can provide motivation for intravenous blood flow, thereby resisting the pressure of blood flow, which is very helpful to prevent the lower limb vein tension.However, it should also be noted that the elderly or those who have the veins of the lower limbs may be counterproductive if they walk too much, so don’t exercise suddenly.

Preventing varicose veins can wear appropriate elastic socks.After getting up in the morning, wear stretch socks, sustain 8-12 hours, take off at night, it is not recommended to wear sleep.Plastic stockings can also be worn during exercise, which can effectively eliminate fatigue.In addition, when you work or study, you should always lift your legs. You can also raise your foot when you sleep at night and make some leg massage.The essence of varicose veins is that the blood of the legs cannot return to the heart. These practices can significantly improve the blood circulation of the legs.

Women who are pregnant should appropriately increase the time of raising their lower limbs during the rest, thereby reducing venous pressure, which is conducive to the health of pregnant mothers.Female friends in daily life should wear flat shoes as much as possible to minimize the time of wearing high heels.

In addition, do n’t “stir Erylang’ s legs ”when you are sitting, and often do leg lifting and hook exercises. Histing exercise can promote the blood flow of the lower limb veins and effectively prevent the venous curvature.

Guide doctor: Li Xingxing, chief physician of general surgery at the 910 Hospital of the PLA

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