Ms. Yiyi in Changsha was often awakened at night when she encountered rhinitis. The doctor gave these suggestions …

Changsha Evening News, Changsha, April 9th (All -Media reporter Yang Weiran, Correspondent Cheng Jiaming) "During pregnancy, he can breathe at night and be awakened.Zhang Junjie, director and chief physician of the Department of ENT, reminded today.Ms. Liu, a citizen of Changsha, who is in pregnancy, is currently being treated in the hospital because of "pregnancy rhinitis".

According to reports, since pregnancy, Ms. Liu has experienced nasal congestion. With the growth of pregnancy, Ms. Liu has disappeared.In recent days, the symptoms such as waking up and breathing at night due to nasal congestion have been worsened.And because of poor sleep, Ms. Liu also experienced headache and mental weakness.In order to solve the problem of the nose, Ms. Liu came to the Department of ENT of the First Hospital of Changsha City.

Zhang Junjie, director of the Department of Eurryngine, asked his medical history carefully. After a physical examination for her, Ms. Liu was diagnosed with "pregnancy rhinitis".Under the careful treatment and care of the medical staff, the symptoms of Ms. Liu are gradually improved, waiting for the baby to come with peace of mind.

"After pregnancy, the level of estrogen in the body will increase significantly, causing a superfluous reaction of the nasal mucosa, leading to small blood vessels, tissue edema, and vigorous internal glandular secretion of the nasal cavity. The specific manifestations are symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing and runny nose."Zhang Junjie said that some women with allergic rhinitis may be more obvious during pregnancy, and there will even be symptoms such as waking up at night, opening mouth breathing, etc., which seriously affects sleep and mood.It may indirectly affect the normal development of the fetus.

Zhang Junjie suggested:

1. Those with nasal symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital for systematic examination and treatment to bred a baby in the best physical condition.

2. Those who have allergic rhinitis (allergic rhinitis) are recommended to stay away from allergens.

3. Female patients with allergic rhinitis with severe symptoms must first come to the hospital for comprehensive treatment, control the symptoms before pregnancy, so as not to increase trouble during pregnancy.

In response to expectant mothers, Zhang Junjie reminded that the nasal congestion, sneezing, and runny nose appeared in time. Under the guidance of a hospital specialist, the appropriate amount of local vascular contraction agents, such as 1%ephedrine, nose.It is recommended to clean the nasal cavity with physiological saline daily, avoid nose picking and pumping nose, eat more fresh vegetables, and improve immunity.As for the prognosis of rhinitis during pregnancy, expectant mothers do not have to worry too much. With the decline of estrogen levels after childbirth, rhinitis will also be cured, generally no sequelae will be left.

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