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Congratulations to you to refer to your mother’s identity, you have worked hard

When we find that the little life is ready to take root in the stomach, when everyone is excited, happy, excited, all the discomfort will come as soonWill reduce our expectations of this new life directly to the freezing point, such as pregnancy vomiting …

Pregnancy vomiting is the second symptom that auntie delays determining that after pregnancy. People who have not experienced may not know its power, and those who have experienced spend it in despair every day.To dewater, you need to be hospitalized

Generally speaking, this symptom will occur after five weeks, and it will last for a while, but when the specific time and time are over, everyone’s own situation is different, so it is not easy to conclude

In my own perspective, I Huai Dabao started to vomit from five weeks. When I was young, I was three times a day, and more times a day. Occasionally, I vomited bile several times, my throat broke the bleeding silk, and I even vomited stomach bleeding to stomach bleeding.These have happened on me, and now think about it, I don’t know how I spend it.And during that time, I vomited every day, I couldn’t smell any scent things, I couldn’t see the fishy food, and I couldn’t even think about it. Think about it. I would vomit.EssenceIn the impression, I went to the park with my husband once, and then scratched a gust of wind, and then I vomited without a hunch.EssenceOnce I named it, I had to eat, and I had to eat it immediately. I was going to eat the cold noodles of the North Korea immediately. My husband immediately took me to drive for an hour. After that, there were many thieves.Well, my left foot entered the house and smelled it out and vomited. Really, I hadn’t entered the house before I entered the house, and it was not exaggerated at all.EssenceAfter I came in after vomiting, the boss saw that I was pregnant at a glance, and we arranged a small single room separately. As a result, I saw the cold noodles and I had no appetite., The boss is very good, and I did n’t urge us. After I went out, my husband drove the car and I waited on the side of the road.During that time, I did n’t have appetite and did n’t eat. The weight dropped quickly. I was 98 pounds before pregnancy. I built a file at that time in three months. I lost only 82 pounds.After five and a half months, basically don’t vomit much, just eat it, but the smell of individual food can’t smell it.

I am pregnant with my second child. The whole pregnancy, I vomited ten times, and I did n’t know what to eat and eat, and did n’t say that the taste and the taste could n’t smell it.My second child’s weight did not drop at all, but did not rise

Many people say that they look at men and women through pregnancy. They are girls who are pregnant. The boys are not serious. In myself, this is not accurate, because my two girls

My friend’s sister also gave birth to two girls, but she was pregnant twice and did not vomit, but she felt uncomfortable with a nausea.EssenceTo my friend, the vomiting was dark, and even lived in the nutrient solution of the hospital for three days. Do you think the girl she was pregnant?IntersectionWrong, she gave birth to a son, and it was big with my big girl.

Others say that when you are pregnant, you ca n’t eat spicy, drinks, ice cream, hot pot and other junk foods. It ’s not good for the baby. After the baby is born, there is a birthmark.EssenceThat pregnancy, including the entire pregnancy, do you want to avoid?Sister, listen to me, want to eat and eat. Most of the birthmarks have no effect on eating, unless you say something bad

I was pregnant in the early pregnancy. My husband took me to the hospital to let me hospitalize nutritional solution. The doctor said that I was not too good. There is no need to look like this. Let me want to eat.My husband also said that these are not good. Doctors say that there is no nutritional garbage, and not eating it, and not eating every day. First of all, we have to live?IntersectionMy husband won’t speak anymore

And sisters, you will find that you will feel better after you eat what you want to eat. The main thing is that in general, in most cases, in most cases, it will not vomitWhat to satisfy yourself

I am pregnant with two babies’ cold and hot cold, and there is no taboos at all. There is no birthmark on the two babies.Clean things

Some places say that if you are pregnant, you ca n’t eat rabbits, you ca n’t eat sheep.

Have you experienced pregnancy vomiting?What interesting things happened, welcome to share

May the mothers want men to be men and women, and by the way, the birth photos of my two babies in my family are really pink and tender and clean.

I want to listen to what I will share in the next part, welcome to draft!Intersection

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