Must -see for pregnant women

Everyone has a heart of beauty, but when it comes to pregnancy, it makes people doubtful about a wide variety of skin care products.Many people question: Can skin care after pregnancy?

Some people deny the answer, and tell you: I can’t use any skin care products during pregnancy!

But in fact, the ingredients of skin care products can only penetrate into the dermis layer of the skin, and will not penetrate the blood vessels. Skin care products can be used during pregnancy.

In addition, in the process of pregnancy, if pregnant women do not use skin care products at all, it will easily lead to rough and dark yellow or even spots.After these problems occur, it will be difficult to take effect, and it will take more time to recover.

So, how to choose cosmetics during pregnancy?

There are only two key points for skin care during pregnancy

Skin care products during pregnancy are not essentially different from daily skin care products

Mainly need to pay attention to mildness, avoid irritation, allergies

In addition, for pregnant women to choose skin care products, we have summarized a simple and easy -to -remember general rule- "Five Do not want" principle.

When choosing skin care products, expectant mothers will basically not step on the mine as long as they follow this rule.

分 Do not diminish class A ingredients

Vitamin A usually appears in the form of vitamin A, vitamin A, and vitamin A. After being absorbed by the skin, it will also be converted into vitamin A acid.

Victoria -A acid oral administration may cause fetal defects. It is uncertain if it is impact on the fetus. It is recommended to stop.

For example, vitamin A alcohol, vitamin Adehyde, retinol palmate, vitamin A linoleic acid, etc., are more common in some anti -acne, whitening and anti -aging products.

➋ Do not want salicylic acid

It is an effective component of acne and acne. It usually has different effects according to the added concentration, which is more common in acne products.

酮 Do not need dhabenzone-3

It is a chemical sunscreen, which is currently a controversial ingredient.

Do not phenylphenol (hydrogen)

It is usually used as a whitening and freckle component in skin care, and is disabled in Chinese cosmetics.

二 Do not deotenate

Part of the phthalate has been disabled by all cosmetics in my country.This ingredient is the highest in cosmetics nail polish, and the aromatic ingredients of some cosmetics will also be used.

Therefore, do not use various nail polish, perfume, hair dye and other products with a large amount of chemicals during pregnancy. You must also do a good job of preliminary component inspection.

In addition, the advertising flowers on the market are a whistle, and there are many that claim to be used by pregnant women. So how do we know which are reliable?

"Is pregnant women available" reliable?

First of all, it must be clear that at the level of domestic regulations, there is no classification of "skin care products for pregnant women". That is to say, these pregnant women can use cosmetics, all of which are self -proclaimed by merchants.

However, it is not illegal to declare that "pregnant women can use", provided that it is true.According to relevant regulations, judging whether it is true, mainly depends on "whether there is sufficient evidence", such as fully confirming that its mild and non -exciting experimental reports, etc.

For how pregnant women choose skin care products, in fact, the Drug Administration also has official suggestions. It mainly gives suggestions from multiple perspectives such as easy stimulation, inhalation, and possible illegal addition.

In October, conceiving is a long and hard process, but it cannot neglect the management of her skin. Each girl has a hot mother’s dream to maintain the skin condition during pregnancy. Choose a mild and safe product. The expectant mothers can also be beautiful.~

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