My brother -in -law and I are pregnant at the same time. My mother -in -law has a different attitude.

When I was pregnant, my mother -in -law was very happy. I came over to see me every day. After half a month, my brother and daughter -in -law were pregnant. My mother -in -law had a great reversal of my attitude towards me.What is this because of this, my husband’s words made me understand why my mother -in -law changed so fast.

I got married first, and my husband’s brother got married for two years.My family, my brother’s house, and my mother -in -law’s house are together, just three walls, and we are still eating together for the holidays.I found that I was pregnant. The family was very happy when I knew it, especially my mother -in -law took my hand and told me that paying attention to supplementing nutrition, paying more attention to rest, and less living at home, I will often come to help you.During that time, I felt that my mother -in -law was very intimate. I came over to see me every day, bought fruits, and gave me cooking.It didn’t take long for my daughter -in -law to find pregnancy, and the family is even more happy now.

I did not expect that the next day my mother -in -law did not come to my house. I went to my brother -in -law’s house and found that my mother -in -law was talking to my brother in the room. I came in to say hello to them and sat down to listen to them.

My mother -in -law said, don’t go to work anymore when you are pregnant, let’s raise it at home.Your body is not very good, you still have to pay more attention to recuperation.

My brother -in -law said, no, I still have to go to work, there is no job.What to do at home, my flowers are already large.

My mother -in -law took out a card and said that there was some money in it. You took the flowers first and don’t go to work.Not much, only 50,000 yuan, it should be enough for you to spend this time.

My brother -in -law said, thank you mom, then I won’t go to work first, and stay at home.

I have nothing to do. Although I am even more pregnant, I have always insisted on going to work. It is still because the company’s leaders are not easy to see me. I have arranged for me to work relaxed. I insist until now.I can only resign. Now I have poured it. My brother -in -law does not go to work and pays 50,000 yuan.The key is that you can give it in private, and you are given in front of me.I was very uncomfortable and couldn’t say it on the face.

Since then, my mother -in -law has rarely come to my house. She goes to my brother and daughter -in -law every day.Occasionally I think of me and call me past.I was embarrassed every time. I pushed away everything and vomited everything. I didn’t want to eat.My mother -in -law made three meals a day and made it for my brother -in -law.She rarely comes here. Even if you come, you can get something left, and ask me what I want to eat. I generally say, I just buy it myself, you do n’t need to care about me, or let your son be let your sonBuy.She said, don’t eat too much meat, eat more vegetables, or if the child is excessive nutrition, it is not easy to give birth.I thought you can really speak, the one who weighs bigger than me, and I haven’t seen you made her vegetarian food every day.

Even if these little things are, when I was about to give birth, I heard a friend introduced a single room of a hospital. My husband and I went to see it. The environment is very good, and there are special nurse care.I want to have a child to rest well, so you don’t have to be afraid of the influence of others.The VIP service of this hospital is very good, and there is a special confinement meal. There is no use of a family to send meals, so that the family can save a lot of hearts.A few of my good friends asked me to have children in this hospital, and my husband agreed.When I went home, my husband inadvertently revealed this to her mother -in -law. My mother -in -law said that you know that you waste money, so much money, what is not good for doing it, what VIP you have to book, what you have never heard of,EssenceEven if my mother -in -law is not helping me, I have never let us order.If I do n’t order, I do n’t say anything. The next day, my brother -in -law said that her mother -in -law had already ordered her VIP of other hospitals.

I went home and sat on the sofa. I really couldn’t figure out what it was for. I don’t care what they said, and I booked VIP myself. Fortunately, it was not a hospital. When I gave birth to a child, I would not notify them.I don’t know why my mother -in -law always wants to get my brother -in -law, but instead ignores me.

My husband saw me angry, and he told me that you can’t understand this. When we get married, your parents have a younger brother because I still have a younger brother.You haven’t forgotten things.But when you know that when my brother got married, his brother -in -law had money at home, didn’t care about Cai Li, and brought a lot of things to accompany him. He heard that my brother -in -law brought a lot of money.My mother thinks that the contrast between the two of us is too big, and I definitely want to take care of my brother -in -law. In the future, they will not treat my brother.This is the gap, and you should not be too angry. This is nothing.

I was even more angry when I heard it, tears, what is the way that there is no way, you are in my mother’s house, when did my parents treat you?You all want to stab your brother’s daughter -in -law, right? Even if my mother -in -law does it, my husband also says that it is sad, and there is nothing to comfort me.I thought it was still back to my mother’s house. No one in this family was distressed by me.When I turned around and packed things, I was leaving, because my pregnancy month was big, and my husband did not dare to stop me, so I went back to my mother’s house.I, is it because my brother -in -law has money?

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