My brother is pregnant with my cub

Shoushou, as the only surviving person in the world, I actually made Qingyunfeng’s self -proclaimed and high -profile brothers with a very high military value of my cubs.

But how many times, why did he get pregnant?

Seeing that his stomach was getting bigger and bigger, he started to vomit, and the demon urged me to kill him quickly, but how did I get it?

In other words, how should a man give birth to a child? Will it be damaged to the body after giving birth?

Chapter One

"Brother is pregnant? Is it mine?"

The wind on the edge of the cliff blows my black robe, and the corner of the cliff is rang. I don’t seem to believe my ears.

"is that true?"

I look forward to looking at the lower abdomen under my thin waist. I know that there is a good abdominal muscles there, touched, and kissed.But I never thought that there was a small life that belongs to my little life now.

"Demon girl, good thing you do!"

The little girl next to me was chattering, while scolding me, she waved my sword with a sword, and looked at my master with tears.

My elder brother Qin Ling was unsmiling. At this time, he didn’t speak coldly. At first glance, the handsome ice face, the unchanged ice -making face also caused countless women.

"what should I do then?"

As I avoided the overwhelming swords, I was at a loss, and counted my fingers, just a few times, why.

Without waiting for me to return to God, Qin Ling had already stepped forward in the thousands of swords. The scabbard flew out from his hands. In the chest, I was injured in my chest. With this power, I am facing the cliff.Falling away.

At the moment of flying in the air, I scolded Qin Ling for 10,000 times. Even if I accidentally put your stomach, you do n’t need to kill someone.

Chapter two

Below the cliff is the Hantan of Qingyunfeng. For others, this will undoubtedly die, but for me, this Hantan is my excellent place to nourish.

I fell into the Hantan, the incarnation of the people, the seaweeds were generally scattered on the side of my body, and the upper body was wrapped with twisted gauze.The silver -white tail swims around, and the ripples splashing spread.I have not returned to my original body for a long time, and I am very happy in this cold pond.

"You are at ease!"

The cold voice came out, I looked up, happy, it turned out that my old acquaintance came, Demon King Rong Jin.

While swimming around, I talked towards him: "Okay, let me make it like this for your plan for your unification of the world.If you haven’t enjoyed a little benefit, you take some elixir, and the result is exposed. You have to be responsible for me. "

"You are so embarrassed!"

He took me a sip.

"Let you kill Qin Ling, you pour it, and go to him to soak him. As a result, things are revealed. Now you are injured and you can’t say anything.

"What is the matter of Qin Ling. Now he has my cub and has no combat effectiveness. What about your plan?"

I ignore Rong Jin’s ridicule, and traveling around is happy.

"Without combat effectiveness, you will fell off the cliff? Today I sent someone to save you. In your hands, at least the three thousand elites are damaged. After you raise your injuries, you will be ready to give me a life."

After that, Rong Jin disappeared instantly, I cut it, sank into the Hantan, and absorbed the aura of the heaven and earth in the Hantan.

My name is Bai Qiong. I am one of the only tadpoles in this world. My father is a hegemon in the sea. The natural emperor is born handsome and powerful.Leave off the offspring to the clan, and after seeing my mother at first sight, I have me.

The reproduction of the Tatars is extremely difficult. First of all, we are scarce, and often because of the delicious meat, we are born with their own beads. They practice very smoothly and are captured by humans. Therefore, we have fewer and less.

In his early years, his father and mother had some relationships with the magic religion. He asked the Demon Divine’s medicine and wanted to leave a trace of life for me in a hundred years.From then on, as long as the men who have a relationship with me may be pregnant, this has greatly increased the survival rate of my offspring.

It was just that I didn’t expect that the first one who gave me pregnancy was Qin Ling.

In all fairness, Qin Ling looks good, has a good family, and has good talents. I dare not think about what stories with me and me.But such a man now has my child.

I smiled happily, rolling around in the Hantan, and I was happier.

third chapter

After a month of cultivation in the Hantan of Qingyunfeng, I was full of demon. In addition, I practiced the practice method that Qin Ling told me. In a few days, the wounds caused by the people on Qingyunfeng were all better.Go back to the magic religion first, and then go to Qin Ling.

The magic religion was as dark and humid as always.Without him, Lingwu was inherently resistant to the dark and humid environment.

"Is the injury?" Rong Jin asked inadvertently as he looked at the map.

I nodded, in fact, because Rong Jin sent me a message and asked me to return to the Demon Palace. I couldn’t bear Qin Ling and pushed Qin Ling’s bed in the middle of the night. As a result, the warm little sister who was sent to find it.The demon power was noticed by Qin Ling.

One second ago, I was still in bed with a blushing and shy brother, and immediately took my neck to confess.

The magic power was a fiery people of Qing Yunfeng. I opened Qin Ling’s hand and fled, and suffered a bit of trauma in the middle. The most fatal injury was the little sister who secretly loved Qin Ling. She saw Qin Ling.The clothes with me were not torrent, screamed, and the sword of my heart was pierced, and I forced me to the cliff.

Qin Ling wore his clothes and hurriedly didn’t come. He wanted to block the sword for me. During his exercise, he suddenly found that his skills were hindered. A sarcasm, the doctor who was in a hurry, found that Qin Ling was pregnant with my cub.Essence

My demon is unstable, and Qin Ling’s suddenly appeared scabbard to increase my injuries in my heart, and this will have more days.

"The task I give you this time is simpler. You go to Qingyunfeng and steal me the map of the Treasure Pavilion."

"Why is it me again?"

I was unwilling to sit on the chair. Although I was going to Qingyunfeng to see Qin Ling, I didn’t want to go to the Treasure Pavilion of the government. It was full of various enchants of Qing Yunfeng. It was easy to go in and out.

Not to mention stealing the map, when you hear it, it is the task of life.

"Don’t go, who go?"

Rong Jin couldn’t get used to my death pigs, not afraid of boiling water, kicked me, and said, "Don’t forget, your father and mother gave you to me, the purpose is to let you do things for me.Your Tataron and the Demon Tutor have been allies. Although the relationship between the two ethnic groups is a bit cold now. "

"My parents asked you to take me to see the world, but I didn’t let me live for you!"

I said to him angrily, "Just Qin Ling’s mission, I lost half of my life."

"That’s not what you are looking for. It was originally a result of a knife. You have to make such a huge momentum, and you have to make your skin.Those old men negotiated. "

Rong Jin straightened his body and smiled ridiculed: "The head of the dignitaries, Qin Ling, the big disciple of the light and moon, and the species of you, you will be laughed at the people of the world. Hahahaha, I, IDad’s medicine is really amazing. "

I don’t like him to say this Qin Ling, and turn around and leave.

Chapter Four

Rong Jin has a saying right. My father and mother did throw me down to his life. There is no other reason, because Rong Jin is equivalent to me. Daddy and mother want to match us. In addition, because of the magic in the early years, because of the magicJun’s medicine, the people owed by my father and mother are hoping to return.

But this product is full of brains, and the whole neurosis is not interested in him.

After a long time, I arrived in Qingyunfeng.

I still like Qing Yunfeng. I have a lot of aura and a lot of lakes. It is especially suitable for me to cultivate. I did n’t go to Qin Ling.I like to practice in the lake in Qingyunfeng the most, and I was hit by Qin Ling to practice in the lake and walk into the demon, and then there was a ridiculous first night.

I shook my head and wanted to throw out the memories of the past, and the hand in the enchantment of Qingyunfeng did not change.

After all, I lived here for a while, and I pointed at the patrols here. Between a few breaths, I arrived at Qin Ling’s door.

Qin Ling’s door has an enchantment, but I am not afraid. I used to be the only person who came here except Qin Ling.

I hid in his room and asked, the room was dark, he was not there.

I lay on his bed boringly and smelled his smell on the quilt. The clear rosin was in line with my appetite.

After a while, some people spoke from far away, and I heard the voice of Qin Ling and his master.

"The evil animal in your belly is good?" This is the voice of Qing Yu’s old man.

"No, the disciples want to leave it." Qin Ling’s voice was still cold and could not hear any anger.

"You have reached the Yuan Ying, and you can be so confused when you have reached the Yuan Ying.

"I know."

"Do you still miss the demon and lady …"

The old man of Qing Yu was getting louder and louder, and suddenly he disappeared like something holding his throat.

I moved my mind and was discovered.

My legs respond faster than my brain, and I am going to jump the window and escape.Unexpectedly, the wind was swept away, and the path of my escape was cut off by a white sword, and the sword gas was swept away, which hindered my way to the way, because the sword was huge, and I retreated for dozens of steps back.On the bed.

"Disciples leave."

Qin Ling’s calm voice came from outside the door. The old man Qing Yu sighed and turned away.

Qin Ling’s sword qi is overbearing and cold. At this time, I pointed directly at my limbs, and I dare not have a slump.

He opened the door and closed the door slowly, and then walked slowly in front of me.

I looked up and looked at him with a handsome face and red lips.

"You dare to come!"

He spit out coldly, frowned suddenly, turned around, and poured a glass of water for himself.It seemed that it was pregnant, and I looked at him distressed.

"Why don’t you dare? I think you think about it. As soon as I raised my injuries, I came to see you."

I’m not afraid of his cold face. It is my person. I am pregnant with my cubs. Even if I can’t beat him, I won’t hide from him.Besides, he is pregnant, how can I accept me, I can accept it.

"What are you doing, do you see a good thing you do?"

With the moonlight, I looked at his lower abdomen, and the child seemed to grow a little.

He followed my eyes, frowned, and opened his mouth to retider again.

"Well …" I immediately broke his sword qi, supported him, and passed with a sigh of breath. His face was better.

Leaning for me, his body was still a bit stiff, I held his waist and started to coquettish:

"I don’t want to do it. This constitution was given by my dad. I never thought of getting you pregnant. That Rong Jin asked me to kill you, but I couldn’t bear it. After I knew that I had a big stomach, I was actually I actuallyVery guilty. "

I said upside down, and I didn’t know what I said. Qin Ling was held by me. Although my face was still cold, my body slowly softened, and my hand was unconsciously put on my body.Follow my hair.

chapter Five

Heaven and earth can learn from Qin Ling. I didn’t plan to soak him. During the undercover undercover of Qingyun Peak, I only liked to eat, drink, drink, and cultivate. Although Rong Jin urged me all day to kill him, I never wanted to start.For other reasons, he is so good.

As a master of Qingyunfeng, Xiu is high, even if he looks handsome, he is particularly concerned about the new disciples.

On the recruitment platform of Qingyunfeng, we met for the first time. He was cold and unable to ignore. I dare to say that all women see him at first glance.

Because I closed the magic power, when testing the spirit root, I was measured as a bad spiritual root that was not easy to practice, and it was directly assigned to the outer door.

The outside door was too much and miscellaneous. Once, I accidentally fell the barrels of water on the ground. I was so angry that I was seen by him.It was very surprised. I smiled and filled the barrel with spiritual power and helped me clean up the endgame.

I suddenly felt that there was no reason for Rong Jin to kill him.

Since that day, Qin Ling loves to talk to me. It seems to be very interesting to my nonsense, causing the surrounding teachers and sisters to point out.

Because it is a miscellaneous root, it will always be excluded by some pedestrians.Coupled with my intention to restrain the demon power, I always fell into the wind in the group melee.If he let him hit, he would put on the face of a master to teach the person who bullied me.

I don’t understand the practice of cultivation, he will come over to explain it in detail.As a man, I did n’t have the practice of practicing the real world of the real world. At the beginning, I could n’t call it even a fireball. It was his hand.

Sometimes I discuss with other sisters and brothers, and he will watch coldly because the practice is slow, and the ability to combat melee in the melee is not good.I didn’t think there was anything, but he always frowned, saying that I was inadequate, and then feed me delicious food, and then used medicine to treat the injury.

Even, sometimes I was interested. I ran to the kitchen for cooking. He was caught by him and would secretly eat my meals.What surprised me was that he liked to eat my meals, my meal, that was something that even my father and mother had to eat.

No matter how stupid, I felt a little bit. The master Qin Ling seemed to be a little interesting to me.

He is very good to everyone, but it is particularly good to me.

One night, Qingyunfeng’s moonlight was very good, and it was very suitable for me to absorb the essence. In a remote lake, when I was turning into the original body, I suddenly broke through the realm.When the blood was flowing back, it was unbearable.

This is the cost of cultivation of Tatars. I have been used to it, but my body still rolls in the lake involuntarily.The cultivation of the Tatarin was already very difficult. We were born with spiritual body.

But after getting these benefits, if you want to cultivate breakthroughs in the gifts of heaven and earth, you will definitely be backframes. My anti -bump is the blood pulse retrograde.

In order not to make a big movement, I had to turn into a human figure and roll in the lake, praying that the pain of blood veins can survive as soon as possible.

Just when I was miserable and thought that I couldn’t support it, Qin Ling appeared.

He seemed to be able to practice in such a remote lake without expecting that he thought that I was bathing and dodge at first, but soon found out that I was wrong.Essence

Misty recognized his face, frowning, as if he was worried about me.

"He is the only person who may worry about me except father and mother." Thinking of this, my heart moved slightly.

"Quick, read clearly."

His cold and nice voice passed into my ears. I felt that my body temperature was also cold, but instantly, the pain of blood rebellion hit again, I started to roll, and the fabric on my body was stained with blood. I was in pain.The roar.

The Tatarin originated from water, but it is necessary to break through the blood, which needs to break through the blood and the pain of retrograde fire. It is the avenue of the Tosh people practice. I feel that each blood is burning, abnormal pain, and unbearable.

Qin Ling was shocked by my rolling and roar, and waved his hand to make a sound insulation enchantment.

His voice sounded leisurely, like a calm water -free ancient well: "If the heart is clear, the sky will not be shocked;

While he decided to enter the aura, he didn’t know that he couldn’t save me, and the pain caused by the blood veins was even more painful.

He was panicked by the appearance on my face, and it was rare to see the ice face loose.

He hugged me tightly, and I heard him say, "White, white, how can you make you more comfortable?"

I have no strength to answer him, and the pain of breakthroughs spray in each blood. I look at his handsome face that has been unchanged for thousands of years, slightly panicked eyes, and the inexplicable emotions in my heart have flashed, looking up, I bite, I biteHis lips.

Mom eggs are about to die. Maybe this is not a matter of being able to suffer, it is not a big deal to kiss the handsome guy, it is worthwhile to die.Qin Ling is so good, I like him so much!I thought so, and kissed Qin Ling deeper to Qin Ling.

Qin Ling’s eyes widened and stiff. He supported my shoulders and felt the heat of my body.

The entanglement of my lips and tongue continued. The moment I kissed him, the blood on my body suddenly got Ganlin, like the hot earth, and the pain instantly faded down, but once I left, the pain rolled again.

I was surprised to change my body, and I continued to deepen the kiss.

Qin Ling was completely stunned, but seeing my pain was relieved. I didn’t know how to advance and retreat for a while. That’s it. I was entangled by me. You come and go and play.He started to breathe, but I didn’t let him go.

Such a handsome man, you can earn it.

When you come and go, his rosin smell almost overwhelm all my senses. My body suddenly becomes strange. The pain of the blood of the blood veins, instantly, I confused him with the power of the people.Let him even have a sense of resistance.

The unique charm of the female of the Tatars, and our ancestors will perform this charm when they meet their favorite humans.

His hesitation means that Qin Ling may retreat, but I don’t allow him to retreat now.

Under the charm, his eyes suddenly became unsightly, and he no longer struggled. I dragged him into the water freely, turned into a man, and entangled him.

Instinct swept me, I changed back and forth in the humanoid and original shape.

I am happy to look up happily, and the humanoid is more convenient and wanton.

He and I wrapped over a night, waiting for the pain of the body to spread all, and successfully entered the realm of Jindan.

Chapter Six

The power of the people can be charm, but it cannot eliminate memory.After that, Qin Ling knew that I was a demon and knew my original shape, but he did not choose to escape, but instead talked to me sincerely.

"Be with me, I am your Taoist couple."

I looked at his red face and nodded.The Tatars only focus on their hearts.I like him, so I am willing to disobey Rong Jin’s orders to be with Qin Ling.

The next thing was logical. He used the identity of his apprentice to adjust me into the inner door. I became the apprentice of the old man of Qingyu and the sisters of Qin Ling.Since then, Qin Ling has become a veritable master of my name, and we have become more entangled.

Qin Ling knew that I had a secret, but he never asked, knowing that my practice method was different, so he spontaneously guided me, and even was willing to be my furnace.When I was in pain and breakthrough, I took the initiative to dedicate himself, maybe this is the reason that he was pregnant.

I did not expect that the medicine of the old demon can really change my physique. I thought my father was playing with me before, and I didn’t know how men were pregnant, producing, and my child was a person or a person.

The most important thing is whether Qin Ling’s body will cause any damage.

If it weren’t for Rong Jin’s killing guy, I would like to go to the magic religion, I would not sneak to climb Qin Ling’s bed to say goodbye.It will not be panicked, exposing the demon status.

The situation today is not impossible.

Qin Ling looked at me, I looked at Qin Ling’s belly, and the two of us were speechless for a while.

"Next, what do you think?

Qin Ling spoke first. I didn’t think about this problem. Looking at the instinct of obeying my heart, I wanted to talk nonsense, but looking at his fair handsome face, I didn’t know what to say.

"Otherwise, you and I return to the West Sea?" I asked tentatively that Qin Ling was pregnant with my cub. My father and mother must be happy.There is no precedent for men to get pregnant.

"Then?" Qin Ling then asked: "After seeing your parents, we became married, you stabilized me, and then came to attack Qingyun Peak with that demon and seized the world?"

I was confused by his series of words. Rong Jin hit Qing Yunfeng about me. I just wanted to take Qin Ling back to Xisheng’s biological baby.

Rong Jin’s mind was sick, and he shouted every day to do things. If you want to dominate the world, I don’t have so much ideas. I just want to live a good life.

Qin Ling looked at me and suddenly became angry. The sword flashed, and the sword was wrapped in me for dozens of feet, and it fell into our first lake.

I wiped the water on my face. I don’t know what temper he suddenly lost. Thinking of the people in the world said that the woman who was pregnant will grow bigger, and her temperament would be overcast. Maybe Qin Ling became a pregnant husband, and her temper became greater.Forget it, I endure.

Chapter VII

The task of Rong Jin’s kid was really difficult to complete. I quietly observed Qin Ling every day while seeing if I had the opportunity to enter the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion.Many times, I was caught by Qin Ling outside the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion. As soon as he waved his hand, I was brought back to the lake by the sword air.

Although pregnancy could not improve his combat effectiveness, he did not weaken his cultivation. He stopped at the peak of Yuan Ying, and it was not a problem to deal with me.

"You give me old real."

He seemed to know that I wanted to enter the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion, but I just didn’t say it, and I didn’t allow me to go. I couldn’t touch what he was thinking. I could only doubt whether the temperament of the pregnant husband would be inexplicable.It’s hard to guess.

The three months passed quickly. One night, a night light butterfly flew to my room, and Rong Jin was sending me a message again and letting me go back.

I looked at Qin Ling, who was lying beside me, and his lower abdomen was slightly raised. In the dream, there was also a cold face. His beautiful eyebrows frowned slightly. Thinking about his pregnancy in recent months, I couldn’t bear it.He left him again.

The same thing is enough to come once.

With a wave, the night light butterfly burned as the ashes by my demon power, and the room reappeared into darkness. I held Qin Ling and continued to sleep sweetly.

Qin Ling’s belly is getting bigger and bigger. Qing Yunfeng now knows that he is pregnant with my cubs. As a man, he can do nothing. Except for a big change in diet, his schedule is as ever.

Get up early to do morning skills, instruct the teacher and brother and sister to practice swords, and host the daily affairs of Qing Yunfeng, as if the person who is pregnant is not him.

His strength and strong sense of responsibility. Over time, it seems that no one in Qing Yunfeng cares whether he is a pregnant man.Only me, holding guilt at him, teased him with a good way, and made him delicious.His belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the movement is becoming more and more inconvenient, and he can’t practice even with a sword.

I think it’s my fault.

chapter eight

Qin Ling’s due date is close at hand. I don’t know how the man has children. The old man of Qing Yu thought about various ways. Finally, he bite his teeth and called the old friend of Fei Sheng Jiutian to help Qin Ling successfully produce a child.

The method is also very simple.

The door of the delivery room was crowded with people. I was anxious to turn outside the delivery room. It was unfortunate. At this time, there was a blasting sound from Qingyunfeng, and the mountains were shaking all at once.Someone broke the crowd of Qingyunfeng’s mountain protection and attacked the mountain.

I took a closer look. The leader was Rong Jin’s kid.

While my man was giving birth to a child, other disciples of Qing Yunfeng went to the secret trial recently, and the elite was not there.

What left was not medical practice or disciples outside the door. They were not opponents of the demon generals. I took out the sledgehammer and started hammering with the demon.


A demon will be smashed into meat cakes and recovered quickly. The demon will be scared and retreat quickly. Rong Jin rushed in front of him to scold me not to talk about righteousness.

"Dare you talk about your righteousness, let him be peaceful while my man has a baby!"

In terms of fighting, ten Rong Jin is not my opponent. I don’t care what Rong Jin is in my mind. Qin Ling is now giving me a baby for me. I want to keep Qing Yunfeng’s tranquility tonight.

I waved the hammer on my hand, the surrounding winds, and all the devils would automatically stay away from me.

My hammer weapon looks not amazing, but it is the fine iron found in the Dragon Palace of the West Sea Dragon King. It took 30 days and nights to create it.

I just didn’t force it, the magic general had become meat cakes.This hammer is hard, it hurts when it wipes, and dies when it meets.

"You really have no conscience, and we don’t know if we are one."

While avoiding the attacks of other disciples, Rong Jin was dissatisfied with me as a striker for Qingyunfeng. His demons will stagnate in front of the mountain and cannot take a step forward. The reason is simple. No one is really not afraid of the hammer in my hand.

I stood in front of everyone in Qingyunfeng and repeated again: "I only know now that my man is giving me a baby, and everyone is not allowed to affect him. Whoever moves, who dies!"

The hammer was in my hands, and everyone did not dare to move forward for a while.

I don’t know how long the confrontation has been.

The sky was densely clouded, the leaves blowing the wind rustling, and the thunder was groaning in the sky.

I know that my child was born.

The heavens and the earth returned to light. The birds with dozens of Caixia flew out of the immortal world, and Caixia was bathed on the Qingyun Peak, making the aura between Qingyun Peak unprecedented filling.trillion.

"you are vicious!"

When Rong Jin saw me, he stopped talking, and turned his head to retreat with the magic. While I was not ready, he reached out and wanted to grab me to walk together. Suddenly he dropped a white sword from the sky and cut off his hand directly.

Blood splashing on my sleeves.

I turned around, it was Qin Ling.

"Where does the demon want to take my wife?"

When I heard the familiar voice, I saw Qin Ling holding a cricket and came from the clouds.

He was very fast. As soon as he approached me, he put the child in my arms. I looked down, and my son was spitting bubbles.

Qin Ling was really powerful and gave me a son. This small look is quite cute.

Production does not seem to bring some pain to Qin Ling, and his waist and limb restores thinner.

I stood beside him and found that his cultivation was for a while, began to break through the God, and he breathed a few more breaths.

This advanced speed is really scary.

Since ancient times, the breakthroughs have been heavenly Thunder, but Qin Ling even broke the three realms, and there was no thunder in the sky. There was no other reason. Because the Tatars were born, Lei Gongmu did not go to work.

‘You, you, you, you monster!"

Rong Jin was scared to cover his injured hand. He is now in the infant period, and is almost the same as me. In the face of Qin Ling, who is higher than him, he has no chance.

Under the imperial, Mingjin’s troops, this big plan to attack Qingyunfeng was completely failed.

chapter eight

After the war, everyone sorted out each other. The next day, the disciples who went out to try the trials came back. I realized that Qingyunfeng’s strength has been very strong. In recent years, it has been a talent for talents.Hundreds of years can not break the Qingyun Peak.

I have seen my brothers and sisters, and the old man of Qing Yu admitted that the relationship between the Taoist couple and Qin Ling in front of the crowd, and only waited for the children to go out of the moon.

After Ming Road, I no longer shrinking my hands in Qingyunfeng, holding my child, teased my son, and returning to Qin Ling’s room while I found out.Qin Ling’s room was piled up with gifts from the disciples of Qing Yunfeng.

It seems that the elder brother is still popular as ever.

Qin Ling took the child from my hands, and the backhand was thrown to the teachers and brothers at the door. The younger brothers had never seen the young man’s figure, and they couldn’t help but look at it.

Qin Ling’s tactics, Tengyun, pulled me and flew to the first lake.

"Why come here?" I didn’t poke his chest angrily. I haven’t held enough children.

I looked up and asked him, "You just broke through the realm and don’t consolidate it?"

Qin Ling didn’t speak, waved his hand and made a huge sound insulation enchantment, and then rushed up and started to kiss me.

Mu Tianxi, I rolled together with Qin Ling.This time, he dragged me into the water and forced me to become the original.

Unexpectedly, Qin Ling was so perverted, I liked it more, and the original body was very happy.

It is always very happy to do this with Qin Ling. Afterwards, Qin Ling began to take care of me seriously. The ceremony was the half of Qingyunfeng’s elixir and magic weapon promised by Qingyu’s old man.But the old man of Qing Yu asked, I had to take the child and Qin Ling to live on the Qingyun Peak.

There is no other reason. The aura brought by the young people is too powerful. Within a hundred years, it is enough to make the martial arts rising. The old man of Qingyu is rising at that step.Now looking at Qin Ling, it is like seeing a walking aura container.

"We are married, what should you do if you continue to get pregnant in the future?"

I am very worried about him. Before I met me, he was the head of Zhengdao Kui, and the moon was full of moon.

With a white clothes and a long sword, I don’t know how many girls are happy.In addition, he looks handsome, his talent is good, and his strength is strong. When he is fake, this Qingyun Peak may be the master to be the master.

Qin Ling kissed me, and the kiss became more and more powerful.

I heard him and said, "It’s okay, you are enough."

I took Qin Ling, and my son returned to the West Sea. He told my father and mother about Rong Jin. I didn’t expect my father and mother to wave her hand, saying that I didn’t want to participate in a messy struggle. When I left, my father gave Qin Ling-A big bead.

"In the future, pregnancy pain, you can use this bead to raise your body directly, don’t hurt your body."

Qin Ling blushed and said goodbye to his father and mother. We took our son back to Qingyunfeng.

Qin Ling and I were sweet for two years and were pregnant again. When the second child was born, he advanced to the crowd. He broke through the child’s birth, and then there was no thunder in the sky.

Qingyunfeng is full of aura again. While everyone is envious of Qin Ling’s good luck, while absorbing the aura brought by our children.

"Do you really don’t regret it?"

One night, I asked Qin Ling. Now he is no longer like a unsmile master, but it is like a housewife who washed his hands to soup for me.

"No regrets! I am willing to be willing."

He came up and said a lot to me. It turned out that from me to Qingyun Mountain, he had an inexplicable impression on me.Half a half.

I hoped that I would run as soon as possible. He was pregnant, and his skill was decreased. He was afraid that he couldn’t protect me.I repaired it to be responsible for him, and he was extremely happy.

"As a man pregnant, don’t you feel ashamed?" I couldn’t help asking this topic.

"What’s the matter, the heavens and the earth yin and yang are good, everything is negative and the yang, rigid and soft, and it is one. Although I am a man, I have an anode to yin and the cathode to yang. Since ancient times, women can get pregnant.Moreover, the breeding people also brought me the benefits of practice, what kind of shame. "

Qin Ling didn’t care, and the words of the wine came out casually. The elder brother was a brother. This mind is difficult to reach.

I was surprised by his openness, but the person who practiced the Tao was so thoroughly thought of it.I was tangled and tangled, but there was a magic barrier.

Having said that, he kissed me and said vaguely: "You don’t know how I’m glad me. Now my masters and siblings are not to be pregnant for you.Who doesn’t want to? "

He said vaguely, and I didn’t think about it.

Chapter nine

Qin Ling and I were held very grandly. Qing Yunfeng once again stabilized the world’s largest faction because of the nourishment of the aura. I guess that Rong Jin had to be depressed for a long time because he couldn’t do anything.

Strangely, on the wedding day, many people on the right path were curious about me. In addition to my Tatarin status, many little girls asked me how to get my Taoist couple pregnant.Qin Ling’s.

In the face of these questions, I can answer what I can answer. If it is hard to say, it is ambiguous.

It didn’t take long, I heard that the female practitioner was crowded out of the magic palace. The old devil did not expect that he would get rich like this, so he resting his mind and moved Rong Jin to a better place, and medicine and medicine.Wang Gu was a neighbor and began to study how to change the physique of men.

After these words, Qin Ling told me later.

Life after the wedding still needs to be carried out normally. It is not easy to raise children. Qin Ling is so hard. I don’t want to raise children and can’t help.Just began to swim happily, carefree, as if there was no trouble.

The child’s food does not need to worry about it. Qingyunfeng picked up the little guy as his ancestor, so that when the little guy broke through the foundation, the gift received was full of our house.The road to practice of Tatars will only become more and more difficult, but fortunately, Qin Ling guards our home. The son’s practice is smooth. Qingyunfeng will be a big man who has risen to the upper world every hundred years.Therefore, our Tatars have once again become the fragrance of the practice world.

My father and mother gave me a letter, saying that I added a few younger brothers and sisters, and let me not worry. Now my sisters are not worried about marrying, and those who are mentioned will be broken.I did not disappoint the medicine I gave me that year.

In this way, I became the Taoist couple of Master Qingyunfeng. From then on, with his flowers and flowers in Qingyunfeng, he fell, raised our Tatars, and thrived.

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