My dad is a fellow wife, sprinkle dog food in Huzhou every day, but I changed after pregnancy.

Hello everyone, I am the pig Xiaofan of the true story.


Winter 1990.

My mother is 21 years old, and it is the age of marriage.

My dad is 23 years old and is a man in the town.

He is 1.78 meters tall. In the southern town of that era, he was absolutely high.And my dad is super handsome.

Of course, the most important thing is that he has a business mind, and he will make a lot of money.

As a ordinary female worker in the Silk Factory, how many girls are envious of her jealous.

After all, my dad looked at her alone.

However, in the evening, my dad came to pick up my mother, but did not show up.

My mother waited for a long time and waited for a friend of my dad.

He rushed over and told my mother, something happened!

He said that my dad had committed a rogue and was caught by the public security.

My mother stood in the cold wind, and it was impossible for a while to react for a while, right?He is not such a person.

But when my mother saw my dad again, my dad had already shaved his head and started serving his sentence.


My parents met in 1987.

That year, Fei Xiang’s "Fire in Winter" was full of the street.

How many girls’ dream lover has become a mixed -race guy wearing a red suit.

At that time, my mother was 18 years old and worked as a female worker in the silk factory in Deqing, Huzhou.

One day, a younger sister said excitedly that a selling clothes on the street seemed to look like Fei Xiang.

This is a sensation.

Girls, large and small in the factory, went to the streets to see handsome guys in groups.

And this street "small Fei Xiang" is my dad.

Just 20 years old, 1.78 meters.Big eyes, double eyelids, and white skin.Riding the Yamaha motorcycle every day, selling clothes out of the stall.

At that time, there was only one commercial street in our town. My dad was worthy of being the most beautiful on the street.

He sells men’s clothing.

But as soon as the weekend, the booth was crowded with girls.

The girls of the Silk Factory all have a big voice that has trained in the roar machine.As soon as they came, the scene was very lively.

Don’t think that girls in the 1980s are actually open.

Someone who took the initiative to chat with my dad, some who had a frown with my dad, and opened the door to see the mountain and asked my dad if he had a girlfriend, Mao Su recommended …

And my dad, I saw my mother.


My mother is really not outstanding in a group of girls.

Not high, not white, and a little bit of teeth.

At that time, the grandfather’s family was very poor, and the five children were squeezed in a small thatched house.

My mother is the youngest, like a little rabbit, soft and soft, meek and tender.

Usually her worker and my dad talked, and she listened quietly.

Once, a fat girl turned around and knocked down the model on the booth.

My mother and my dad both spoke to help, but the model did not help, but the heads of the two collided together.

According to my dad’s memories, that time, my mother burst into tears.

Since then, the big eyes with tears remain in his heart.

Gentle, clear, like a pond water, can jump out of the fish at any time.

Actually, my dad has been paying attention to my mother long ago.

Because in a group of publicized girls, quiet mothers are a special existence.

She never took the initiative to talk to my dad.Hearing something interesting, it just smiled secretly.

Someone squeezed off the clothes on the booth, and she picked it up silently and stacked one by one.

Who would have thought that the most fashion beautiful girl in the whole street moved, so she moved the most simple girl in the factory.


My dad didn’t say how he chased my mother.

It may be too easy.

Handsome and rich.

How can a girl resist.

Speaking of which, at that time, my dad was "10,000 yuan".

My mother was exhausted for a month before making dozens of dollars. My dad earned hundreds of dollars a day.

Many people are not optimistic about my dad.Including grandparents.

After all, it was not a serious job to engage in individual households at that time.

And do business on the street, friends I know, three teachings and nine streams.

Everyone thinks that my dad is a playboy, and he is just playing with my mother.

In fact, even my mother was a little doubtful. She asked my dad, I am so ordinary, what do you like me?

My dad said very seriously that he likes you simple, and at first glance, he is a good girl with a beautiful heart.

My mother also learned after it was a long time later that my dad was obsessed with simplicity and kindness.

Don’t look at my dad now the scenery is unlimited, but when he was young, he suffered.

Grandma disappeared when he was very young.

Grandpa is honest and will not make money.It is not easy to pull the three sons to grow up.

It is said that Grandma’s parents also found Grandpa’s house a few times, saying that my grandpa killed my grandma.

It was full of storms, and Grandpa’s work was lost.

When the poor at home, there was no rice, and he couldn’t eat for a few days.My dad almost starved to death.

However, a few years later, Grandpa learned the news of grandma from his neighbor’s neighbor’s mouth.

Grandma had no ability to abandon Grandpa, and left the three children without a sound, and ran away with other men.


At that time, my father had almost all the things that peers dreamed of.

But he always had a black hole that could never fill in.

He can indeed find better conditions and get married.

But in his bones, he only wanted to find a simple and kind girl to form a peaceful home.

Unfortunately, the injury left by my dad was too deep, and it was not until he met my mother that he quietly healed.

At that time, my parents were the happiest couples in the town.

Both of them must stick together.

Dad likes to ride a motorcycle and takes her mother to go up.

My mother is a person who has no need for material, but my dad always wants to give her the best things.

In the age of lack of material, smuggling into the electronic watch, recorder, and exported the remaining bright flower skirts.

My mother held, covered her mouth and laughed. It was too expensive, I dare not wear it!

But my dad said, what are you afraid of?If you look so beautiful, you have to dress beautifully!

From a young age, my mother listened to someone for the first time that she was good -looking.

But she believes that my dad sincerely praises her.

Because my dad is handsome, rich, kind, there is no need to lie to her stupid little girl.

However, within a few years, the test really came.

It was the winter of 1990.

My mother is getting married.

One day after get off work, my dad made an appointment to pick her up, but did not appear.

In the evening, a friend of my dad came to tell my mother that my dad was in trouble because he was criminal and was caught.


It wasn’t until my dad went in that my mother saw my dad.

My dad shaved his head and wore prison.

My dad said, you believe me, I haven’t done it before.

My mother didn’t wait for him to explain, so I said, I believe you.You are not like that.

My dad’s tears came down.

The cause of the matter is that my dad drinks with friends.After scattering at night, one of the friends drank too much, and a girl was teased on the road.

The girl couldn’t think of it for a while, and she jumped off the building and committed suicide.

It was the first time in the country to scan the country, and the law was mainly strict.

Obviously, my dad had already returned home to sleep.However, he was still charged for one year.

At that time, many people advised my mother not to be stupid.

Even if my dad was wronged, he would stay at the bottom of the case, and he was over for a lifetime.

While the two were not married, they broke up quickly and replaced them.

However, simple and gentle people are often tougher.

My mother decided to wait.

It was 1992 when my dad was released from prison.

That day, my mother pushed my dad’s motorcycle to pick him up.

The moment the two met, tears were full of tears.

My dad picked up my mother several times.

Then he rode on his Yamaha motorcycle, carried my mother, and returned home together.


That year, my parents got married.

In 1993, I came to this world.

Since then, my dad has another girl who must love.

After giving birth, my dad would not let my mother go to work.

He said that the work of Silk Factory was too hard, and he would enjoy a blessing.

At that time, he still sold clothes, but moved from the street booth to the store.

Looking home every day, housework can also be covered.

In addition to taking care of me, my mother is playing cards and shopping.

Maybe I was afraid from childhood.

My dad is very exciting, even if his business is good, he earns more and more.Eat in the store and can be full.No one wants to take advantage of him.

But he was particularly willing to my mother.

I remember the first black screen Motorola, more than 5,000, my mother just admired it.

My dad immediately went to buy one for my mother.

But in the evening, my mother took the one -dollar yellow van and lost it.

My dad knew, not only was not angry, but also comforted my mother not to worry.

The next day, he immediately bought a new one for my mother.

In my mother, my dad only likes or not, and never reluctant.


To be honest, I even felt that my dad had broken my mother.

My mother followed him at the age of 18, and my dad was arranged in one hand.So she stopped at 18 years old.

When he was young, he lost three or four, and he didn’t change his age.

With something in the pot, she went out.Playing a card at the neighbor’s house suddenly remembered that the door at home was not closed.Once, the door was really closed, but the key was not with …

When I was a kid, I heard my dad nagging and my mother. When I grew up, my dad was still nagging.

Is the gas closed?Did the key bring?Cut the fruits, have you eaten it?

In the past, my classmates watched my dad tall and high, and asked me to go to school with a motorcycle, and asked my dad if he was fierce!The boss of the gang is like the boss.

I really want to laugh.

Who would have thought that at home, my mother and I were almost annoyed by the "gangster boss".

Because my dad loves us too much.

For example, if I wore contact lenses during the day, before going to bed at night, he would knock on my door and say, "Tong Tong, your glasses are picked or wow, don’t forget.

Once, I said impatiently, I remember, I am not my mother.

My dad immediately had a black face and said, how can you compare with your mother? She has me for a lifetime, can you do it?

So angry.

Only when they were in middle school, they were so scattered in the face of dog food.


To be honest, parents are too loving, and children are often psychologically imbalanced.

Because children must want to be the most baby in the family.

But in our house, this "most" word must belong to my mother.

I do something wrong, my dad will train me.But he was reluctant to say my mother’s ruthless words.

At that time in 2000, my mother saw other people’s stocks making money, and she wanted to try it.

My dad immediately asked her to get 500,000 to fry. As a result, my mother cried, and there were more than 100,000 back.

My dad had no intention of blame at all, and was afraid of my mother’s sadness. I bought my mother a car with the rest.

Of course, it is inevitable to stumble in life, and occasionally they will make a small number.

My dad always hid consciously, walking around the street, buying two chicken legs, and a flower came back and laughed.

In this way, I grew up day by day, and my dad was old every day.

The former handsome guy, fat, added wrinkles and white hair.

And my mother has always lived like a little girl, she spoke softly and coquettish.Those who don’t know us think she is my sister, not my mother.

How many husbands and wives, when they are middle -aged, their feelings are indifferent.

But my mother always lives in my dad’s grand love, is caring, and was babes.

My dad is more than half a year old. Every night, I still hold my mother to fall asleep.

Some love will really not dissipate in time, but it will only be engraved with eternity by years.


My growth is smooth all the way.

After graduating from college, he returned to his hometown.

Our family has a sweet viscosity and cannot be too long.

Because I had the opportunity to run Japan and South Korea, I made a purchasing agent.

I follow my dad and have a business mind. After a few years, I have a lot of income.

In 2015, I met Du Fan.He is a local.In 16 years, I married him.

On the day I got married, my dad took my hand and said miserable, alas, I will leave me and your mother in the future.

In fact, my wedding room is in the neighborhood next door, ten minutes apart, walking.

After marriage, Du Fan and I went back for dinner for at least three or four days.

In 2016, I was pregnant.

In the days when the whole family was born, the sky of our family collapsed.


It started with my dad’s blood in the stool.

Before, my mother had blood in the stool and was hemorrhoids.So my dad didn’t take it seriously, and it was treated as hemorrhoids.

My dad is particularly bad. What small problems in your body are tolerated and tolerate, and you don’t tell us.

And this hidden symptoms, he didn’t say, we couldn’t know at all.

Later, his blood was more and more exaggerated, and his stomach was really uncomfortable. He went to the hospital to do a colonoscopy.

The result is not a hemorrhoids, but colon cancer.

Find out, it is late and late.

The doctor said, ready to be prepared for half a year.

I was so big that I cried on the spot to collapse.

Can’t accept it, a person who has always been good, why was he suddenly sentenced to death.

I always feel that I am stronger than my mother.But when a big thing comes, she is much calm than me.I was with my child. She asked me not to move. I took my dad and went to Hangzhou Mid -Mountain for surgery.

Since then, we have opened the road of anti -cancer.

Although the doctor said that it was only half a year, my dad lived himself into a miracle.


The shop at home has to be closed. My mother must take care of my dad.

I desperately make money and subsidize my family.Every month I will put money for my mother, and every festival will send a red envelope, one thousand people in the New Year.

My daughter grew up.

Cute, sensible, is the third cherished girl in my dad in my life.

No matter how much pain, when I see my granddaughter, my dad will smile with a smile, and his eyes are full of hope.

Seven years.

The two words that are light and short are actually very difficult and long.

My dad has undergone 38 chemotherapy and 25 radiotherapy, and it is unimaginable torture.

His physical fitness was too strong, and he gritted his teeth.

However, it is cancer after all.

In 2021, my dad could no longer chemotherapy.There are many spreads on the body and spread to the bladder to form bladder cancer.

The doctor said that there is a new type of targeted medicine, which is very expensive, 10 days and 18,000.And 3 months will be resistant to medicine.

My dad listened, it was expensive, but he refused to eat it.

He said that this was dragging.It is meaningless to walk for three months early and three months late.

My mother was so angry that she cried at the corridor.

My dad said to me, you advise your mother.It’s time to accept reality.

I asked my dad, do you think my mother is with you for money?If you spoil her for a lifetime, you can’t spoil her again.My mother can’t have you, I can’t have you.Don’t say three months, for my mother, you have to stick to it a day.

My dad doesn’t speak anymore.

Finally promised to take expensive targeted medicines.


The medicine may be effective, but the side effects are too large, which is more exaggerated than chemotherapy.

Dad is vomiting every day, and it is too hard.

We can only stop.

My mother is unwilling, she can’t watch my dad waiting for death.

It was already August, and she decided to take my dad to Beijing Private Hospital to find opportunities.

Du Fan and I sent them.

Under the epidemic, you can only leave one person to accompany him, only my mother.

With them settled, my mother sent me out.

We pulled our hands and tears kept flowing.I said, you also have to take care of yourself.

She smiled at me with tears, and I could.Your dad has to rely on me.

It was October later.

On the morning of the National Day, my mother called.Let me book air tickets quickly and pick up my dad home.His creatinine is 655.

It is basically gone by the average person to 680.The hospital was afraid of something wrong and let it go back.

I was panicked, and I booked the ticket quickly. I took my dad back to Hangzhou from Beijing that day.Due to nucleic acid, I was not admitted to the hospital until the evening.

The situation was very critical at the time.The doctor opened the sword overnight.

Poch puncture and put two kidney fistula.Since then, my dad has two more tubes.

The doctor said that it was too dangerous, and it would not work later.

My mother and I breathed a sigh of relief, and fortunately my dad passed again.

But this time, Dad was really a bit annoyed.


At that time, Dad dragged the disease and moved to two hospitals for treatment.

Before and after, three consecutive operations.

In December, he developed hematuria, intestinal obstruction, and his stomach swelled.

The doctor said that a few days later, the person was fried, and the intestine had only a thin layer. After that, even the stool had to be discharged through pockets.

At that time, Hangzhou had a serious epidemic.

We have no way to accompany the bed.The hospital stipulates that if the nursing workers are requested, the family members will come out.

My mother insisted on doing her own person, not asking others, and not allowing me to change her.

That month, she could only sleep for three hours a day.

I never thought that the mother who was used to cry can only become so powerful.

The only belief in her heart was to let my dad live.

When there was a collapse, she squatted in the corridor alone and cried silently.Crying enough, got up and washed his face, and lifted his spirit again.

Later, the hospital loosened the policy, and I could go up to help.

But my mother still refused to go back to rest for a day.

During that time, my dad had a strange temper.He couldn’t move anymore, he could only lie on the bed.

One day, my mother was so tired that she was sleeping on the sofa.As soon as my eyes closed, my dad picked up the towel and smashed it on her face.

He pointed at my mother and scolded, you rolled for me, don’t let me look up here!

My mother was awakened.

She had never seen my dad so hot, covering her face grievily, tearing.

I was so angry that I said to my dad, can you tell me!Mom is already tired!

My dad is even more fierce.He said, in the opposite you, I still care about Lao Tzu!I don’t need to wait for you, I will roll me!


I’m really angry.

I pulled my mother out of the ward and said angrily, let’s go home and dry him for a day.

My mother wiped her tears and said that he was a patient, and his mood was definitely not good.At this time, how can I leave him.

Later, my mother went to wash her face alone.

I think my dad is calm and go in to persuade him.

I said, dad, if you are unhappy, scold me, don’t scold your mother, okay?She is really hard.

My dad glanced at the room, her mother was not there, and her tears rushed down.

He said, stupid child, I feel bad for your mother.If you cook it like this, I am afraid that her body will fall.I am already like this, it is not worth her to suffer again.If I can move now, I will jump down from the window.I want to scold her away.She followed me and never had such a great suffering. You can help your father to persuade your mother.

I couldn’t speak anymore, only crying.

I can’t persuade my mother, nor can I persuade my dad.

They love each other so much, but unfortunately they are deeply not long -lived, and the heavens are ruthless.


On Valentine’s Day in 2022, I received a call from my mother.

Dad’s acute embolism, a blood clot in the lungs, three leaflets in the lungs, and dad had covered two.

The doctor asked his father to come back. In the last days, he could be by his family.

Here, I felt that my dad seemed to be going to leave me.

Like a warrior, he broke through, and he was scarred and he was about to fall.

We took our dad back to the local hospital.

He takes ten painkillers and one sleeping pill every day to sleep for three or four hours.

Mom, me, and Du Fan, took turns to wipe him, because blood continued to exudes.

At this time, my mother has been hospitalized with her father for almost 7 months.

But even if she returned to the local area, my mother was unwilling to go home to sleep for a while.

And I don’t persuade it.

The limit is coming, she must be by his side.


In March, my dad’s consciousness began to blur.

Sometimes he forgets where he is.Sometimes, you will forget that you are still sick.

He said he wanted to ride a motorcycle.

Time stacked. Maybe at that moment, his own heart was still a handsome boy, carrying my mother, and through the yellow years of yellowing through the town.

And love is flying in the blue sky.

But when he was awake, Dad would only say, please, take care of Yufeng.

To me, to Du Fan, to all the relatives and friends who came to visit him.

My mother is in her 50s, and my dad will not even pay for water and electricity.

Once, he was so determined that he would spoil her for a lifetime.

But don’t want to, his life is finished so soon.

March 11, 2022 is the 53rd birthday of my mother.

In 2021, my dad once said that if you want to give my mother a good birthday, there is no regret.

For this day, he suffered.

Dad woke up in the early morning and said happy birthday.Ask me if I bought cakes.

In the afternoon, he fell asleep.

Happy, beautiful, happy, and spend that day with peace of mind.

The next day, he left.That day was March 12.


In a blink of an eye, my dad has left for more than a month.

Waking up every morning, you will be confused for a while.

I think he is still there, and feels that everything has a miracle.

Slowly sober, shed tears slowly, and told himself slowly that he was gone.

Guan Xianpo in the temple said that Dad was a good person.His relationship with my mother was really good, God pulled my dad to leave first.

I really do n’t understand the logic of fairy, persuade people to be good, but hate the love of the world.

Every day I will see my mother.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she had to do housework, wiped the window, sweep the floor, washed clothes … it had been done for a full month.

The whole home was wiped out like a mirror.

I know, she can’t stop.

Because some memories are too gentle, some pain is too turbulent.

As long as there is a trace of idleness, it will be overwhelmed.

I know, I can’t comfort her.

She could only accompany her, and accompanied her to survive this long and tragic farewell.

I want to accompany her to get used to it.The person who loves her most in life has disappeared.

Dear dad, please rest assured.

Your daughter has grown up.Please give me your favorite woman.

I will continue to love her, spoil her, and guard her.

Until a long time, you reunite in the next life.

PS Xiao Qian said: The hostess sent me a photo of my parents. The mother was really young and a woman who was spoiled by her father.Because my mother does not want to make the photo public, I can only see the photos for everyone.Bless her dad to be in heaven and bless her.

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