My mother -in -law bought 100 goose eggs and eats a pregnant woman for fetal poisoning every day.

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"New Editor of Fang Fang": In the first few months or two years of birth, the head and face suddenly gave birth to heat sores, and even extended to the whole body. This fetal poison also.

"Dream of Red Mansions" Baodi: This is a heat poison brought from the fetus.

In Chinese medicine, I feel that fetal poisoning is due to the loss of dietary diet, and the emotional is not good, etc., which causes the heat toxic in the body to cause the fetus to cause tire yellow, swimming, and goose.Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to nourishing tires, tires, and "avoid their poisonous gas."”Zero plan”

That is, after the child is born, jaundice, erythema, Mongolian spots, eczema, goose, sores, milk, are most likely to be caused by the mother’s diet when they are pregnant, and they are caused by improper emotions.

When you are pregnant, you should pay attention to your mother’s diet. Be careful to live and not lose your temper.

It is even recommended to eat foods that can remove fetal poison in order to prevent fetal poison in the third trimester.

During my pregnancy, I heard all kinds of fetal poisoning foods. Corn must be boiled in water, mung bean boil pigeons, olive cooked pork belly, and puffed duck eggs.It will be all right.

With Jingjing, he led a salary that could not be hungry, and lived in a rental house in the village in the city, but listened to others that the olive pot pork belly could help to poison. At that time, the pork belly olive was not cheap.To cook a pork belly, we can buy two days of dishes.

By the third trimester, I returned to my hometown to give birth. I took nearly 30 goose eggs in my relative’s house and ate one a day.

But on the third day of the child, jaundice appeared, and it was breast milk jaundice. It did not slowly retreat until 42 days later.

Every time I eat goose eggs, I meditate in my heart: Goose eggs are good for children. In the future, children’s skin is good. There will be no fetal poison.

Because goose eggs are really not good, not tender enough, and very fishy.

In addition, the goose eggs are relatively large. After eating a goose egg, the other dishes can’t be eaten, and even the rice does not want to eat it.

I saw the personal experience of another mother on the Internet, and I suddenly felt calm, and there were more people ate more than me.

From 27 weeks of pregnancy, her mother -in -law bought her 100 goose eggs in her hometown and told her to eat it every day. This can be poisoned by fetal poison. After the child is born, the skin will be clean and white.

The daughter -in -law of the neighbor Wang Da’s cousin is to eat goose eggs every day during the third trimester. The child is born and tender, just like the eggs that have just peeled the shell. There is no flaw in the skin, and there is no Mongolian spots.

There was no eczema, no jaundice, and saving a lot.

Xiu Yi listened to her mother -in -law’s noses and eyes, and believed it.Persist in cooking one to eat every day. 100 goose eggs change their patterns, boiled eggs, steamed eggs, scrambled eggs, and they are afraid of seeing the eggs when they see the eggs.There are strength to eat the fishy and big goose eggs.

Because I eat goose eggs every day, only 105 pounds of Xiu Yi’s 27 weeks of pregnancy, which grew to 125 pounds at 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Xiuyi thinks that as long as the child’s skin is good, everything is worth it. As a result, when the child is born, the skin looks really good, but after the full moon, the child’s face is full of eczema.

When taking it to the hospital to see, Xiuyi also complained to the doctor: I ate 100 goose eggs during pregnancy. There should be no fetal poison. Why do children still have eczema?

The doctor said: The child’s eczema is mainly caused by allergies, and there is no fetal poison in professional medical books.

Therefore, eating goose eggs to remove fetal poison is also nonsense. The child’s eczema is mainly related to the intestinal function and poor immunity.

Therefore, eating more goose eggs in the third trimester is not easy to get yellow, it is not easy to have milk, it is not easy to have eczema, and it is not easy to be rumors.

Let’s first take a look at the so -called fetal poisoning caused by children. What is going on?

Children’s skin is yellow: mainly because the bilirubin in the body is piled up too much, and it is not discharged from the body in time. Therefore, the mother should let the child drink more breast milk and excrete it. When the excretion is excreted, the bilirubin is discharged from the body.It will slowly decrease.

Children’s milk: Also called cradle hat, children’s heads often have scalp -like things, mainly because of the fluctuation of hormone levels during pregnancy, affecting the child’s sebaceous gland function.

It is recommended to use vitamin E or olive oil to massage and clean it slowly, and it will gradually disappear.

Children’s eczema: Eczema is related to the poor intestinal function of the child, and is related to the protein or other ingredients in food.

It is recommended that breastfeeding mothers record their own diet every day to see if they eat some food children’s eczema more seriously. If this is the case, it is recommended that the mother stop eating such foods.

The child’s skin is moisturizing, the skin is moisturized, the skin barrier effect will be stronger, and the child’s eczema is not easy to occur.

Children’s goose sore: It is mainly caused by fungal infection. It is possible to cause Candida infection in the mother’s birth canal in the process of delivery.

It is also related to the decline in immunity of children.Pay more attention to the child’s oral hygiene after treatment.

These situations are not related to fetal poisoning, and there is no word poison in modern medicine.

The child is blame the mother’s fetal poison, and is a boy or a girl who is born with the child. If you ca n’t give birth, you can say that the mother is a hen who is not an egg.

Without the saying of fetal poison, naturally did not say that eating goose eggs can remove fetal poison.

From the perspective of nutrition, what is the difference between goose eggs and other egg nutrition?

Calculated by 100 grams of nutrition, 100 grams of goose eggs contain heat and 196,000 calories, which is higher than eggs, duck eggs and even preserved eggs.

The protein is only 11.1 grams, but it is lower than the egg duck eggs. The fat content is relatively high and 15.6 grams, which is higher than the egg duck egg quail eggs.

The content of calcium and zinc is not as good as eggs and duck eggs. The iron content is slightly higher than that of egg duck eggs.

1. Nutritional uneven

Goose eggs are much larger than egg duck eggs. There are about 250 grams of goose eggs, which is equivalent to three eggs.

The "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide" recommends that you can take 50 grams of eggs per day, because we also have to eat the meat of chickens, ducks, goals,,,,, cow, sheep, and seafish or freshwater fish.

It is recommended that fish and poultry and eggs in the third trimester do not exceed 250 grams. A goose egg in pregnant mothers completes all these quantities.

Therefore, many pregnant mothers say that eating a goose egg can not eat other foods. If you do n’t eat fish, you ca n’t consume sufficient DHA, which is not conducive to the development of the baby’s brain.

It is prone to iron deficiency anemia without poultry, and it is easy to lack B vitamins.

Therefore, nutritional unevenness will affect the mother’s health, and it will also affect the health of the fetal treasure.

2. As a result, the fetus becomes a huge child

The cholesterol and fat content in goose eggs are relatively high. A goose egg has nearly 38 grams of fat. In addition, other foods can easily lead to too much fat intake of the mother.Excessive development and easy to become huge.

3. It is easy to cause pregnant mothers to lack calcium

The content of goose egg calcium is not very high. You can drink the next glass of milk when you eat an egg. After eating the goose egg belly, you can no longer drink milk. Insufficient calcium is prone to back pain.


The child’s skin problem Blast that the mother has fetal poisoning when she is pregnant, which is a wrong concept.

Fetal poison is just a view of ancient Chinese medicine. There is no term for fetal poison in modern medicine.

Eating goose eggs will not make the child’s skin smooth, it will only make the fetus a huge child.

It will make it easier for mothers to have backache and back pain, so as to soar their weight, and make the mother’s uneven nutrition.

So don’t believe that eating goose eggs can get fetal poisoning, to prevent children from skin problems.

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