My mother -in -law is constipated when she eats the pregnant mother, and my husband goes home in advance. The next day, the mother is sent to the country

As a woman, we will all go through a process of breeding of life. We not only feel the process of growing up in our belly, but also bear the hard work that many men have not experienced.

In October, this process must be happy and difficult.In these ten months, our bodies will have a lot of discomfort, and we cannot do a lot of things.Many people do not know us in this situation, and even being said to be coquettish, which is a great blow for pregnant women.

Ya Ya has been pregnant for 5 months, the response is particularly large, the pregnancy vomiting is particularly serious, her feet are swollen, and she is lying on the bed most of the time.

Yaya did not go to work at the company because of her three months of pregnancy, and she couldn’t do anything at home.The mother -in -law who had to be forced to take care of Yaya from her hometown was very reluctant, because her mother -in -law could play in her house every day in her hometown.

In addition, Yaya has only graduated from college, and her work achievements are also average. Yaya’s husband graduated from graduate and is the middle -level leader of a large company.So her mother -in -law was dissatisfied with Yaya’s stomach.

Yaya has been staying at home. Not only did she spend her husband’s money, but even underwear and panties were washed by her husband. In this case, her mother -in -law couldn’t see it.But her husband loved Yaya, so her husband did not dare to show it when her husband was at home.

After a month after her mother -in -law came, Yaya’s husband would have a business trip for 7 days, and these days, the mother -in -law cooked the vegetables hot and salty every day, and the vegetables were not cooked, and the fruits were not bought.Ya Ya was already pregnant and was easy to constipation. Her mother -in -law had cooked these dishes for three days and had no stool. She could only use Kaisa.

Yaya was afraid of her husband’s worry, and did not dare to tell her husband that she took a picture made by her mother -in -law and complained to her friends."Lucai pulled it" but the friend quietly told Yaya’s husband.

Her husband was worried about one day in advance and did not tell his mother to go home. Just looking at the dishes that had been poured out, the husband had to spit it and spicy and salty after eating it.My husband refutes it angrily: "Mom, why are you like this, Ya Ya is now pregnant and uncomfortable, and what you influences this is your grandchildren."

In order to think of Ya Ya and her children, Yaya sent her mother to the countryside the next day, and instead asked a nanny to help housework and cook.

In fact, many pregnant women are very sensitive and uncomfortable during pregnancy, so the family must give pregnant women more understanding and tolerance, so that the children and pregnant women in their stomachs will be better, and they can have healthy babies.

1. Healthy diet and maintain sufficient nutrition

Pregnant women must ensure that they have enough nutrition during pregnancy, because you are not just one person, the children in the belly also need nutrition, so what you eat is to maintain the nutrition of two people.

Pregnant women not only have fish and meat during pregnancy. It is also recommended to drink some milk to supplement calcium, eat more vegetables to replenish vitamins, and eat potatoes and coarse grains to prevent constipation.

To eat as much as possible, to maintain the balance of your own diet, vitamins and protein are essential.Pregnant women do not have to eat too greasy foods. Too greasy will only make the weight of pregnant women exceed the standard and cause harm to children and themselves.

2. Good living habits

You also need to have good habits during pregnancy. Proper exercise is still to be done. You ca n’t do anything in bed all the time. This will make your body more uncomfortable and even affect future delivery.

A good habit of living is also important for women who are pregnant.Do something that can be done at home, and don’t blindly instruct others. This is also very important.

If the fetus is stable during pregnancy, there is no risk of bleeding and miscarriage, and do as much as possible to do as much as possible, so that the mother will be more comfortable from the psychological to the body.

3. Ensure the feeling of pleasure

As the saying goes: "Take a step back, and the sky is wide." When women’s pregnancy, we should not make them angry as much as possible.Because during pregnancy, it is also very important to ensure the joy of pregnant women.Because the mood of pregnant women not only affects herself, but also causes harm to the child.

Excessive sadness of pregnant women leads to dysplasia of the fetus, leads to fetal malformations, and even affects the child’s intelligence. Therefore, the family should be more tolerant when treating pregnant women, so that they have a pleasant mood.

Mother Jing said: We have expectations for our children, but we should not ignore the mood of pregnant women. We should understand their hard work, meet their needs as much as possible, and look forward to the baby’s arrival.

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