My mother -in -law sick daughter -in -law soaked instant noodles, "You said that instant noodles are delicious and delicious"!I do not wear the sky

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Women have 4 special periods in their lives. The first is the menstrual period of each month, the second is the pregnancy period, the third is the confinement period, and the fourth is menopause. The third confinement periodIt is the most critical!

Because confinement after giving birth, the mother is difficult to take care of herself. At this time, the body is extremely weak, just like an open door. It is necessary to discharge excess water and toxins during pregnancy.Care, let the body restore to the best state!

When confinement after giving birth, if you eat well and sleep well, you can change our physique!

Moreover, when the mother is in confinement, the diet will not only affect the health of her body, but also more importantly affect the quality of milk, which will affect the baby’s health!

Most mothers choose to take care of her mother -in -law when confinement. If you do n’t take care of your mother -in -law, it is easy to make your mother hate, that is, we have the so -called "confinement revenge."

Some people say that "the hatred of confinement does not wear the sky together." That is because when confinement, they are very weak, both in their bodies and psychology. At this time, they need to care about others.

But others give themselves a good stick, just like sprinkling salt on their own wounds, so let mother remember a lifetime!


Xinxin and her husband are college classmates. After a few years of grace and love in the university, they got married directly after graduation.

After getting married, I found that her mother -in -law loved to play mahjong. The only pastime was to play mahjong.

When Xinxin was pregnant, she was in confinement, because she hadn’t bought a house in the city, she wanted to return to her husband’s hometown to confine, so that her mother -in -law could take care of the baby, and the young couple didn’t need to spend so much money.

I did not expect that when her mother -in -law was in confinement, she had been addicted to playing mahjong. She bought two large boxes of instant noodles and noodles, and often gave Xinxin instant noodles. Occasionally, she also ate instant noodles or went to eat fast food outside!

Xinxin told her mother -in -law: Mom, don’t you cook a lighter confinement meal for me!

My mother -in -law said: How good the instant noodles, nutrition, delicious and convenient, I also eat it myself!


When Xinxin was in confinement, her husband was in the critical period of the project, and she had to work overtime every night.

Later, she couldn’t bear it anymore. She had to call takeaway food every day. After the confinement, she hurriedly hugged her child back to her mother’s house, so that her mother would make some delicious food for herself, and her body slowly recovered.

However, during the confinement, the mother -in -law’s negligence caused her to eat instant noodles every day, making Xinxin very uncomfortable.

Later, she slowly raised her child, and her life in her family became much better. She bought a house in the city, and the child slowly grew up to school.

Unexpectedly, when her child was nearly 20 years old, her mother -in -law went to the big city to be hospitalized because of stomach problems and stomach bleeding!

Because the hospital is closer to the home, her mother -in -law usually returns to Xinxin’s home, and her husband is busy at work. Usually, only Xinxin is at home.

When Xinxin came to the house and was hospitalized at home, she wholesale instant noodles of the three big boxes and made instant noodles every day.

My mother -in -law said: My stomach is uncomfortable. You can cook some porridge for me.

Xinxin said: Mom, don’t you say that instant noodles are nutritious and delicious?When I was confinement, you gave me instant instant noodles. Now you are sick. I give you instant noodles. Isn’t that ritual exchanges?

Mother -in -law couldn’t refute.

First: polytsein

For example, the seasoning bag in the instant noodles has a lot of monosodium glutamate, or try not to put MSG when cooking, because MSG contains more sodium, and it is not conducive to the recovery of the mother’s body.

Second: Multi -fat

When she is pregnant, her body will reserve a certain amount of fat. If she takes a lot of fat soup after confinement, or eats a lot of pig feet, and fat, these will cause the mother to accumulate more fat after giving birth to more fat.It is not conducive to the recovery of the mother’s figure.

Third: polysaccharide

We recommend that our mother can drink some brown sugar water appropriately in the first week after delivery to promote the discharge of lochia, but it is not recommended to drink it until the end of the first week.

Too much sugar water that drinks will hurt the mother’s teeth, and it is easy to cause mother to obese. In addition to not drinking brown sugar water, we should try not to put sugar in the food for the mother. The sugar is not conducive to the health of the mother’s teeth.

Fourth: Alcohol

There is a habit of drinking confinement wine after downtime in both Guangdong and Guangxi. The degree of confinement wine is not constant.

If the degree is low, but if the degree is high, in case the mother’s liver’s hangover ability is relatively weak, it is likely that these alcohol enters the milk, and then enter the baby’s brain to damage the child’s nervous system.

Fifth: Multi -caffeine

For example, some mothers like to drink milk tea, but it is not recommended to drink milk tea when they are confinement after delivery. Not only because milk tea contains a lot of sugar, but more importantly, milk tea will contain certain caffeine.

There is also the coffee we drink, and it is not recommended to drink during postpartum breastfeeding, which will cause the baby god to be too excited.

So it is really important to eat confinement after delivery.

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