My wife is pregnant, what should I do?

After marriage, the passion of love is the most anticipated is the child’s arrival.In a bland life, the arrival of children will increase life countless colors, and it is also an important bond to maintain the feelings of both parties.

In order to let the children come soon, relatives and friends around the husband and wife will do their best to urge in various ways.

The first sentence of the seven aunts and eight aunts usually asked carefully with a kind tone: "How is it, is there?" If you do n’t get the answer you want, you will hurry up to yourselfThe experience of experience was sold out, and he told the couple with a lot of words, don’t worry, the fate will come naturally.

They were not in a hurry, they asked so frequently, but began to worry.However, their urging is temporary, and they can also top it. The most afraid of the parents of both sides also started the process of urging. That is really no space without dead corners.

The most powerful is grandma. Each time you call, you will be urged. If you do n’t accept it, you will mention that you are older. In a few years, you ca n’t help bring your children.If you don’t hurry up, no one will help you bring your children, and ask you if you are afraid, and hurry up.

Then Grandpa, stare at the children of someone else’s house when you go out. When you come back, who will have another one, who will go to who will participate in a hundred days tomorrow.Three babies are born.

Grandpa is even more powerful, and said directly, "If you don’t want children, don’t come back in the future, don’t want to see you anymore."

With the age of getting married when you get married, don’t come back to celebrate the New Year. If you do n’t bring a grand grandson next time, you do n’t have to come back, and you will be upset if you look at it.

If the husband and wife do not want to be Dink, it has been played chic for several years. At this time, the pressure will generally not be held, and the pregnancy will soon be put on the agenda.

After a while, happiness came inadvertently.The two bars of red dazzling are dazzling like Jin Guang, which makes people can’t help watching and watching, as if dreaming.Suddenly, it is about to be parents. Even if you make more psychological preparations, this moment is extremely happy and excited.

After a short joy, it is more at a loss in the face of unknown things. After all, only a few experienced experiences, most couples have no experience in breeding children.

At this stage of pregnancy, the most important thing is that the fault tolerance is very low.This is like making a bad meal that is not delicious. This time, there is a problem with the method of doing it. You can try it again next time. However, there is no chance to try it during pregnancy.This is also very stressful to the unswary couple.

At the beginning, I was a little dazed. What food do I have to do every meal, what fruits to eat every day, how much water do you drink every time, can you do it, can you do some housework, you do n’t know if you do anything.

These small things in ordinary life now need to discuss it carefully to confirm it. Only the practice is correct can we continue to do it.

Most of the time, pregnant women are acceptable, but sometimes there are some rebellious psychology, sometimes this happens. I just want to do it. I will make trouble.Bar.

As a husband, he is also a dilemma. He must take care of his wife’s emotions, but also manage his wife’s life according to the requirements of pregnancy.

The occurrence of these situations is mainly because the burden is on the wife, and suddenly facing physical and life changes. It is necessary to have a adaptive process. At this timeYou can do a lot of things, let her let go of it, and face the difficulties during pregnancy with an optimistic attitude.

Many women have a natural fear of giving birth to babies. They feel that they are still a child. They do n’t even take care of themselves.

At this time, her husband should speak with actual actions. In the final analysis, the girl is because of insufficient security and has too much concern about the life after the birth of the child.

If she can let her see your actual actions, take care of her with all time, let her know that it is a matter of two people. She is not alone, her husband is her strong backing, I want to haveMore concerns will be moved.

In the face of unknown conditions, people will involuntarily have nervous and anxiety. For the whole pregnancy, the initial period is undoubtedly the most difficult. At this time, her husband must be mentally prepared.

The main preparation is the conversion of the character. You must know that a woman needs to take care of it before and after pregnancy. Her husband should adapt to his role as soon as possible. Whether it was the older brother who had a clothes to reach for meals before, or lay on the sofa if he was fineFake lazy men, at this time, do not continue to carry forward the style, take on their responsibilities, take care of their wives, be a good husband, and be a good father.

In the early stage of pregnant women, with the changes in body hormones, there are often various discomforts. Under uncertain circumstances, they often guess and aggravate psychological burden.

Normally, you should listen to the doctor’s suggestions, but you cannot register every day to see the doctor.If my husband also understands some knowledge in this area, he can tell her what is the reason for these discomforts, and under what circumstances, you need to pay more attention, and under what circumstances can relax your heart, no matter what the situation is given, you give a proposal.No matter how good my wife is.

To know one thing, what she wants is not to give professional advice like a doctor, all she wants is to be at ease.When the situation is serious, it must be depends on the doctor, but if the situation is not serious, but if physical discomfort, she urgently needs someone to tell her that this situation is normal, and she can not worry about it.

If my husband can help to make such a judgment, it seems to her as if she suddenly saw an oasis in the desert. When I was lost, I suddenly saw the destination.Many troubles do not need to experience.

Everyone will be fragile at a certain time. For women, there will be various concerns and annoyances throughout pregnancy. With the reaction of hormones, it will increase the fluctuations of emotions.It may suddenly be particularly negative, and I don’t even want to say a sentence.

At this time, I couldn’t just think about making sense to her, and went online, so that she had too much emotional fluctuations.Whether right or wrong, she may not be able to hear or not listen at that time, so she must follow it so that she can listen to it.

The main thing is to soothe her nervousness and let her relax and calm down. No matter how stubborn her thoughts, she should not discuss these when her emotions are particularly excited.

When the emotional outbreak, her emotions calmed down, enlightened her, and told her something happy, enjoying the day after the child was born, gave her a name with her, and said some of her feeling.The topic of interest makes her not think wildly, maintaining an optimistic attitude, and emotion will not have much ups and downs.

The stability of the mentality is important. The health of the body must be maintained. During all stages of pregnancy, there are different needs for nutrition. It is necessary to replace the weekly recipes frequently. For her husband, especially those who do not cook, it is a huge challenge.Essence

Even the husband who can cook will worry about this. Cating first must first consider the taboos during pregnancy. There are many ingredients that cannot be eaten during pregnancy, or they have problems with each other with each other.

After determining whether you can eat, see if it is in line with the taste of pregnant women.No matter what she can eat, it is necessary to consider it. Everyone has her own unique taste. Due to physical changes during pregnancy, the sensitivity to the smell will be stronger.

I may not want to eat for those who do n’t like to eat before, but they may also change the taste. Suddenly I want to eat something that I ca n’t eat before.

You must pay great attention to the changes in his wife’s diet, because most pregnant women and women can eat the meal well in the day because of the impact of pregnancy.

The determination of taste cannot be relying on her own thoughts. Ask the wife’s opinion more. If you can’t be sure, make a few more, let her pick it up, to ensure that she can eat it.Hungry.

Think down the nutritional intake. With the development of the fetus, the demand for nutrition gradually increases.

What kind of nutrition is needed, first of all, what stage is the current pregnancy. Normally, consult the doctor during the checkup, determine the number of weekly, and then consult from the current stage of the doctor’s office.Essence

No matter which method is passed, you must ensure that you can get this information from the formal authoritative channels. Do not see which content platform you can see, and treat it as a correct answer. During this periodInformation.

As a husband, you must know that every process during pregnancy is important. For the sake of your wife’s stability during pregnancy, for the sake of the baby’s peace, the husband needs to do his best to protect their lives.

These mentioned above are only a small part of the parenting life. Different skills need to be learned according to different situations.After the baby is born, Dad also needs to learn more skills to take care of his wife and baby.

Although it is very hard, I think of the people I love the most and my favorite person, and I think everyone will be as sweet as.

When you conquer all your difficulties and prepare for your new life, you will come naturally.

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