New crown treatment drugs, pregnant mothers must be cautious for use

For pregnant mothers, what are the safety of other drugs in addition to the preferred drugs during pregnancy?Today, Xiaobian invited Pan Jiaqian Pharmacist and Jinjing Pharmacist at Pharmaceutical Pharmaceuticals at the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Fudan University to take everyone to find out.

1 ibuprofen and sodium sodium chloride

Pregnant mothers are recommended before 20 weeks of gestational weekly weeks, if the physical cooling of 38.5 ° C is invalid, and no acetaminol can be used to cool down in the case of acetaminol.

20-28 weeks will be carefully considered. It is recommended to not exceed 48 hours; if it is used for more than 48 hours, the volume of amniotic fluid in the hospital needs to be used to the hospital.

It is not recommended to use after 28 weeks of gestational weeks, because these two drugs may cause the risk of premature closure of fetal arterial catheter, too little amniotic fluid, and neonatal renal damage.

It is safe to use ibuprofen and sodium sodium sodium.


The fetal splitting and heart malformation may be related to the use of Patto during pregnancy, so pregnant mothers should avoid using it.

3 Medan and Sexu

This type of drug is a selective COX-2 inhibitor, lacks safety data for use during pregnancy, and has a potential effect on the fetal development of the fetus. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy.

4 Losorfen

The drug lacks relevant safety data for pregnancy and lactation, so it is not recommended.

5 contains acetylphenol

Compound preparation

In many compound cold medicines, in addition to containing acetaminols for relieving heat and analgesics, it also contains other drugs with anti -allergies, cough, sedation, and alleviating nasal congestion and runny nose.

These drugs may have components that are not good for fetal fetuses.Before use, pregnant mothers must pay attention to the drug components in the instructions and use them carefully.

Here are several common compound cold medicines:

The risk of the risk of drugs that may exist in the harmful ingredients of the drug may be absorbed by the fetus through the placenta, thereby increasing the fetal heart rate abnormally phenolin tablets/pseudolytic pseudopatopromine pseudohamine tablet pseudohamine to increase fetal stomach cracks, intestinal lock risk compound compoundamaminePhenolineine diammine causes fetal cardiac deformal aminopolyrine, yellow Namin artificial beef gynecological diarrhea, which can cause abortion seriously

6 Libaweilin

Libaweilin is very dangerous to pregnant women and can cause fetal malformations.Its half -life is 12 days and can stay in the body for 6 months, so it is disabled for pregnant women.

After receiving the female and male partner after the treatment of Libaweilin, it is recommended that strict contraception for more than 6 months before preparing for pregnancy.It takes a long time to consider Libavelin to remove it from the body, so breastfeeding mothers should also avoid using it.

Pregnant mothers need to be cautious for medication. It is recommended to go to the pharmaceutical clinic and obstetric clinics of the medical institution for detailed consultation. Professional gynecologists and clinical pharmacists will escort the safety of pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mothers.

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