New research: Can sweet potato eliminate 98.7%of cancer cells?Reminder: It is not good for eating like this, and it is also harmful to health

"Planting fresh sweet potatoes at home! If you eat weight loss, you can reduce blood sugar, and the effect of anti -cancer effect. Don’t miss it when you pass by." At the entrance of the lively vegetable market, a sweet potato vendor is holding a loudspeaker to promote his own sweet potatoes.

The sip of drinking is very loud, attracting the attention of many people, and many people also come to buy it for the effects of "lowering sugar" and "anti -cancer" of sweet potatoes.

The young girl feels "good sweet potatoes, help lose weight."

The aunt said, "My wife’s blood glucose is unstable, I heard that sweet potatoes reduce blood sugar? Buy some to try to try it."

At this time, an uncle came over with his hand, "This sweet potato is so sweet, and he also reduces blood sugar? I do n’t believe it, I also say that I can fight cancer, it’ s just nonsense. ”

The hawker took out his mobile phone with a smile and showed everyone "evidence". "Uncle, look at this report, the sweet potato can help lose weight and reduce blood sugar, and this anti -cancer food rankings, sweet potatoes are ranked first in the ranks ranked first.One, there are data. "

After this, the hawker business became even more popular.

Sweet potatoes are common foods in life, but as hawkers say, can sweet potatoes lose weight and even anti -cancer?

Earlier, scientists from the National Institute of Cancer Prevention from Japan finally compared 20 vegetables with the effect of cancer cells, and finally sorted out a "anti -cancer vegetable list".

It is attractive that the top of the anti -cancer vegetable list is sweet potatoes. Scientists believe that sweet potatoes have the strongest inhibitory of cancer cells, and the cancer suppression rates of cooked sweet potatoes and raw sweet potatoes are 98.7%and 94.4%, respectively.

Once the research results are released, can sweet potatoes really eliminate 98.7%of cancer cells?

In fact, the saying of sweet potato anti -cancer is not scientific, and there are also imperfect places in this study.

First, this test is not a human test.Sweet potato contains ingredients such as storage protein, sugar fat, deoxylone substances. In animal experiments and in vitro experiments, sweet potato anti -cancer effects are found, but this result is not verified in human test. After all, the human body structure is requiredIt is much more complicated than animals and cells.

Second, sweet potato extract is not equal to sweet potatoes.All the sweet potato extracts used in the experiment are not the complete sweet potatoes that are directly eaten. The two cannot be equal. Naturally, the anti -cancer effect of the sweet potato extract cannot be buckled on the sweet potato.

Sweet potato is a very common civilian food in life, but it is rich in more than a dozen trace elements such as carotene, dietary fiber, vitamins, and calcium, iron, potassium, selenium.Among them, sweet potatoes are "the most balanced health food".

From the perspective of modern medicine, the benefits of eating sweet potatoes are mainly reflected in three aspects:

1. Helps lose weight

The calories of sweet potatoes are not high. It is only one -third of the quality rice. The fat and cholesterol are almost zero. It is a low -fat and low -calorie food.In addition, the active substances contained in sweet potatoes can inhibit sugars and convert into fat. Strong fullness can also avoid excessive intake. At the same time, the pectin substances and cellulose cannot be dissolved by digestive enzymes.Motoring, which helps to defecate and help lose weight.

2. Control constipation

"Compendium of Materia Medica" is agent that sweet potatoes can strengthen the spleen and stomach, and the relevant research of modern medicine also confirms that sweet potatoes are rich in a large amount of cellulose, which can effectively stimulate the intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation, especially for senile constipation.effect.

3. Prevent influenza

The content of β-carotene in sweet potatoes is relatively high. It can help the human body make white blood cells, allowing us to fight the invasion of the cold virus, resist flu, and prevent the occurrence of colds.

The nutritional value of sweet potatoes is high and has a strong sense of satiety. Therefore, some people choose sweet potatoes as staple foods, and even eat sweet potatoes in one meal.

If you have eaten enough eggs, lean meat, fish and shrimp, and soy products to ensure that you have taken a sufficient amount of protein, then there is no big problem to eat sweet potatoes in a meal.

However, if the staple food only eats sweet potatoes and the meat is insufficient, it is easy to cause insufficient protein intake, so it is easy to cause fatigue, poor skin, and hair loss.

Sweet potatoes are indeed high in carbohydrates, but the protein content is lower than the grain. For example, if you eat 300g of rice daily, you can get 20g of protein, but the protein obtained by eating 300g of sweet potatoes per day is less than 10g.When the protein is insufficient, it is recommended to eat eggs and milk when eating sweet potatoes.

Regarding sweet potatoes, everyone is most familiar with roasted sweet potatoes, shredded sweet potatoes, etc. So how to eat sweet potatoes is the best?

The nutritionist Li Ping introduced that as a starchy food, sweet potato can play a role in low -temperature environment. At this time, the starch in the middle of the sweet potato is degraded, which will increase the content of soluble sugar in sweet potatoes, and it will be sweeter to eatIn other words, the cooked sweet potatoes can be cold for a while, and the taste will be sweeter.

In addition, when eating sweet potatoes, pay attention to the reasonable matching with other foods. Nutritionist Qiu Xinxuan introduced that sweet potatoes should not be eaten raw, otherwise it is not easy to digest. Generally, it is not recommended to eat sweet potatoes.You can also use vegetable soup or pickles to avoid the problem of flatulence caused by sweet potatoes alone.

Sweet potatoes were once considered as civilian foods. In recent years, roasted sweet potatoes on the streets have made sweet potatoes a fire.However, everyone must also know that there is no direct scientific basis that can be confirmed that eating sweet potatoes can resist cancer.However, eating sweet potatoes can indeed promote bowel movements and help lose weight, but it is not too greedy. Generally, it is advisable to be about 200g. Avoid eating too many problems that cause more exhaust. It is best to match eggs and milk when eating sweet potatoes.This can meet daily nutritional needs.

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