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At the annual meeting of European Human Reproductive and Embryo Society in July, Spanish doctors reported a case of a 38 -year -old mother who gave birth to a baby girl.

This is an example of extracting stem cells from the bone marrow. This surgery will bring hope to thousands of early menopausal women

In the world, about 1%-5%of women suffer from the so-called "premature ovarian failure"

The Spanish doctor reported that a 38 -year -old mother used her eggs to give birth to a girl after menopause.

This technology is called ASCOT (Autologous Stem Cell Ovarian Transplantation), autologous stem cell ovarian transplantation), which uses drugs to stimulate bone marrow to produce stem cells.Then extract cells and deliver it to the failure ovarian through the arteries.Stimulate ovarian growth and release eggs, collect these eggs, and re -implant the uterus by proper cultivation.

The mother who was unwilling to be named said that she hadn’t come to menstruation for several months, but the results of pregnancy tests were negative.

She said, ‘Then I decided to go to the gynecologist.The doctor had a related examination and told me that my ovaries stopped working.‘

Both gynecologists told that relying on her egg donation is her only choice for her pregnancy, but she said: "I want to do everything I can do before choosing to accept egg donation."

She happened to encounter ASCOT technology, which was under test and was accepted as a subject.

After the introduction of stem cells, the doctor checks every two weeks.The doctor finally collected her eggs and helped him get pregnant successfully.

Even with the classic in vitro fertilization process, the patient’s chance of successful pregnancy is minimal.

The goal of this technical test is to develop a technology with the minimum trauma as possible and standardize it so that it can be implemented in all our hospitals.

Judging from the results of this patient, this technology is very promising and very exciting.This made women who could not ovulate self -conceive before, using stem cells to "wake up the ovaries" and successfully pregnancy.’

Although the results are encouraged, further research is still needed.Because a group of patients participating in the experiment may also be possible to wake themselves in a short time.

Anyway, this is a good start.

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