Newborn 0

When a baby comes to this world, it is the birth of a new life and a major turn point for a family.As parents, they need to learn a lot of new skills: feeding, bathing, changing diapers, playing with her, and the heaviest family education.Start the family education course every semester today, let’s study with me.

Children are called new babies before 8 months old. They just came to this world. Everything is unknown. Everything needs to be adapt and learn.We divide the newborn babies of this period into 0-6 weeks (the week here refers to weekly), 6-13 weeks, 3-6 months, and 6-8 months.Essence

1. The characteristics of the newborn baby 0-6 week:

Because newborn babies have just been born of this world, all his senses and physical functional development are incomplete, and they need to adapt to the new environment while gradually improving their bodies.Don’t expect your child’s love for you when you are awake. This time is called the autism period; 3. It is particularly easy to get angry and the emotional conversion is very fast; 4. The face rarely shows a real smile because of social consciousnessThe visual ability is very limited; 5. They need to relieve the feeling of discomfort most;

2. The essentials of nurturing the newborn baby 0-6 weeks:

1. What needs to be done most now is that the mother’s unconditional companionship of the child makes the child feel the mother’s care.Holding the child close to the mother’s body and walking around, or shaking gently. In the process, the mother needs to observe whether the child is comfortable, and the mother should keep the same schedule as the child as much as possible;

2. Mom can play some light music when the child is awake, such as famous songs at home and abroad;

3. Mom finish the child after eating, take a bath or any awake, give the child enough touch; a child who gets the mother gently stroking the mother, enhances immunity, enhances digestion and absorption, and the nervous system will develop more soundly.EssenceOne of them will be very different after being touched and not touched by adults. There is a harmonious interpersonal relationship, because the child has just arrived in this world. In less than two months, this time is called external pregnancy.It will make him realize that he has come to this strange world, or he is loved. He is valuable.

Third, the misunderstanding that novice parents should avoid:

1. In addition to regular breastfeeding, rarely hold children;

2. I always wear urine pants, or try to train urination;

3. Provide children with bells and plush toys prematurely; the child’s vision is only 25-30 cm, and the mirror is his best toy;

4. Play popular songs, and most of the popular songs are relatively low.

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