Newborn right humerus fracture

7 days after the child was born, the hospital informed the family that the child’s right humerus fracture was insisted on the family that the hospital was caused by the child because the child was not found when the postpartum transfer was performed when the child was born.

Parent: The child has no abnormalities during postpartum transfer

On August 11, 2018, Ms. Yang, a citizen, gave birth to a baby boy at Chang’an Hospital. The family was very happy. Unexpectedly, after 7 days of birth, the hospital suddenly informed that the child’s right humerus fracture was said.

Ms. Yang said that she had been conducting a production inspection at Chang’an Hospital after pregnancy, and the results of the inspection have always been normal.On August 11, after the child was born, the doctor and nurse handed over her child in front of her. At that time, the nurse said that the child’s limbs were normal.On August 14, she was discharged from hospital for postpartum, and her child was treated for treatment due to high jaundice.Before living in the newborn department, the nurse checked the child’s limbs and body again, and confirmed that there was no abnormality.

Because the newborn is closed for treatment, Ms. Yang and her family have a while to know the situation when they give their children breast milk. The doctor said that the child is normal, the jaundice value has gradually declined, and the situation is getting better and better.EssenceHowever, it was not expected that on August 18, the doctor suddenly told Ms. Yang’s child fracture, and according to the film, the child showed that the child was the right humeral fracture.

The hospital said that the fracture may be caused by the child’s birth, which makes her and her family unacceptable.On the 18th, Ms. Yang immediately transferred her child to the Xi’an Children’s Hospital for review. As a result, the right humeral fracture was also. The child went home to recuperate after receiving treatment in the children’s hospital.

Medical accident identification: the possibility of fracture caused by external forces is high

After the child was discharged, the Ms. Yang’s family began to negotiate with Chang’an Hospital to deal with follow -up issues.

Ms. Yang said that the hospital insisted that the child’s fracture was caused by birth, but it was normal for the child to transfer the child two times before.After many negotiations between the two sides, there has been no processing result.

In December last year, Ms. Yang applied for a medical accident appraisal through the health department.The diagnosis and treatment of medical accident technical appraisal shows that on August 11, the child’s limbs were freely activated after birth.On August 14th, the child was transferred to the newborn child to check: the limbs are free and there is no abnormalities.

The analysis of the technical appraisal of the medical accident shows that the cause of the mate fracture of the child may have some direct external force, production injury, and bone metabolic disease.According to the medical records in the outpatient medical records of Xi’an Children’s Hospital and the diagnosis of X -ray diagnosis of the right humerus interrupt fracture, the possibility of the child’s fracture caused by direct external forces is high.

Finally, there is a certain causal relationship between the medical accident technology appraisal: there is a certain causal relationship between the right of the child and the medical behavior of the medical prescription.According to the relevant regulations, this case is a medical accident in level 4, and the medical party shall bear the main responsibility.

Ms. Yang said that after the results of the medical accident appraisal came out, Chang’an Hospital still did not recognize their responsibility, and there was no result of this incident.

On February 16, a relevant person in charge of Chang’an Hospital said that after the incident, the hospital had negotiated compensation with the family members, but the request made by the family members was too high to meet the hospital.In addition, there are many reasons for newborn fractures. The hospital has objections to the results of the medical accident appraisal. At present, the hospital has made a request for re -identification through the health department.China Business Daily reporter Zhang Chenglong intern Hang Ye

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